Web 2.0 Companies

Today I found a list of Web 2.0 Companies on John’s Blog. There is a lot going on out there….

Web 2.0 Companies

Here is a list I recently got of all the web 2.0 companies out there. Multiply the total by 10 to consider all the ones not included in the list. Who says there is no hype? There are some Web 2.0 Venture Funds in there at the end 馃檪

Any comments on your favorite ones, or ones to watch closely are much appreciated.


脗路 Bebop – Compare music calendar against your iTunes catalogue. http://www.bebopular.com/

脗路 Clickcaster – Record, license, publish & promote your radio show. http://www.clickcaster.com/

脗路 Difm – Radio community. http://www.di.fm/

脗路 Dottunes – Share your iTunes. http://www.dottunes.net/

脗路 Enablr – Transcribe podcasts, Text2Snailmail, … http://www.enablr.com/

脗路 Fluctu8 – Create & share your sourcelists. http://fluctu8.com/

脗路 Gcast – Podcasting tools & hosting. http://www.gcast.com/

脗路 Genielab – Explore, recommend & rate music. http://genielab.com/

脗路 Ituneslove – Share your music tastes. http://www.ituneslove.com/

脗路 Jamendo – Review, tag, rate & share music. http://www.jamendo.com/en/

脗路 Lastfm* – Profile your taste, share, personalize your radio. http://www.last.fm/

脗路 Mercora – Search music & get recommendations. http://search.mercora.com/

脗路 Muiso – Track your taste, get recommendations. http://muiso.com/

脗路 Musicmobs – Share your tastes & find music. http://www.musicmobs.com/

脗路 Musicstrands – Tag, share & post music community. http://www.musicstrands.com/

脗路 Odeo – Record & share audio. http://www.odeo.com

脗路 Pandora* – Personalized radio. http://pandora.com/

脗路 Plurn – List, listen to, create & share music. http://www.plurn.com/

脗路 Podbop – Listen to bands that visit your city (Eventful mash-up). http://podbop.org/

脗路 Podomatic – Create, find & broadcast podcasts. http://www.podomatic.com/

脗路 Poperti – Save your mp3 on a pop email account. http://www.poperti.com/

脗路 Predixis – Discover, manage & enjoy music. http://www.predixis.com/

脗路 Purevolume – Music community. http://www.poperti.com/

脗路 Radiotime – Personalize radio. http://myradiotime.com/

脗路 Streampad – List, listen & share your music (= several mash-ups). http://www.streampad.com/

脗路 Upto11 – Discover & share music. http://upto11.net/

脗路 Webjay – Playlist community. http://www.webjay.org/


脗路 Talkr – Converts blog text to podcasts. http://www.talkr.com/


脗路 Bitty – Embed content from Web services. http://bitty.com/

脗路 Blogburst – Syndicate blogs to mainstream media sites. http://www.blogburst.com/

脗路 Blogcode – Start blog & find similar ones. http://www.blogcode.com/

脗路 Bloggersnap – Add your webcam snapshot to any blog. http://www.bloggersnap.com/?l=EN/

脗路 Bloggoggle – Categorize & rate pro bloggers. http://www.bloggoggle.com/

脗路 Bloglet – Notification2email. http://www.bloglet.com/

脗路 Blogs – Notification2email. http://blo.gs/

脗路 Blurb – Turn your blog into a book. http://www.blurb.com/

脗路 Cocomment – Track back your commentosphere. http://www.cocomment.com/

脗路 Feedblitz – Notification2email. http://www.feedblitz.com/

脗路 Freevlog – Set up free video blog. http://www.freevlog.org/

脗路 Lifetype – Blogging software. http://www.lifetype.net/

脗路 Measuremap – Blog stats. http://measuremap.com/

脗路 Qumana – Edit your blog. http://www.qumana.com/

脗路 Structuredblogging – Create, edit & maintain all posts. http://structuredblogging.org/

脗路 Textamerica – Mobile blog. http://www.textamerica.com/

脗路 Xanco~ – Mobilephlog & vlog. http://www.xanco.com/

脗路 Blip – Get video & podcasting on your blog. http://www.blip.tv/

脗路 Blogladder – Create & maintain your blog. http://www.blogladder.com/

脗路 Blogniscient – Rank & read blog articles. http://www.blogniscient.com/

脗路 Bloxor – Maintain & use your blogroll online. http://www.bloxor.com/


脗路 9rules – Validate & share links to content. http://9rules.com/

脗路 Allyourwords – Associate & share words with links. http://www.allyourwords.com/

脗路 Blinkist – Social bookmarking. http://www.blinklist.com/

脗路 Blogmarks – Social bookmarking. http://www.blogmarks.net/

脗路 Blummy – Manage your bookmarks. http://www.blummy.com/

脗路 Bmaccess – Social bookmarking with thumbs. http://www.bmaccess.net/

脗路 Buddymarks – Social bookmarking. http://www.buddymarks.com/

脗路 Butterfly~ – Bookmark & annotate. http://www.butterflyproject.nl/

脗路 Chuquet* – Find buzzes. http://www.chuquet.com/

脗路 Clipmarks – Social clipping. http://www.clipmarks.com/

脗路 CommonTimes – Social bookmarking & clippings. http://www.commontimes.org/

脗路 Connotea – Social bookmarking (for reseacrhers). http://www.connotea.org/

脗路 Delicious* – Social bookmarking. http://del.icio.us/

脗路 Digg* – Social bookmarking. http://www.digg.com

脗路 Diigo – Social bookmarking on steroids. http://www.diigo.com/

脗路 Dogear – Social bookmarking. http://www.eigology.com/dogear/

脗路 Feedmarker – Social bookmarking for news. http://www.feedmarker.com/

脗路 Furl – Clip, store & share web pages. http://www.furl.net/

脗路 Hyperlinkomatic – Social bookmarking. http://www.hyperlinkomatic.com/

脗路 Icio – Social bookmarking & rating. http://www.icio.de/

脗路 Jeteye – Clip & share (parts of) web pages. http://www.jeteye.com/

脗路 Listible – Folksonomied software & code search. http://www.listible.com/

脗路 ListMixer – Social bookmarking (temporary links). http://listmixer.com/

脗路 LiveMarks – Live update of Delicious. http://sandbox.sourcelabs.com/livemarks/

脗路 Looklater – Private bookmarking. http://www.looklater.com/

脗路 Lookmarks – Social bookmarking. http://www.lookmarks.com/

脗路 Magnolia – Social bookmarking & voting. http://ma.gnolia.com/

脗路 Mylinkvault – Social bookmarking. http://www.mylinkvault.com/

脗路 Onlywire – Social bookmarking aggregator. http://www.onlywire.com/

脗路 Philoi – Social bookmarking. http://www.philoi.com/

脗路 Qoosa – Social bookmarking. http://www.qoosa.com/

脗路 Searchfox – Social bookmarking. http://www.searchfox.com/

脗路 Shadows – Social bookmarking. http://shadows.com/

脗路 Simpy – Social bookmarking, tagging & search. http://www.simpy.com/

脗路 Socialmarks – Social bookmarking. http://www.socialmarks.com/

脗路 Spinspy – Social bookmarking & ranking. http://www.spinspy.com/

脗路 Spurl – Social – Bookmarking & search. http://www.spurl.net/

脗路 Startaid – Manage & share your (thumb) bookmarks. http://www.startaid.com/

脗路 StumbleUpon – Social bookmarking (random sharing). http://www.stumbleupon.com/

脗路 Surftail – Share your click paths. http://www.surftail.com/

脗路 Taggle – Social bookmarking, tagged (German). http://www.taggle.de/

脗路 Tagtooga – Social bookmarking. http://www.tagtooga.com/

脗路 Tendango – Top 10 social bookmarking. http://www.tendango.com/

脗路 Thumblicio.us – Displays thumbs of most pupular del.icio.us sites. http://thumblicio.us/

脗路 YahooMyweb2 – Social bookmarking. http://myweb2.search.yahoo.com/

脗路 Yoono – Save your bookmarks and manage your feeds – http://www.yoono.com/ (Submitted by Helder Pareira).


脗路 Camino – Mozilla power & Mac style browser. http://www.caminobrowser.org/

脗路 Flock – Lightweight browser. http://www.flock.com/


脗路 30boxes – Manage & share calendar. http://30boxes.com/

脗路 Calendarhub – Create & share calendars. http://www.calendarhub.com/

脗路 Eventful – Create & share events. http://eventful.com/

脗路 Eventicus – Create & share events. http://www.eventicus.de/?lang=en/

脗路 Eventsniper – Mix your event calendar with feeds. http://www.eventsniper.com/

脗路 Hipcal – Manage & share calendar & to do lists. http://www.hipcal.com/

脗路 Meetwithapproval – Arrange meetings & events online. http://www.meetwithapproval.com/

脗路 Mosuki – Arrange meetings & events online. http://mosuki.com/

脗路 Planzo – Arrange meetings & events online & thru sms. http://planzo.com/

脗路 Skobee – Arrange meetings & events online. http://www.skobee.com/

脗路 Spongecell – Arrange meetings & events online; with a.i. http://spongecell.com/

脗路 Tilika – Share calendars. http://www.tilika.com/

脗路 Trumba – Create& share events. http://www.trumba.com/

脗路 Upcoming – Create, manage & share events. http://upcoming.org/

CHAT 2.0

脗路 3bubbles – Add chat to your blog. http://www.3bubbles.com/

脗路 Ajchat – Create chat rooms. http://www.ajchat.com/

脗路 Campfire – Permalinked chat. http://www.campfirenow.com/

脗路 Chatsum* – Chat with & leave messages same-site-visitors. http://www.chatsum.com/

脗路 Conversate – Create your own chat. http://www.conversate.org/

脗路 PeekoChat – Make every site a ‘place’ (Firefox plug-in). http://peekko.com/chat/

