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Monty C. M. Metzger

Keynotes and Speeches that provoke, excite and inspire.
Whether you’re kicking off a major conference or rolling up your sleeves in an executive work session, Monty will shake up the audience, fill the participants with ideas and charge them with inspiration.

Monty Metzger is a professional Futurist Keynote Speaker and combines the power of words with modern presentation technologies. He is Partner at Digital Leaders Ventures and CEO of a Ahead of Time. He has traveled to over 42 countries to visit the global technology hubs, such as San Francisco, Silicon Valley, New York, Tokyo, Seoul, Beijing, Shanghai, Bangalore, Tel Aviv, or Berlin, to discover the Trends of Tomorrow already Today.

He is author of the acclaimed Book MOBILE FUTURE 2020. As a Technology Futurist Keynote Speaker he had done research on global future trends, emerging technologies and business models provides Fortune 500 companies with a roadmap for digital transformation. As a Thought Leader he is analyzing the habits of highly successful leaders, exploring tech innovation to deepen his future intelligence and re-defining leadership rules for the internet age.

“Monty makes the extraordinary look simple. If the Future, he has his finger on its pulse and knows how to help others see quickly the important trends that will impact all our business lives.”

Recent keynotes speeches about leadership, entrepreneurship and startup investing

The Future of Mobility: The four forces that define the future of the transportation and automotive industry.
Adding technology innovation to traditional industries means big changes – it means change to customer experience, products, as well as shifting entire business models. Monty Metzger understands the perspectives of corporate leaders as well as startups, pointing out the four major forces that will transform automotive: connected, sharing, autonomous and alternative fuels. Technology startups and the investors backing these innovative companies are shaking up the industries related to smart cities, automobiles and transportation. “Todays new technology companies will be tomorrows leaders in the transportation and automotive industry”, says Monty Metzger.

Healthcare’s Digital Future: How exponential technologies are transforming the Pharma and Healthcare industry?
Every company will become a software company in the future. Mixed reality and voice control will make computers invisible, smart sensors will track key vital signs, patients will have real-time access to their body-area network. The transplantation industry will be disrupted via bioengineering and organic 3d printing. The pharma industry will be transformed due to personalized DNA specific medicals. The healthcare industry will redefine the relationship between the doctors and the patient.

Leadership in times of Artificial Intelligence
What’s your AI strategy? Are you ready to survive and thrive in an age of automation and AI? Leaders need to adapt to the new realities of digitalisation and the impact of technology on their business and industry. Computers will outperform human intelligence, leadership decision are based on algorithms, products and services will be enhanced via artificial intelligence.

Digital Future: Leadership redefined by disruptive and exponential technologies
C-Level executives, CxO’s and Chief Digital Officers do not only need to upgrade their enterprise infrastructure, but also lead a digital transformation of the entire organization. You have to ask the question: What or Who might kill your business? If you investigate and understand your biggest threat you might be able to make change happen and stay ahead of your competition. But your enemy might not be the one you think. Disruptive mega trends, exponential technologies and moonshot thinking are changing your industry before you even aware of it. Learn from thought leaders like Singularity University, investors like Y-Combinator, game changers like Tesla Motors and leading internet companies like Google, Baidu, Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox or Slack at the global technology hotspots.

Moonshot Thinking: How to outperform your competition by leveraging disruptive trends?
Insights from Monty’s recent trend exploration tours with CEOs to Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Seoul and Beijing. Myths, tech trends, social impact and practical knowledge every chairman, vice president, investor or startup founder needs to know.

Digital Leadership Keynote Speaker Monty Metzger

Digital 2030: Exponential Technologies Innovation changing your business, industry and your daily life
Technology Trends from USA, Israel, China or Japan are defining our digital future. What is the next big thing? Where do you need to invest your time and money to lead your market in the upcoming years? Virtual Reality, VR Media and VR Entertainment, Augmented and Mixed Reality, Biogenetics, Financial Markets Fintech – BitCoin and Blockchain, Autonomous Vehicles and Self Driving Cars, Energy Innovation – Solar, Battery or Smart Storage, Healthcare Innovation – Healthtech, Digital Business Models – OnDemand Society, Multi-Planetary Life, 3D Printing and Home Production and many other tech mega trends.
– All keynote speeches are customized by Monty to fit your industry, event and audience. –

The Future Of Mobility
As our society is getting used to enjoy the benefits of the sharing economy, the basic concept of transportation and mobility is changing. Leaders and decision makers at businesses and governments are raising the question: How will our cities transforms into smart cities? How will the future of mobility look like? How to prepare your institution or company for the future of transportation?
Keynote Speaker Monty Metzger is explaining the key technology trends and economic dynamics that change transportation from the ground up. He understands the perspectives of corporate leaders as well as startups, pointing out the four major forces that will transform automotive: connected, sharing, autonomous and alternative fuels. But with this technological development also come new responsibility and new fields of business operations. Privacy, Data protection, cyber security with adoption of connected cars and its implications on car ownership, public transportation, city infrastructure and public policies.

Monty C. M. Metzger has been hired by leading corporations, conferences and government organizations for their events in Europe, Asia, Latin America or North America. Here are some recent keynote speaking references….

The Future is Now


Leadership Talk “The Digital Future of Healthcare” by Monty Metzger was recorded at a private corporate conference at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm. Among other Keynote Speakers Monty Metzger held a thought-provoking speech about how technology will change the healthcare-, pharma- and medical-industry forever.

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  • Success in our business hinges much on timely quality introductions coupled with a deep understanding of the technology and services in our sight. Monty excels on both counts and in the process is terrific.

    Andreas Wuerfel - Managing Director at Deutsche Telekom USA
  • He is a truly engaged and great speaker. Monty has an ability to look at complex problems from a different and innovative point of view. He engages his audience with his insight, passion and a dash of humor, challenging us to seek out the important goals and care for them in a direct and thoughtful way.

    Gregor Bieler - CEO at MICROSOFT EMEA
  • Monty is a captivating & energetic speaker who can draw in his audience instantly.

    Philipp Encz - Co-Head of Global Corporate PR at SIEMENS
  • Monty makes the extraordinary look simple. If the Future, he has his finger on its pulse and knows how to help others see quickly the important trends that will impact all our business lives.

    Prof. Dr. Charles Savage