Amazon startet Gelbe Seiten

Das Team der Suchmaschine A9.com von Amazon hat nun eine Beta-Version der Amazon Gelbe Seiten gelauncht.

Amazon Gelbe Seiten schreiben über sich:

In addition to being the second letter in the Greek alphabet, the word “beta” is also often used to describe a project or process that is being tested. With that in mind, we’d like to introduce you to the new Amazon.com Yellow Pages, currently in beta and powered by technologies built by A9.com.

We’re continually updating our business listings and are encouraging everyone to update businesses they know of and use with additional information such as images, reviews, hours of operation and the products and services offered. Business owners are especially encouraged to update their listing with more content. Updating a business is free and offers a lot of flexibility in what will appear on detail pages*.

During this beta phase we’ll be testing different features and gathering input from customers like you to ensure Amazon.com provides the best possible experience for looking at local businesses online.

Even though this store is in beta, everything works, so feel free to search, browse, and locate your favorite restaurants and dry cleaners. But be sure to come back often, as we’re constantly updating and improving local business listings in your area.”

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