脗路 Zohochat – Create your own chat room. http://zohochat.com/

脗路 Ekklesia – CMS for churches. http://www.ekklesia-systems.com/

脗路 Loudblog – CMS inc. RSS. http://www.loudblog.de/

脗路 Pmachine – CMS. http://www.pmachine.com/ee/

脗路 Tinymce – Wysiwyg editor. http://tinymce.moxiecode.com/


脗路 Askeet – Ask & answer it. http://www.askeet.com/

脗路 Asoboo – Find people & places in your city. http://asoboo.com/

脗路 Favorville – People helping people. http://www.favorville.com/

脗路 Foldera – Organize & share all work based documents. http://www.foldera.com/

脗路 Hubpages – Share your genius. http://www.hubpages.com/

脗路 Ifolder – Filesharing for groups. http://www.ifolder.com/

脗路 Jotspot – Take one set of notes, live. http://www.jotlive.com/

脗路 Lime – Help & inspire eachother. http://lime.com/

脗路 Mayomi – Mind map & share. http://www.mayomi.com/

脗路 People2pray – Manage & share prayer requests. http://www.people2pray.com/

脗路 Qype – Find & recommend best spots in town. http://qype.com/

脗路 Rallypoint – Share knowledge. http://www.rallypointhq.com/

脗路 Redlettr – Tag & comment the bible. http://www.desertfather.com/micah/

脗路 Rel8r – Tag, read, search blogs. http://www.rel8r.com/

脗路 Rrove* – Save & share places. http://www.rrove.com/

脗路 Say-So – Share problems & get advise. http://www.say-so.org/

脗路 Socialight – Share pictures & notes with your cell phone. http://socialight.com/

脗路 Standpoint – Share & evangelize convictions. http://www.standpoint.com/

脗路 Studybuddy – Share notecards. http://www.studybuddy.info/

脗路 Tracbac – Share, comment, revise & collaborate. http://www.tracbac.com/

脗路 Vizu – Create, share & vote for polls. http://www.vizu.com/

脗路 Webbrush – Collaborative drawing, charting, etc. http://www.stanfy.com/dev/webbrush/

脗路 Whatshouldireadnext – Share your bookshelve. http://whatshouldireadnext.com/

脗路 Wobblog – Rank & share blog postings. http://www.wobblog.com/

脗路 Zimbra – Work & communicate together. http://www.zimbra.com/


脗路 Librarious – Catalogue your collection. http://lib.rario.us/

脗路 Librarything – Catalogue & share your library. http://www.librarything.com/

脗路 Unalog – Share what you read, in groups. http://unalog.com/


脗路 Comics – Create & share comics. http://www.mainada.net/comics/

脗路 Quicktoons – Create & share comics. http://www.quicktoons.com/


脗路 E-messenger – Ajax messengers. http://www.e-messenger.net/

脗路 E-messenger – Integrates several messengers. http://www.e-messenger.net/

脗路 Gtalkr – Google Talk, Flickr, YouTube, feeds. https://gtalkr.com/

脗路 Iglance – Push-to-talk videoconf and screen-sharing. http://www.iglance.com/

脗路 Imeem – Share words, files & people (on messenger). http://www.imeem.com/

脗路 Imvu – 3D messenger. http://www.imvu.com/

脗路 Iotum – Sorts & processes calls on relevance. http://www.iotum.com/

脗路 Jabphone – Messenger2phone. http://www.jabphone.com/

脗路 Jumpclaimer – Inform your relatives about your whereabouts thru sms. http://www.jumpclaimer.com/

脗路 Kopete – Universal messenger. http://kopete.kde.org/

脗路 Mabber – Mobile messenger. http://www.mabber.com/

脗路 Meebo – Integrates several messengers. http://www.meebo.com/

脗路 Skylook – Record & store all Skype communications. http://www.skylook.biz/

脗路 Skype – Call, conference, messenger, file sharing. http://www.skype.com/

脗路 Slawesome – Add voice to your email. http://www.slawesome.com/

脗路 Soonr -Mobile 2 web & v.v. http://www.soonr.com/

脗路 Stickam* – Multimedia communication tool. http://www.stickam.com/

脗路 Tello – Locate & collaborate with your key contacts. http://www.tello.com/

脗路 Userplane – Chat, messenger, record. http://www.userplane.com/

脗路 V4s – Add voice to your email. http://www.orb.com/skype/

脗路 Vyew – Web based video conferencing. http://vyew.com/

脗路 Waxmail – Add voice to your email. http://www.waxmail.biz/

脗路 Web2messenger – Send messages from web 2 messenger. http://www.web2messenger.com/


脗路 43people – Tag based matching & dating. http://www.43people.com/

脗路 43places – Publish & share stories about places. http://www.43places.com/

脗路 Blogtronix – Blogging & corporate community software. http://www.blogtronix.com/

脗路 Communitywalk – Share places & routes (map mash-up). http://www.communitywalk.com/

脗路 Consumating – Tag based dating. http://www.consumating.com/

脗路 Create & Participate in communities. http://www.towncrossing.com/

脗路 Dodgeball – Hook in with your mobile & meet friends. http://www.dodgeball.com/

脗路 Doostang – Community for professionals. http://www.doostang.com/

脗路 Facebook – Student communities. http://www.facebook.com/

脗路 Frappr – Put your group on the map, share photos. http://www.frappr.com/

脗路 Friendster – Connect with friends. http://www.friendster.com/

脗路 Groups – Create groups & share content. http://grou.ps/

脗路 HumanPages 芒鈧 Philanthropic 芒鈧揕inkedIn-Like芒鈧 People Search. http://www.humanpages.com/

脗路 Ikarma – Document & promote your reputation. http://ikarma.com/

脗路 Linkedin – Manage and share your cv. Http://www.linkedin.com/

脗路 Livejournal – Join or create your own community. http://www.sixapart.com/livejournal/

脗路 Lovento – Find friends & events. http://www.lovento.com/

脗路 Mapmix. Find your friends (map mash-up). http://www.mapmix.com/

脗路 Meetro – Find friends nearby (thru messenger). http://www.meetro.com/

脗路 Meetup – Find common interests & organize meetings. http://www.meetup.com/

脗路 Mologogo – Share where you are. http://www.mologogo.com/

脗路 Mozes – Share information & people thru your mobile. http://mozes.com/

脗路 MySpace – Communicate with & share content with your friends. http://www.myspace.com/

脗路 OpenBC – Community for entrepreneurs & professionals. http://www.openbc.com

脗路 Opinity – Manage your reputation. http://www.opinity.com/

脗路 Orkut – Connect to your friends. https://www.orkut.com/

脗路 Partysync – Meet & sms people. http://group.partysync.com/

脗路 Peerprofile – Publish & share your profiles. http://www.peerprofile.com/

脗路 Peertrainer – Buddy up, slim down. http://www.peertrainer.com/

脗路 Phusebox – Community for sophisticated people. http://phusebox.net/

脗路 Piczo – Create & share website. http://piczo.com/

脗路 Placesite – Wi-fi portal & location communities. http://www.placesite.com/

脗路 Plum – Collect, share, connect. http://www.plum.com/

脗路 Poddater – Create vodcast & connect. http://www.poddater.com/

脗路 Pooln – Schedule your car pooling. http://www.pooln.com/

脗路 Rabble – Create it & share it mobile. http://www.rabble.com/

脗路 Tagalag – Tag & map your contacts. http://www.tagalag.com/

脗路 Theblackstripe – Upload & share photos. http://www.theblackstripe.com/

脗路 Tinfinger – Search persons. http://www.tinfinger.com/

脗路 Towncrossing – Find & Link to Friends. http://towncrossing.com/

脗路 Twocrowds – Share & vote for predictions. http://www.twocrowds.com/

脗路 Vcarious – Travel community. http://www.vcarious.com/

脗路 Wallop – Phlog & interact. http://mywallop.com/

脗路 Xanga – Blog rings. http://www.xanga.com/

脗路 Zaadz~ – Network of inspired people. http://www.zaadz.com/

脗路 Ziggs – Index of professionals. http://www.ziggs.com/

脗路 Zoominfo* – Search persons; create your own page. http://www.zoominfo.com/

CRM 2.0

脗路 24sevenoffice – Web-based crm & erp. http://www.24sevenoffice.com/

脗路 Helpspot – Wen nased help desk software. http://www.userscape.com/

脗路 Pushcrm – Web-based crm. http://pushcrm.com/

脗路 Simpleticket – Helpdesk solution. http://www.simpleticket.net/

脗路 Userscape – Web based help desk portal. http://www.userscape.com/

脗路 Zohocrm – Web-based crm. http://www.zohocrm.com/


脗路 Turbodbadmin – Online dbase in Ajax http://www.turboajax.com/turbodbadmin.html/


脗路 Betterdesktop – Share usability tests. http://www.betterdesktop.org/

脗路 Flickrlogomakr – Make Flickr-like logo in a second. http://flickr.nosv.org/ (cf. this group’s logo).

