Review MBA Tour New York City, USA.

Review MBA Tour New York City.
A week full of inspiration.

Florian Peter at CScout NY
Streets of New York
NYU Stern School of Management
Monty at NYSE Group
NYSE 2006

Last week there have been around 50 students from Germany in New York City. They have been attending a student programm for the Media MBA and Finance MBA Program at Steinbeis University in Berlin.

The two groups of MBA Students studied at NYU Stern School of Management and visited a lot of companies during their stay. The whole program was packed with intersting company-visits – from global corporation to innovative startups.

During the meetings with the professors, CEOs and managers the students received many pratical und strategic information. CScout is holding close relation to the companies we met. We introduce the students to the managers and work as a kind of “match maker”. Furthermore it is important for us to stay in touch with the visionaires and innovators in town.

Here is an overview of the meetings we had last week:

Media MBA:
*Brand Experience Lab
*Current TV
* NBC Universal
* New York Times
*Universal McCann
*Radical Media
*Zingy Mobile

Finance MBA:
* Agile Equity
* Bear Stearns
* The New York Stock Exchange
* The New Yorker
*ING Clarion
* Pali Capital
*Root Market
* Standard & Poors

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