脗路 Netcocktail – Share color schemes. http://www.netcocktail.com/

脗路 Neurosky – Bionic interface technology. http://www.neurosky.com/

脗路 OK-cancel. Collaboration on interface design. http://www.ok-cancel.com/

脗路 Typetester – Compare screen type. http://www.typetester.maratz.com/

脗路 Wufoo – Build & host forms. http://www.wufoo.com/


脗路 Visualthesaurus – Find & visualize synonyms. http://www.visualthesaurus.com/


脗路 12 Wists – Share shopping lists. http://www.wists.com/

脗路 43deals – Find best deals. http://www.43deals.com/

脗路 Adgenta – Add ads to your site, blog or rss feed. http://www.adgenta.com/

脗路 Amazon* – Shop, sell, review & rank. http://www.amazon.com/

脗路 Auctionmapper – Map Ebay auctions. http://www.auctionmapper.com/

脗路 Bigcartel – Start, review & recommend online shops. http://bigcartel.com/

脗路 Blish – Buy & sell digital things. http://www.blish.com/

脗路 Broadbandgenie – Find best provider. http://www.broadbandgenie.co.uk/

脗路 Cafepress – Design, sell, buy. http://www.cafepress.com/

脗路 Carbonmade – Publish & manage your portfolio online. http://www.carbonmade.com/

脗路 Clipfire – Shop search engine & community. http://www.clipfire.com/

脗路 Closo – Start & advertise your online shop. http://www.closo.com/

脗路 Cooqy – Find things faster on Ebay (client). http://www.cooqy.com/

脗路 Coverpop – Mash-ups of everything. http://www.coverpop.com/

脗路 Darmik – Sell & share profits with charities. http://www.darmik.com/

脗路 Ebay* – Sell, rate & buy; auction. http://www.ebay.com/

脗路 Etsy – Buy & sell handmade things. http://www.etsy.com/

脗路 Flyspy – Graph all of your choices in air travel. http://www.flyspy.com/index.php/

脗路 Fotogopo – Animated local route map; Google Maps & Geocoder mash-up. http://www.fotogopo.com/

脗路 Froogle* – Local shopping search engine; Google Maps mash-up. http://www.google.com/sellonfroogle/

脗路 Garbagescout – Find treasures on NY streets; Google Maps mash-up. http://www.garbagescout.com/

脗路 Gumshoo – Auction analyzer; Ebay mash-up. http://www.gumshoo.com/

脗路 Hawkee – Tagged price comparison. http://www.hawkee.com/

脗路 Homethinking – Search, find, contact & review realtors. http://www.homethinking.com/

脗路 Hotpads – Houses for rent. http://hotpads.com/

脗路 Inods – Shopping review aggregator. http://inods.com/

脗路 Insideflyer – Convert loyalty points. http://insideflyer.com/

脗路 Judysbook – Review & rate your neighbourhood. http://www.judysbook.com/

脗路 Kayak Buzz – Find cheap destinations; Google Maps mash-up. http://www.kayak.com/h/buzz/flights

脗路 Licketyship – Home-delivery supermarket; retail & couriers co-operation. http://www.licketyship.com/

脗路 Licketytrip – Last minute vacation rentals (map mash-up). http://www.licketytrip.com/

脗路 Lopico – Social business directory. http://www.lopico.com/

脗路 Mapeire – User generated lowest price finder; Google Maps mash-up. http://www.mapeire.com/

脗路 Motionmall – Design & insert webads. http://www.motionmall.com/

脗路 Paguna – Travel booking with 1 page Ajax interface. http://www.paguna.com/

脗路 Peerflix – List & trade DVDs. http://www.peerflix.com/

脗路 Pricenoia – Amazon price comparison. http://www.pricenoia.com/

脗路 Qoop – Publish & sell photos & photo products. http://www.qoop.com/

脗路 Redtoucan – Share photos & review products. http://www.redtoucan.com/

脗路 Reevoo – Review & buy electronics. http://www.reevoo.com/

脗路 Revver – Upload, share or sell your videos. http://www.revver.com/

脗路 Savedsearchpro – Find Ebay deals easier. http://www.savedsearchpro.com/

脗路 Shoposphere* – Create & share pick lists. http://shopping.yahoo.com/shoposphere/

脗路 Site flavored Google* – Tailor adwords to your site. http://www.google.com/services/siteflavored.html

脗路 Sofortpreis -Mobile shopping assistent. http://www.sofortpreis.de/

脗路 Souki~ – Local shop search. http://www.souki.com/

脗路 Spymedia – Publish & sell news photos. http://www.spymedia.com/

脗路 Stylehive – Get recommendations fitting your product interests. http://www.stylehive.com/

脗路 Tenbills – Design & buy your T. http://www.tenbills.com/

脗路 Thandora – Tag based search in yellow pages. http://www.thandora.com/tagit.do/

脗路 Tictap – Price comparison for mobile. http://www.tictap.com/

脗路 Tnook – Build, manage & trade your collections. http://www.tnook.com/

脗路 Wazima – Coupon aggregator. http://www.wazima.com/

脗路 Web20milliondollarhomepage – Pixel ads. http://www.web20milliondollarhomepage.com/

脗路 Wists – Social shopping. http://www.wists.com/

脗路 Wuraweb – Find local prices & credentials. http://www.wuraweb.com/

脗路 Yelp – Find, review & discuss local restaurants etc. http://www.yelp.com/

脗路 Yub – Meet, hang & get discounts in shopping mall. http://www.yub.com/mall/

脗路 Zazzle – Design, sell & buy custom goods. http://www.zazzle.com/

脗路 Zillow – Get your home valuated (map mash-up). http://www.zillow.com/

脗路 Zipingo – Find local business based on community input. http://www.zipingo.com/


脗路 Aidpage – People help people. http://www.aidpage.com/

脗路 Associatedcontent – Produce & publish content, get paid. http://www.associatedcontent.com/

脗路 Billmonk – Manage debts. https://www.billmonk.com/

脗路 Castingwords – Get your podcasts transcribed. http://castingwords.com/

脗路 Couchsurfing* – Home swapping & holiday dating. http://www.couchsurfing.com/

脗路 Daylo – Contribute to local yellow pages. http://daylo.com/

脗路 Democracy2.0* – Consumers/Citizens unite! http://d2.stevemagruder.com/hub.php

脗路 Donorschoose – Donate to schools. http://www.donorschoose.org/

脗路 Elevatorpitch – Upload, read & rate pitches. http://www.yourelevatorpitch.com/

脗路 Fundable – Pledge for funding. http://www.fundable.org/

脗路 Gather – Share passions & get paid. http://gather.com/

脗路 Givebobadollar – Begging. http://www.givebobadollar.com/

脗路 Givemeaning – Give or take fundraising community. http://www.givemeaning.com/

脗路 Givezilla – Create fundraising storefront. http://www.givezilla.com/

脗路 Google answers – Get your questions answered for money. http://answers.google.com/answers/

脗路 Ikarma – Document & promote your reputation. http://ikarma.com/

脗路 Lendmonkey – Trade everything. http://www.lendmonkey.com/

脗路 Listsomething – Share any list to buy & sell things, services. http://www.listsomething.com/

脗路 Milliondollarhomepage* – Buy pixels to finance study. http://www.milliondollarhomepage.com/

脗路 Mturk – Complete simple tasks & get paid. http://www.mturk.com/mturk/welcome/

脗路 Myfreelanceauction – Buy or sell web services. http://myfreelanceauction.com/

脗路 Oolsi – Share links to free things. http://www.oolsi.com/

脗路 Prosper – P2P lending. http://www.prosper.com/

脗路 Rawsugar – Social bookmarking directory & revenue sharing. http://www.rawsugar.com/

脗路 Secondlifeboutique – Buy real things with virtuaa money. http://slboutique.com/

脗路 Smarkets – Stock markets for products. http://www.smarkets.net/

脗路 Smashmyviper – Buy pixels to destroy car. http://www.smashmyviper.com/

脗路 Stuffopolis – Keep track of things you lend or borrow. http://www.stuffopolis.com/

脗路 Swabba – Online garage sale (German). http://www.swabba.de/

脗路 Zopa – P2P banking services. http://www.zopa.com/


脗路 Elgg – Open source e-learning software. http://elgg.org/

脗路 Nuvvo – On demand elearning. http://www.nuvvo.com/


脗路 Dropsend – Email large files. http://www.dropsend.com/

脗路 Mail2RSS – Inmail2RSS. http://www.mail2rss.org/

脗路 Myemail – Check email anywhere. http://myemail.com/

脗路 Newsletterarchive* – Store & share your newsletters. http://www.newsletterarchive.org/

脗路 Onesens – Send teasing webmail messages. http://www.onesens.com/

脗路 Quickmail – Email2RSS. http://quickmail.johanfitie.com/

脗路 Sendspace – Email large files. http://www.sendspace.com/

脗路 Tempinbox – Receive inmail anonymously. http://www.tempinbox.com/

脗路 Trustmymail – Spam filter based on your circle of contacts. http://www.trustmymail.com/

脗路 Yousendit – Email large files. http://www.yousendit.com/

脗路 Irows – Web based spreadsheet. http://www.irows.com/

脗路 Numbler – Excel spreadsheet online. http://numbler.com/

脗路 Numsum – Collaborate online on spreadsheets. http://numsum.com/

脗路 Sundera – Collaborate online on spreadsheets. http://www.sundera.com/


脗路 Bittorrent – Share files & bandwidth. http://www.bittorrent.com/

脗路 Civilnetizen – File swapping. http://www.civilnetizen.com/

脗路 Lphanr – Multi compatible P2P file sharing. http://www.lphant.com/


脗路 Blinksale – Web-based invoicing. http://www.blinksale.com/

脗路 Dimewise – Manage your finances. http://www.dimewise.com/

脗路 Frugalbetty – Manage your spendings. http://frugalbetty.com/

脗路 Ioweyou – Manage loans & shared expenses. http://www.ioweyou.co.uk/

脗路 Networthiq – Track, share & compare your net worth. http://www.networthiq.com/

脗路 Secondsite – Web-based invoicing. http://www.secondsite.biz/

脗路 Secondssite. Finance tools. http://www.secondsite.biz/

FUN 2.0

脗路 Beggr – Give me your money. http://www.beggr.com/

脗路 Web2.0validator – Screen your website on 2.0-ishness. http://web2.0validator.com/


脗路 Poserfish – P2P betting, free. http://www.poserfish.com/


脗路 Alexadex* – Buy & sell shares in sites. Alexa mash-up. http://alexadex.com/ad/

脗路 Arcaplay – Rate & share games. http://arcaplay.com/

脗路 Averageshoveler – Game & RSS news mash-up. http://www.zanni.org/average.htm

脗路 Bliss – Customize game to couple芒鈧劉s needs. http://www.gamesforloving.com/

脗路 Bunchball – Play games with your friends. http://www.bunchball.com/

脗路 Fastr – Guess game; Flickr mash-up. – http://randomchaos.com/games/fastr/

脗路 Gibbity – Contribute & review games. http://www.gibbity.com/

脗路 Guess-the-google – Guess game; Google mash-up. http://grant.robinson.name/projects/guess-the-google/

脗路 Imstar – IM & game with your 3D avatar. http://imstar.com/

脗路 Ispott – Mobile treasure hunt. http://www.ispott.com/

脗路 Llor – Build your street. http://www.llor.nu/

脗路 Memory – Memory + Yahoo images mash-up. http://bryngfors.com/index.php?page_id=10

脗路 Millionsofgames – Review & share games. http://www.millionsofgames.com/

脗路 Montage-a-google – Tag based random photo montage; Google mash-up. http://grant.robinson.name/projects/montage-a-google/

脗路 Multitap – Share, rate, discuss & categorize screenshots. http://multitap.net/

脗路 Naughtyamerica* – Multiplayer video sexgame. http://www.naughtyamericathegame.com/

脗路 Phrasr – Add photos to phrases; Flickr mash-up. http://www.pimpampum.net/phrasr/

脗路 Spell with Flickr – Spell names with photos; Flickr mash-up. http://metaatem.net/words/


脗路 30gigs – Store your data. http://www.30gigs.com/

脗路 4shared – Upload & share files. http://4shared.com/

脗路 Allmydata – Store & share your data. http://www.allmydata.com/

脗路 Bolt – Watch, upload & share media. http://www.bolt.com/

脗路 Box – Store & share data. http://www.box.net/

脗路 Bryght – Create & maintain a community. http://www.bryght.com/

脗路 Gdisk – Hosting thru Gmail. http://gdisk.sourceforge.net/

脗路 Grokthis – Aplication hosting. http://www.grokthis.net/

脗路 Hula – Manage calendars & email. http://www.hula-project.org/

脗路 Joyent – ASP hosting of email, calendars, contacts芒鈧 http://www.joyent.com/

脗路 Mailbigfile – Mail large files. http://www.mailbigfile.com/

脗路 Mozy – Upload & backup your files. http://www.mozy.com/

脗路 Multiply – Store, share & discuss your data. http://multiply.com/

脗路 Omnidrive – Store & access data. http://www.omnidrive.com.au/

脗路 Openomy – Upload your files & use extra apps. http://www.openomy.com/

脗路 Ourmedia – Store & share data. http://www.ourmedia.org/

脗路 Pando* – Store & share data. http://www.pando.com/

脗路 Putfwd – Store & exchange data. http://www.putfwd.com/

脗路 Railsbase – Application hosring (Ruby-based). http://railsbase.com/

脗路 Smartimagine – Store & manage your image & media files. http://smartimagine.com/

脗路 Sproutit – Manage your email – http://www.sproutit.com/

脗路 Store & share audio, video, clippings. http://www.esnips.com/

脗路 Strongspace – Upload, store, back-up & share your files. http://www.strongspace.com/

脗路 TextDrive – Hosted applications. http://www.textdrive.com/

脗路 Vast 芒鈧 Build and Augment Your Own Services. http://vast.com/contact/api.htm

脗路 Xdrive – Store & share your data. http://www.xdrive.com/

脗路 Xmailharddrive – Store data thru Gmail. http://www.xmailharddrive.com/

脗路 Zingee – Store & share files. http://www.zingee.com/


脗路 Calaimid – Manage your online identity. http://claimid.com/

脗路 Myme – Create your online avatar. http://www.my-me.com/

脗路 Sxip – Control personal digital identity. http://www.sxip.com/


脗路 23hq – Store, share & manage photos. http://www.23hq.com/

脗路 Danbooru – Upload, tage & share images. http://danbooru.donmai.us/

脗路 Dropshots – Upload & share photos & video. http://www.dropshots.com/

脗路 Flappr – Search pictures; Flickr mash-up. http://bcdef.org/flappr/

脗路 Flickr – Upload & share photos. http://www.flickr.com/

脗路 Flickr photo finder – Find & publish photos. http://www.wynia.org/experiments/phpflickr/

脗路 Flickr* – Manage & share your photos. http://www.flickr.com/

脗路 Flickrfling – RSS feeds & Flickr mash-up. http://www.nastypixel.com/prototype/?p=80

脗路 Flickrlicious. Share Babes on Flickr. http://www.flickrlicio.us/

脗路 Flyinside – Create, publish & share virtual photo tours. http://www.flyinside.com/

脗路 Fotki – Upload, share, print photos. http://www.fotki.com/

脗路 Fotoflix – Upload & share photos. http://www.fotoflix.com/

脗路 Fotolia* – Buy & sell images. http://www.fotolia.com/

脗路 Fotolog – Create & map your phlog. http://www.fotolog.com/

脗路 Groupr – Groups photos from Flickr groups. http://groupr.200ok.net/

脗路 Illhostit – Host your images. http://www.illhostit.com/

脗路 Istockphoto – Buy & sell images. http://www.istockphoto.com/index.php

脗路 Jellybarn – Upload, edit, manage, share your photos. http://www.jellybarn.com/

脗路 Ondergrond~ – Upload photos of public art. http://www.ondergrond.org/

脗路 Phlog~ – Upload & share photos. http://phlog.net/

脗路 Photobloggr – Find tags on name; Flickr mash-up. http://photobloggr.com/

脗路 Photobucket – Upload, publish & share photos. http://www.photobucket.com/

脗路 Photomap – Add photos to locations; multi mash-up. http://photomap.mozdev.org/

脗路 Picturecloud – 360o view on your pics. http://www.picturecloud.com/

脗路 Pixagogo – Upload, manage & share photos. http://www.pixagogo.com/

脗路 Sharpcast – Manage your mobile photos online. http://sharpcast.com/

脗路 Shutterbook – Store & share photos. http://www.shutterbook.com/

脗路 Shutterfly – Store, share & print photos. http://www.shutterfly.com/

脗路 Slide* – Upload & share photos. http://www.slide.com/

脗路 Slidestory – Publish stories with photo slideshows. http://www.slidestory.com/

脗路 Smilebox – Pimp up your photo presentation. http://www.smilebox.com/

脗路 Smugmug – Store & share photos. http://www.smugmug.com/

脗路 Tagworld – Store & share photos. http://www.tagworld.com/

脗路 Tickr – Flickr desktop ticker. http://www.stuffonfire.com/2006/01/tickr_for_flickr_10_v6.html

脗路 Zooomr. Search photos in many languages. http://beta.zooomr.com/home

脗路 Zoto – Uload, phlog & share. http://www.zoto.com/


脗路 Colorblender – Color picker & matcher. http://www.colorblender.com/

脗路 Colorcell – Find beautiful color combinations. http://colorcell.uneven.org/

脗路 Colr* – Play with color photos & publish results. http://www.colr.org/

脗路 Colrpickr – Color picker. http://krazydad.com/colrpickr/

脗路 Epassportphoto – Upload, manipulate, download your photo. http://www.epassportphoto.com/

脗路 Flashpaint – Draw & share pictures. http://www.flashpaint.com/

脗路 Flowermaker – Design flowers. http://www.zefrank.com/flowers/

脗路 Gliffy – Draw & share diagrams. http://www.gliffy.com/

脗路 Imageeditor – Edit your images online. http://www.imageeditor.net/

脗路 Photostack – Manage images (Ajax) http://www.photostack.org/

脗路 Picasa – Find, edit & share photos. http://picasa.google.com/

脗路 Picturecloud – 360o view on your pics. http://www.picturecloud.com/

脗路 Pixelgroup – Draw anything with others. http://blog.outer-court.com/pixel/

脗路 Pxn8 – Manipulate & publish your photos. http://www.pxn8.com/

脗路 Rasterbator – Creates rasterized images. http://homokaasu.org/rasterbator/

脗路 Smilebox – Pimp up your photo presentation. http://www.smilebox.com/

脗路 Textorizer – Image2Text. http://textorizer.whatfettle.com/

脗路 Webimager – Capture screens & upload them to Flickr. http://phpspot.net/php/flickr/

JOBS 2.0

脗路 Bixee – Job finder. http://www.bixee.com/

脗路 Glendor – Job finder; map mash-up. http://www.glendor.com/

脗路 Indeed – Finds jobs on what & where. http://www.indeed.com/

脗路 Jobazaar – Tagged job offerings. http://www.jobazaar.com/

脗路 Pagebites – Resume search. http://www.pagebites.com/

脗路 Sidejobtrack – Job tracker. http://www.sidejobtrack.com/

脗路 Simplyhired – Local job search. http://www.simplyhired.com/

脗路 Simplyhired – Search biggest jobs dbase. http://www.simplyhired.com/

脗路 Yorz – Join group, upload resume. http://www.yorz.com/


脗路 Blinkbits – Share knowledge. http://www.blinkbits.com/

脗路 Brainreactions – Participate in brainstorms & share ideas. http://www.brainreactions.net/

脗路 Copyscape – Manage rights online. http://www.copyscape.com/

脗路 Echosign – Contract management. http://www.echosign.com/public/compose

脗路 Grokker -Enterprise search & knowledge management. http://www.grokker.com/

脗路 Hanzoweb – Bookmark, tag & share knowledge online. http://hanzoweb.com/

脗路 Jots – Information sharing. http://www.jots.com/

脗路 Kaboodle – Information sharing. http://www.kaboodle.com/

脗路 Oyogi – Share Q&A. http://www.oyogi.com/

脗路 Postgenomic* – Share & rank life science knowledge. http://www.postgenomic.com/

脗路 Pubsub – Match your interests with new info. http://www.pubsub.com/

脗路 Root/vaults* – Store, manage & share knowledge online. http://www.root.net/vaults/

脗路 Squidoo – Share knowledge. http://www.squidoo.com/

脗路 Tractis – Negotiate & sign contract, solve disputes online. http://www.tractis.com/

脗路 Wondir – Share Q&A. http://www.wondir.com/

脗路 Yahooanswers – Share Q&A. http://answers.yahoo.com/


脗路 43Things – Publish, share, find your goals. http://www.43things.com/

脗路 Giftbox – List & manage gifts. http://www.giftboxhome.com/

脗路 Greedyme – List & share your wishes. http://www.greedyme.com/

脗路 Metawishlist – List & share your wishes. http://www.metawishlist.com/

脗路 Myprogs – List & find software. http://myprogs.net/


脗路 Bittercyclist – Bicycle accident map & community; map mash-up http://www.bittercyclist.com/

脗路 Chicagocrime – Crime dbase map mash-up. http://www.chicagocrime.org/

脗路 Feedmap – Map your blogs. http://www.feedmap.net/

脗路 Flashearth – Global maps mash-up in flash. http://www.flashearth.com/

脗路 Flickrmap – Map Flickr photos. http://www.flickrmap.com/

脗路 Gchart – Check local time globally. http://www.gchart.com/

脗路 Google Earth* – Global maps. http://earth.google.com/

脗路 Googlemaps – Check local things globally. http://maps.google.com/

脗路 Gvisit – Map your site visitors. http://www.gvisit.com/

脗路 Locallive – Windows maps. http://local.live.com/

脗路 Map builder – Mash-up your own maps. http://www.mapbuilder.net/

脗路 Map24 – Route finder; 3D. http://www.nl.map24.com/

脗路 Mapbuilder – Mash-up your own maps. http://www.mapbuilder.net/

脗路 Mappr – Map Flickr photos per tag. http://www.mappr.com/

脗路 Panoramio – Share mapped photos. http://www.panoramio.com/

脗路 Pervwatch – Perv mash-up. http://www.pervwatch.org/

脗路 Pheromonetrail – Share places & sites & persons. http://www.pheromonetrail.com/

脗路 Placeopedia – Wiki + Google maps mash-up. http://www.placeopedia.com/

脗路 Planiglobe – Create your own map. http://www.planiglobe.com/

脗路 Platial – Co-create atlas & share places. http://platial.com/

脗路 Plazes* – Share locations & discover people. http://www.plazes.com/

脗路 Powermap – Next level Google maps. http://hobbiton.thisside.net/advmap.html/

脗路 Publicloos – Share public toilets. http://paul.kedrosky.com/publicloos/

脗路 Tagzania – Share & map places. http://www.tagzania.com/

脗路 Toeat – Map & share restaurants. http://www.toeat.com/

脗路 Tripmojo – Map & share hotels. http://www.tripmojo.com/

脗路 Vlogmap. Map your vlog. http://www.vlogmap.org/

脗路 Wayfaring – Create & share your maps. http://www.wayfaring.com/

脗路 Web20map – Web 2.0 companies on map mash-up. http://www.fourio.com/web20map/

脗路 Yahoo maps* – Global & local maps & search mash-ups. http://maps.yahoo.com/beta/


脗路 Alexscoupons – Find coupon deals. http://www.alexscoupons.com/

脗路 Attentiontrust – Advertising based on mutual understanding. http://www.attentiontrust.org/

脗路 Cafespot – Social guide to cafes, restaurants, etc. http://www.cafespot.net/

脗路 Coastr – List & share your beers and beer places. http://www.coastr.com/

脗路 Dropcash – Create & manage online fundraiser. http://www.dropcash.com/

脗路 Edgeio – Find classified listings, publish your own. http://www2.edgeio.com/

脗路 Fruitcast – Podcast advertizing network. http://www.fruitcast.com/

脗路 Jigsaw – Subscribe, buy, sell sales contacts. http://www.jigsaw.com/

脗路 Kanoodle – Sponsored links services. http://www.kanoodle.com/

脗路 Knowmore – Consumers unite! http://www.knowmore.org/

脗路 Linklike – Link exchange. http://www.linklike.com/

脗路 My-brand – Manage online advertising online. http://mybrand.ads-click.net/

脗路 Podtrac – Advertise in podcasts. http://www.podtrac.com/

脗路 PSFK – Share trends watched. http://www.psfk.com

脗路 Rbloc – Sell, buy & meet auction market place. http://www.rbloc.com/

脗路 Riffs – Review & recommendation community. http://www.riffs.com/

脗路 Root* – Trading platform for realtime consumer data. http://www.root.net/

脗路 Spotrunner – Recycle, recreate & air tv ads. http://www.spotrunner.com/

脗路 Tagged business directory. http://www.tagdirectory.net

脗路 Tagyu – Tag-based advertizing. http://www.tagyu.com/

脗路 Theadcloud* – Create & tag classified listings. http://www.theadcloud.com/

脗路 Thisplaceiknow – Share places. http://www.thisplaceiknow.com/

脗路 Titlez – Get publishing market data from Amazon. http://www.titlez.com/

脗路 Web marketing 2.0 – Wiki on Marketing 2.0. http://www.webmarketing20.com/

脗路 Wikicompany – Social business directory. http://wikicompany.org/

脗路 Wordofblog – Spread the word for good causes. http://www.wordofblog.net/

脗路 Yellowikis – Social business directory. http://www.yellowikis.org/

脗路 Zoomtags – Tag cloud based affiliate network. http://www.zoomtags.com/

MEMO 2.0

脗路 Bitbomb – Web2sms reminders. http://bitbomb.com/

脗路 Femo – Tag & share memos online. http://femo.nomadscafe.jp/

脗路 Jotcloud – Leave notes on websites. http://www.jotcloud.com/

脗路 Loopnote – Notification webware. http://loopnote.com/

脗路 Mystickies* – Browse, search, sort & edit notes online. http://www.mystickies.com/

脗路 Pianist – Memo manager online. http://pianist.publicbeta.jp/app/

脗路 Reminderfeed – Send reminders to your feed reader. http://www.reminderfeed.com/

脗路 Webnote – Make & share notes. http://www.aypwip.org/webnote/

脗路 Zohoplanner – Create & share memo芒鈧劉s & notes online. http://www.zohoplanner.com/


脗路 360yahoo – Blogging. Tagging. Share Photos. Social Networking: http://360.yahoo.com/ (Submitted by Britta Harting).

脗路 Avidbeauty – Share photos & sounds. http://www.avidbeauty.com/

脗路 Broadsnatch – Share multimedia. http://www.broadsnatch.com/

脗路 Bubbleshare – Phlog, share, add audio captions. http://www.bubbleshare.com/

脗路 Buzznet – Share videos & photos. http://www.buzznet.com/

脗路 Castpost – Upload & share your av clips. http://www.castpost.com/

脗路 Comagz – Cocreate & rate content. http://www.comagz.com/

脗路 Everybit – Share your media. http://www.everybit.com/

脗路 Fireant – Upload & share multimedia. http://www.fireant.tv/

脗路 Glide – Upload & share multimedia. http://glidedigital.com/

脗路 Grouper – Upload, create & share media. http://www.grouper.com/

脗路 Hackoff*** – Book published as blog & podcast. http://www.hackoff.com/

脗路 Junklog – Rate, review & share media. http://junklog.com/

脗路 Kaneva – Digital entertainment marketplace. http://www.kaneva.com/

脗路 LifeLogger – Share audio, video & photos. http://www.lifelogger.com/

脗路 Listal – List & share all your media. http://www.listal.com/

脗路 Livelocker – Link to, rate & share multimedia. http://www.livelocker.com/ (Submitted by Norbert Schuler).

脗路 Loomia – Folksonomied media search. http://www.loomia.com/

脗路 Lulu – Publish & sell your content. http://www.lulu.com/

脗路 Magnoto – Phlog & blog. http://www.magnoto.com/

脗路 MediaMax – Store, manage & share media. https://mediamax.streamload.com/

脗路 Myvideokaraoke – Sing & share your song on video. http://www.myvideokaraoke.com/

脗路 Orb – Stream your media, wherever. http://www.orb.com/

脗路 Phanfare – Upload & share photos & videos. http://www.phanfare.com/

脗路 Picpix – Upload & share photos & videos. http://www.picpix.com/

脗路 Pixpulse – Upload & share photos and videos on your mobile. http://www.pixpulse.com/

脗路 Quizilla – Create & share content. http://quizilla.com/

脗路 Shozu – Upload & share photos, videos & text on your mobile. http://www.shozu.com/

脗路 Songbird – Media player & web browser. http://www.songbirdnest.com/

脗路 Sonr – Track media & media users. http://sonr.net/beta/

脗路 Streamdrive – Upload & share multimedia. http://www.streamdrive.com/

脗路 Streamload – Store & share your media. http://www.sendspace.com/

脗路 Strmz – Clip & share tv & video. http://strmz.jot.com/

脗路 Swagroll – List & share all your media. http://swagroll.com/

脗路 Totoexpress – Hoste, collaborate on, share & deliver content. http://www.totoexpress.com/

脗路 Vidilife – Upload & share media. http://www.vidilife.com/

脗路 Yiibu – Remix, adapt, expand, share & sell content. http://yiibu.com/

NEWS 2.0

脗路 180n. Choose what’s news. http://www.180n.com/

脗路 Backfence – Publish & share community news. http://www.backfence.com/

脗路 Bandnews – Search band news. http://www.bandnews.org/

脗路 Blogniscient. Rank blog articles. http://blogniscient.com/

脗路 Buzzingo – Buzz notifier (Yahoo + Feeling Lucky mash-up). http://www.buzzingo.com/

脗路 Cluckoo – Publish & share local news. http://www.cluckoo.com/

脗路 Crisscross – Comment on & add to news. http://www.crisscross.com/

脗路 Dailymashup – Flickr + Delicious + Yahoo news mash-up. http://dailymashup.com/

脗路 Dailyrotation – Share tech websites’ headlines. http://www.dailyrotation.com/

脗路 Diggdot – Mash-up news sources to your own taste. http://diggdot.us/

脗路 Feedxs~ – Social feed reading. http://www.feedxs.com/

脗路 Findory – Personalize your news. http://www.findory.com/

脗路 Frankenfeed – Aggregate your feeds. http://www.frankenfeed.com/

脗路 Gabbr – Share news. http://www.gabbr.com/

脗路 Hypersuper – Personalize your news. http://www.hypersuper.com/

脗路 Hypetracker – Popular news searches in graphs. http://www.hypetracker.com/

脗路 Infocaster~ – News & other media thru RSS. http://www.infocaster.nl/

脗路 Inform – Social news stories. http://www.inform.com/

脗路 Knownow – Connecting data, apps & people. http://www.knownow.com/

脗路 Leve1 – Share news. http://www.leve1.com/

脗路 Linkedfeed – Folksonomied news. http://www.linkedfeed.com/

脗路 Megite – Discover & help select news. http://www.megite.com/

脗路 Memeorandum – Folksonomied news summaries. http://www.memeorandum.com/

脗路 Newradio – Find & vote for news. http://n.ewradio.co.uk/

脗路 Newsalloy – Discover, read & share news. http://www.newsalloy.com/

脗路 Newsbump – Submit & rank news. http://www.newsbump.net/

脗路 Newsgarbage – Post, moderate & controle news. http://www.newsgarbage.com/

脗路 Newsvine – Read, write & discuss news. http://www.newsvine.com/

脗路 Newzingo – News tag cloud; Google News mash-up. http://newzingo.com/

脗路 Nowpublic – Share, submit & revenue share news content. http://www.nowpublic.com/

脗路 Nulltag – News tag clouds. http://www.nulltag.com/

脗路 On2go – News & alerts on your mobile. http://www.on2go.com/

脗路 Pegasusnews – Neighborhood news, customized. http://pegasusnews.typepad.com/homepage/

脗路 Reddit – Submit, rate & rank news. http://reddit.com/

脗路 Rojo – Discover, organize, read & share content. http://www.rojo.com/

脗路 Sabifoo – Read & publish news through messenger. http://www.sabifoo.com/

脗路 Scoopgo – Personalized news agents. http://www.scoopgo.com/

脗路 Shoutwire – Rank & share news. http://www.shoutwire.com/

脗路 Slashdigg – Slashdot + Digg mash-up. http://www.slashdigg.com/

脗路 Sponit – Publish & share funny news. http://sponit.com/

脗路 Squeet – Receive News, Blogs, RSS or feeds in your email. http://www.squeet.com/

脗路 Stockdigg – Read, submit & rank financial news. http://www.stockdigg.com/

脗路 Strategicboard – Share tech news. http://www.strategicboard.com/

脗路 Tailrank – Read news (ranking through algorithm). http://www.tailrank.com/

脗路 Theport – Create & host your own news aggregator. http://www.theport.com/

脗路 Topix – Share & discuss news. http://www.topix.net/

脗路 Wordnews – News tagged in Times. http://www.typedown.com/external-01/news/yahoo-wordnews.php

脗路 Yahoo Tag Soup – News tag cloud; Yahoo News mash-up. http://yahoo.theherrens.com/


脗路 Agatra – Web-based password saving. https://www.agatra.com/

脗路 Avvenu – Remote access to your computer. http://www.avvenu.com/

脗路 Eyeos – Virtual office operating system. http://www.eyeos.org/

脗路 Mywebdesktop – Personal & collaborative desktop functions. http://www.mywebdesktop.net/

脗路 Thinkfree – Web based office suite. http://online.thinkfree.com/

脗路 Zohovirtualoffice – Online office suite. http://www.zoho.com/virtual-office/

OS 2.0

脗路 Xin – Online OS for Ajax serverapps. http://www.naltabyte.se


脗路 Plaxo – Contact synchronizer. http://www.plaxo.com/


脗路 Ogle – Capture, re-use & 3D print 3D data. http://ogle.eyebeamresearch.org/


脗路 Contentvote – Add voting to your blog content. http://www.contentvote.com/

脗路 Dpolls – Create, vote for & search polls. http://www.dpolls.com/

脗路 Polloo – Polls about happiness. http://www.polloo.com/

脗路 Pollplaza~ – Collective polling. http://www.pollplaza.nl/

脗路 Quimble – Create, vote for & search polls. http://www.quimble.com/

脗路 Rateitall – Rate & share opinions on everything. http://www.rateitall.com/

脗路 Zohochallenge – Collective polling. http://www.zohochallenge.com/

PORN 2.0

脗路 Eonsex – Porn search. http://www.eonsex.com/

脗路 Juxel – Tag interfaced porn. http://www.juxel.com/

脗路 Pornalicious – Social porn bookmarking. http://www.porn-a-licious.com/

脗路 Savemyporn – Adult search. http://www.savemyporn.com/

脗路 Webgoggles. Adult search. http://www.webgoggles.com/


脗路 24eyes – Personal portal. http://www.24eyes.com/

脗路 Browsr – Social directory. http://www.bloxor.com/

脗路 Eskobo – Personal portal. http://www.eskobo.com/

脗路 Favoor – Personal portal. http://www.favoor.com/

脗路 Feedication – Personal portal. http://www.feedication.com/

脗路 Feedpile – Store & share feeds & links. http://feedpile.com/

脗路 Feedtv – Feed portal. http://www.feedfeeds.com/

脗路 Fold – Personal portal. http://www.fold.com/

脗路 Fyuze – Feed portal. http://www.fyuze.com/

脗路 Google IG* – Personal portal. http://www.google.com/ig

脗路 GoogleIG – Personal portal. http://www.google.com/ig

脗路 Googlemodules – Lists modules for personal Google homepage. http://www.googlemodules.com/

脗路 Goowy* – Personal portal (desktop & browser versions). http://webserver002.goowy.com/

脗路 Gritwire – Personal portal. http://www.gritwire.com/

脗路 Inbox – Personal portal. http://www.inbox.com/

脗路 Itsastart – Personal portal. http://www.itsastart.com/

脗路 Klipfolio – Personal portal. http://www.serence.com/

脗路 Mobileglu – Web services to your mobile. http://www.mobileglu.com/

脗路 Netvibes* – Personal portal. http://www.netvibes.com/

脗路 Pageflakes – Personal portal. http://www.pageflakes.com/

脗路 Pobb – Personal portal. http://www.pobb.net/

脗路 Protopage – Personal portal. http://www.protopage.com/

脗路 Pushy*~ – Personal portal; also mobile. http://www.pushy.com

脗路 Start – Personal portal. http://www.start.com/

脗路 Superglu – Delicious/Flickr/Blogger/Etc mash-up. http://www.suprglu.com/

脗路 Windowslive – Personal portal. http://www.live.com/

脗路 Wrickr – Personal portal. http://www.wrickr.com/


脗路 Thumbstack – Make & share presentations online. http://www.thumbstacks.com/


脗路 Airset – Manage & share calendars, contacts, groups. http://www.airset.com/

脗路 Basecamp – Manage your projects. http://www.basecamphq.com/

脗路 Centraldesktop – Group project management. http://www.centraldesktop.com/

脗路 Citadel* – Communicate & share in groups. http://www.citadel.org/

脗路 Dotproject – Open source project management tools. http://www.dotproject.net/

脗路 Gootodo – Online to-do service http://gootodo.com/

脗路 Harvest – Timesheets & reports. http://www.getharvest.com/

脗路 Inventiondb – Create & share online project space. http://www.inventiondb.com/

脗路 Ioutliner – Manage tasks & projects. http://www.ioutliner.com/

脗路 Issuetrackerproduct – Track & manage bugs & other issues. http://www.issuetrackerproduct.com/

脗路 Keepmytime – Web-based timekeeping. http://www.keepmytime.com/

脗路 Near-time. Share resources & collaborate. http://www.near-time.net/

脗路 Projectplace – Run & co-ordinate projects. http://www.projectplace.com/

脗路 Projectspaces – Work together. http://www.forumone.com/section/services/projectspaces/

脗路 Taskfreak – Task manager online. http://www.taskfreak.com/

脗路 Taskspro – Group task manager. http://www.taskspro.com/

脗路 Veetro – Create & share online project space. http://www.veetro.com/

脗路 Webcollaborator – Collaborate online. http://www.webcollaborator.com/

脗路 Zohoplanner – Create & share memo芒鈧劉s & notes online. http://www.zohoplanner.com/


脗路 Blogprinting – Publish, print & sell it. http://www.blogprinting.com/

脗路 Picaboo – Print photo book on demand. http://www.picaboo.com/

READ 2.0

脗路 Chainreading – List, review & recommend books. http://www.chainreading.com/

RSS 2.0

脗路 Alesti – Feed reader. http://www.alesti.org/

脗路 Almondrocks – Share feeds. http://www.almondrocks.com/

脗路 Beanrocket – News reader. http://www.beanrocket.com/

脗路 Blogbridge – Feed reader. http://www.blogbridge.com/

脗路 Blogexpress – Feed reader. http://www.usablelabs.com/productBlogExpress.html

脗路 Bloglet 芒鈧 email syndication of RSS news feeds. http://www.bloglet.com/

脗路 Bloglines – Feed reader. http://www.bloglines.com/

脗路 Evolvepoint – Create, track or find feeds. http://www.evolvepoint.com/

脗路 FeedBlitz 芒鈧 email syndication of RSS news feeds. http://www.feedblitz.com/

脗路 Feedblender – Feed reader. http://www.feeddigest.com/

脗路 Feedburner – Manage your rss & podcast feeds. http://www.feedburner.com/

脗路 Feedbutler – Social feed reader. http://www.feedbutler.com/

脗路 Feedcraft – Create, manage, deliver & track feeds. http://www.feedcraft.com/

脗路 Feeddigest – Mix, filter & republish or syndicate feeds on your website. http://www.feeddigest.com/

脗路 Feedfeeds – RSS reader (Ajax) http://www.feedfeeds.com/

脗路 Feedlounge – Feed reader. http://www.feedlounge.com/

脗路 Feedpath – Social feed reader. http://feedpath.com/feedreader/

脗路 Feedping – Submit your feed to major directories. www.yoursite.com

脗路 Feedxs~ – Create personal feeds (without website), submit thru messenger. http://www.feedxs.com/

脗路 Googlereader – Feed reader. http://www.google.com/reader/

脗路 Gregarius – Feed reader. http://gregarius.net/

脗路 Immediat – Messenger notifications of feeds. http://immedi.at/

脗路 Instantfeed – Messenger notifications of feeds. http://instantfeed.biggu.com/

脗路 Newsgator – RSS aggregation platform. http://www.newsgator.com/

脗路 Nooked – Manage & commercialize your feeds. http://www.nooked.com/

脗路 Odiogo – Convert feeds to speech. http://www.odiogo.com/

脗路 Omea – Manage & enhance your feeds. http://www.jetbrains.com/omea/reader/

脗路 Peoplefeeds – Aggregate personal content. http://www.peoplefeeds.com/

脗路 Podbasket – Converts audio into feeds. http://www.podbasket.com/

脗路 Rapidfeeds – Publish feeds without tech know-how. http://www.rapidfeeds.com/

脗路 RSS2PDF – Convert feeds to PDF. http://rss2pdf.com/

脗路 RSSbandit – Feed reader. http://www.rssbandit.org/

脗路 RSShut – Read & search feeds. http://www.rsshut.com/

脗路 RSSmad – Feed reader & archive. http://www.rssmad.com/

脗路 RSSor – Collect, read & share feeds. http://rssor.utblog.com/

脗路 RSSreader – Feed reader. http://www.rssreader.com/

脗路 TinytinyRSS – Feed reader. http://tt-rss.spb.ru/trac/


脗路 Buddyping – Find friends & events locally (map mash-up). http://www.buddyping.com/

脗路 Goovite – Invite people. http://www.goovite.com/

脗路 Kiko – Onlin calendar. http://www.kiko.com/

脗路 Meetwithapproval – Organize & manage meetings. http://www.meetwithapproval.com/

脗路 Zvents – Organize & manage events. http://www.zvents.com/


脗路 1000tags – Tag cloud based search. http://1000tags.com/

脗路 Ajaxwhois – Results while you type. http://www.ajaxwhois.com/

脗路 Alexa – Contribute to ranked search & stats while you surf. http://www.alexa.com/

脗路 Ambedo – Bookmark, tag & search. http://www.ambedo.com/

脗路 Audioclipping – Search content of audio & video streams. http://www.audioclipping.de/

脗路 Bashr – Wikipedia, Flickr & Delicious mash-up. http://www.bashr.com/

脗路 Blogdigger – Search blogs. http://www.blogdigger.com/

脗路 Blogpulse – Search blogs. http://www.blogpulse.com/

脗路 Blue – Find & share. https://www.blue.us/

脗路 Browster – Search & browse instantly. http://www.browster.com/

脗路 Clusty – Cluster results in folders. http://clusty.com/

脗路 Collaborativerank – Search & rank. http://collabrank.org/

脗路 Dhoondo – Search all content on the web. http://www.dhoondho.com/

脗路 Digitalmediasearch – Search media. http://www.moworks.ca/search.aspx

脗路 Dipsie – Deep search. http://www.dipsie.com/

脗路 Ditto – Search images. http://ditto.com/

脗路 Domainsbot – Domain searcg & suggestions. http://www.domainsbot.com/

脗路 Doubletrust – Google + Yahoo mash-up. http://sushil01.securesites.net/~ashish/doubletrust/

脗路 Egosurf – Search yourself, get ranking. http://www.egosurf.org/

脗路 Exalead – Unified search technology. http://www.exalead.com/

脗路 Factbites – Search results in sensible sentences. http://www.factbites.com/

脗路 Feedster – Search for feeds. http://www.feedster.com/

脗路 Filangy – Current search. http://www.filangy.com/

脗路 Gadabe* – RSS metasearch. http://www.gada.be/

脗路 Gahooyoogle – Google + Yahoo mash-up. http://www.gahooyoogle.com/

脗路 Geourl – Location 2 URL directory. http://geourl.org/

脗路 Google* – Search & adwords. http://www.google.com

脗路 Googleblogsearch – Search blogs. http://www.google.com/blogsearch

脗路 Gravee – Searches sites & blogs; fair rev share on ads. http://www.gravee.com/

脗路 Hakia – Meaningful results. http://www.hakia.com/

脗路 Healthline – Contextual search for health information. http://www.healthline.com/

脗路 Iamsearched – Are you googled-notification service. http://www.iamsearched.com/

脗路 Ibegin – Local search. http://ibegin.com/

脗路 Icerocket – Search blogs & web. http://www.icerocket.com/

脗路 Instantdomainsearch – Ajax domain search + suggestions. http://instantdomainsearch.com/

脗路 Jookster – Search, rank & share. http://www.jookster.com/

脗路 Kinja – Search blogs. http://www.kinja.com/

脗路 Kosmix – Verticle search. http://www.kosmix.com/

脗路 Kratia – Search, vote & rank results. http://www.kratia.com/

脗路 Lexxe – Meaningful search. http://www.lexxe.com/

脗路 Linkput – Results with suer input. http://www.linkput.com/

脗路 Liveplasma* – Search & find other things to your taste. http://www.liveplasma.com/

脗路 Lumrix -Ajax wiki search. http://wiki.lumrix.net/

脗路 Makidi – Search for people (?). http://www.makidi.com/

脗路 Musicmap – Search & find other things to your taste. http://www.dimvision.com/musicmap/

脗路 Mybigriver – Find while you type; Amazon mash-up. – http://www.mybigriver.com/

脗路 Nextaris – Social search. http://www.nextaris.com/

脗路 Omgili – Search discussion forums. http://www.omgili.com/

脗路 OPMLsearch – Dedicated OPML search. http://www.opmlsearch.com/

脗路 Podzinger – Search podcasts. http://www.opmlsearch.com/

脗路 Prase us – Page rank based search. http://www.prase.us/

脗路 Prefound – Search what people already found. http://www.prefound.com/

脗路 Previewseek*** – Byebye Google? http://beta.previewseek.com/

脗路 Pubsub – Search + profiled alerts. http://www.pubsub.com/

脗路 Qtsaver – Micro content search; Google & Yahoo mash-ups http://qtsaver.com/

脗路 Qtsearch – Search for content in Yahoo & Google. http://www.qtsaver.com/

脗路 Qube – Search engine aggregator (client). http://qube.qelix.com/

脗路 Quintura – Search engine with visualized context terms (client). http://qube.qelix.com/

脗路 Qwerky – Search strange site names. http://qwerky.stellify.net/

脗路 Qwika – Search wikis. http://www.qwika.com/

脗路 Releton – Google + Yahoo + maps & routes. http://www.releton.com/

脗路 Retrievr* – Search images by sketching. http://labs.systemone.at/retrievr/

脗路 Riya* – Face recognition based photo search. http://riya.com/

脗路 Rollyo* – Create search agents. http://rollyo.com/

脗路 Seekum – User ranked search results. http://www.seekum.com/

脗路 Suckingfish – Save, collaborate on & publish search results. http://suckingfish.com/

脗路 Surfwax – Multisource search. http://www.surfwax.com/

脗路 Swicki – Search with user input. http://www.swicki.eurekster.com/

脗路 Tagnautica – Search Flickr. http://www.quasimondo.com/tagnautica.php

脗路 Talkdigger – Search & discuss results from blogs & web. http://www.talkdigger.com/

脗路 Technorati* – Find what people are saying. http://www.technorati.com/

脗路 Watvindenwijover~ – Find & vote for information. http://watvindenwijover.nl/

脗路 Who-isit – Whois, ping, check link popularity http://whois-it.com/

脗路 Whonu – Discover/search content (more) intuitively. http://www.whonu.com/

脗路 Wikimatrix – Find & compare your wikis. http://www.wikimatrix.org/

脗路 Wink – Folksonomied search. http://www.wink.com/

脗路 Yellowbook – Yellow pages aggregator. http://www.yellowbook.com/

脗路 Yoono – Search, exchange & share information. http://www.yoono.com/

脗路 Yubnub* – Search & share search commands. http://www.yubnub.org/

脗路 Zigtag – Search, save & share results. http://www.zigtag.com/


脗路 301url – Shorten your url. http://www.301url.com/

脗路 37signals* – Basecamp, Backpack, Writeboard, Ta-da List. http://www.37signals.com/

脗路 Abaqueinside – Catalogue ware. http://www.abaqueinside.com/

脗路Ajax- Mozilla developer community. http://developer.mozilla.org/en/docs/AJAX

脗路 Ajaxpaterns – Ajax developers portal. http://ajaxpatterns.org/

脗路 Ajaxshowcase – Aggregates Ajax applications. http://www.ajaxshowcase.com/

脗路 Ataja – Shorten your url. http://www.ataja.es/

脗路 B2evolution – Open source blog engine. http://www.b2evolution.net/

脗路 Backbase* – Ajax applications. http://www.backbase.com/

脗路 Bluepulse – Internet 2 cell phone. http://bluepulse.com/

脗路 Codase – Search for & share code. http://www.codase.com/

脗路 Cordance – Dataweb technologies. http://www.cordance.net/

脗路 Cyberdummy – Share code. http://www.cyberdummy.co.uk/

脗路 Django – Python apps. http://www.djangoproject.com/

脗路 Dojo – Share JS tools. http://www.dojotoolkit.org/

脗路 Easyutil – Api for recommendations. http://www.easyutil.com/

脗路 Elfurl – Make long url’s short. http://elfurl.com/

脗路 Krugle – Search open source software. http://www.krugle.com/

脗路 Mendix*~ – Semantic application development http://www.mendix.com

脗路Meta – Forum software inc. tags & ranking. http://www.blursoft.com/meta/

脗路 Mochikit – Suite of JS libraries. http://www.mochikit.com/

脗路 Montastic – Monitor your website. http://www.montastic.com/

脗路 Mozilla – Browser add-ons & mash-ups. https://addons.mozilla.org/

脗路 Ning – Create social apps. http://www.ning.com/

脗路 Notlong – Shorten your url. http://notlong.com/

脗路 Openrico – Open source Java library. http://www.openrico.org/

脗路 Oszone – Share code. http://oszone.org/

脗路 Plogger – Open source photo gallery system. http://www.plogger.org/

脗路 Processing – Share code for imaging, animations, sound. http://www.processing.org/

脗路 Qooxdoo – javascript GUI toolkit. http://qooxdoo.oss.schlund.de/

脗路 Radrails – Develop Ruby on Rails apps. http://www.radrails.org/

脗路 Rubyonrails* – Web development framework. http://www.rubyonrails.com/

脗路 Scriptacilous – Javascript libraries 2.0 style. http://script.aculo.us/

脗路 Sitevista – Test your website. http://www.sitevista.com/

脗路 Swik – Search for open source software. http://swik.net/

脗路 Textsnippets – Share code. http://www.textsnippets.com/

脗路 Urlx – Shorten your URL. http://www.urlx.org/

脗路 Visualcomplexity – Visualize complexity. http://www.visualcomplexity.com/vc/about.html

脗路 Vivox – Solutions for communities, communications, games. http://www.vivox.com/

脗路 Weborb – Build, deploy & host rich client apps. http://www.themidnightcoders.com/

脗路 Webripper – Rip files from sites. http://webripper.dnsalias.com/

脗路 Wordcast – Host, manage, measure & monetize podcasting. http://wordcast.audible.com/wordcast/

脗路 Wsfinder – Search APIs and web services. http://wsfinder.jot.com/

脗路 Yahoo developer network – Javascript developer center. http://developer.yahoo.net/javascript/

脗路 Zoho creator – Create & share applications. http://www.zoho.com/


脗路 Blogbeat – Blog analytics software. http://www.blogbeat.net/

脗路 Crazyegg – Improve effectiveness of your site. http://crazyegg.com/

脗路 Delineate – Folksonomied visitor stats. http://www.delineateit.com/

脗路 Googleanalytics – Site analytics software. http://www.delineateit.com/

脗路 Mapstats – Map blog traffic. http://mapstats.blogflux.com/

脗路 Mint – Site analytics software. http://www.haveamint.com/

脗路 Mybloglog – Blog analytics. http://www.mybloglog.com/


脗路 30daytags – Fresh tagclouds. http://www.30daytags.com/

脗路 Cloudalicious – Follow site’s tags over time. http://cloudalicio.us/

脗路 Groopus – Visualize your social context based on tags. http://groop.us/

脗路 Neato -Tagging plug-in for WordPress. http://www.neato.co.nz/

脗路 Tagcloud – Folksonomied, personalized tag clouds. http://www.tagcloud.com/

脗路 Tagfacts – Tag & share your notes. http://www.tagfacts.com/

脗路 Tagsy – Social bookmarking & feed management. http://www.tagsy.com/

脗路 Zoomclouds – Make & publish tag clouds. http://www.zoomclouds.com/


脗路 9Rememberthemilk – Manage tasks, together. http://www.rememberthemilk.com/

脗路 Myticklerfile – Manage your and others’ tasks. http://www.myticklerfile.com/

脗路 Sproutliner – Manage your tasks. http://sproutliner.com/

脗路 Timetracker – Keep track of time. http://www.formassembly.com/time-tracker/

脗路 Trackslife – Manage & share your to do-lists. http://www.trackslife.com/

TEXT 2.0

脗路 Bbbuddy – Organize, store, edit & share your texts. http://www.bbbuddy.com/

脗路 Bibli – Publish & share texts. http://www.bibli.ca/

脗路 Citeulike – Store, share, manage academic papers. http://www.citeulike.org/

脗路 Cluebacca – Storing & organizing text clips. http://www.cluebacca.com/

脗路 Glypho – Read & write books together. http://www.glypho.com/

脗路 Ilovetravelstories – Publish or bookmark & rank travel stories. http://www.ilovetravelstories.com/

脗路 Livejournal – Blogging solution & social software. http://www.livejournal.com/

脗路 Reader2 – Share reading lists. http://reader2.com/

脗路 Readitswapit – Swap books. http://www.readitswapit.co.uk/

脗路 Sharingpoint – Publish, link to & share health information. http://www.sharingpoint.net/

脗路 Wikipedia* – Read & co-edit encyclopedia. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/

脗路 Wikitravel – Read & co-edit travel guide. http://wikitravel.org/en/

脗路 Wisdomark – Collaborate on publishing & sharing stories. http://wisdomark.com/

脗路 World66 – Read & co-edit travel guide. http://www.world66.com/


脗路 Readspeaker – Text2speech app. http://www.readspeaker.com/

脗路 Springdoo – Add your voice to your email. http://www.springdoo.com/


脗路 TikTrac – Time management. http://tiktrac.com/


脗路 Packagemapper – Track your package on a map. http://packagemapper.com/


脗路 Adultswim – Episode previews, games, community. http://www.adultswim.com/

脗路 Ajaxilicious – Share your movies thru RSS. http://movies.ajaxilicious.be/

脗路 Blinkx – Personalized epg. http://searchus.blinkx.com

脗路 Broadbandsports – Upload & share sports videos. http://www.broadbandsports.com/

脗路 Clipshack – Upload & send video. http://www.clipshack.com/

脗路 Dailymotion – Upload & share videos. http://www.dailymotion.com/

脗路 Evoketv – Localized epg (ajax). http://www.evoketv.com/

脗路 Getdemocracy – Watch or make tv. http://www.getdemocracy.com/

脗路 Mefeedia – Videoblog search. http://www.mefeedia.com/

脗路 Mightyv – Web based tv search & epg (UK). http://www.mightyv.com/

脗路 Openvlog – Upload & record video. http://www.openvlog.com/

脗路 Pooxi – Upload & (revenue) share video. http://www.pooxi.com/

脗路 Theunseenvideo – Video & weather mash-up animation. http://www.theunseenvideo.com/

脗路 Truveo – Ranked video search. http://www.truveo.com/

脗路 Turnhere – Upload & share video (local). http://www.turnhere.com/

脗路 Veoh – Upload & share videos. http://www.veoh.com/

脗路 Videobomb – Submit & vote for video links. http://videobomb.com/

脗路 Videoegg – Capture, edit & publish video. http://www.videoegg.com/

脗路 Vimeo – Upload & share video. http://www.vimeo.com/

脗路 Vsocial – Upload, rank & share video. http://www.vsocial.com/

脗路 Woomu – Submit, vote for & rank videos. http://www.woomu.com/

脗路 Yashi – Upload & share video. http://www.yashi.com/

脗路 Youtube* – Upload & share video. http://www.youtube.com/

脗路 Zippyvideos – Upload & share video. http://www.zippyvideos.com/


脗路 Spinvox – From voice to text to mobile or email. http://www.spinvox.com/


脗路 Yackpack – Group voicemail. http://www.yackpack.com/


脗路 Feed43 – Web page & blog 2 rss. http://feed43.com/

脗路 Feedtier – Web page & blog 2 rss. http://feedtier.somee.com/

WI-FI 2.0

脗路 Fon – Share, buy, sell wi-fi connections. www.fon.com

WIKI 2.0

脗路 Epictrip – Multimedia travel wiki. http://www.epictrip.com/

脗路 Foopad – Create your own wiki. http://www.foopad.com/

脗路 Schtuff – Wiki service. http://www.schtuff.com/

脗路 Serversidewiki – Mini-wiki. http://www.serversidewiki.com/

脗路 Socialtext – Enterprise wiki solutions. http://www.socialtext.com/

脗路 Stikipad – Wiki solution. http://www.stikipad.com/

脗路 Wikispaces – Collaborative content & editing. http://www.wikispaces.org/


脗路 8by1 – Share your wish. http://www.8by1.com/

脗路 Giftornot – Get ideas for gifts (Amazon mash-up). http://www.giftornot.com/

WORD 2.0

脗路 Barewiki – Make a wiki in seconds. http://barewiki.com/

脗路 Fckeditor – Web based word processor. http://www.fckeditor.net/

脗路 Formassembly – Create, host & manage forms. http://www.formassembly.com/

脗路 Goffice – Web based word processing. http://www.goffice.com/

脗路 Ijot – Write, manage, publcish share text files. http://www.ijot.net/

脗路 Inetword – Web based word processing. http://www.inetword.com/

脗路 Jotform – Make your Ajax webforms. http://www.jotform.com/

脗路 Litespellchecker – Check spelling as you type. http://me.eae.net/stuff/litespellchecker/litedemo.html

脗路 Nativetext – Translates rss in foreign languages. http://www.nativetext.com/

脗路 Orangoo – Spelling checker. http://www.orangoo.com/spell/

脗路 Pbwiki – Make a wiki. http://pbwiki.com/

脗路 Synchroedit – Group editor. http://www.synchroedit.com/

脗路 Wideword – Collaborative word processing. https://www.wideword.net/

脗路 Wideword – Create & share documents online. https://wideword.net/

脗路 Writeboard* – Write, share, revise & compare documents. http://writeboard.com/

脗路 Writely – Store, edit & share documents. http://www.writely.com

脗路 Zohowriter – Online word processor. http://www.zohowriter.com


脗路 Bigoven – Publish & share recipes. http://www.bigoven.com/

脗路 Extratasty – publish & share drink recipes. http://www.extratasty.com/

脗路 Travbuddy – Submit & share travel stories. http://www.travbuddy.com/


脗路 VenturFundr – Online self-serve Venture firm http://www.venturfundr.com

脗路 Capitool – Vertical search engine for VC firms & entrepeneurs http://www.capitool.us

脗路 VCDiggz – Community based deal sourcing firm http://www.vcdiggz.com

脗路 Investle – Community based investment decision making http://www.investle.com

脗路 Fundamentalee – Due diligence portal http://www.fundamentalee.com

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