Mobile Web 2.0 Application

Today I created my first Mobile Web 2.0 application for my Nokia phone.

I used WidSets to create an Mobile RSS Reader for the CScout TrendBlog and it is working perfectly.
The layout and the usability of the Java-Application is very nice and really up to date. This will be the future of Mobile Applications….

Just try out our Mobile RSS Reader here.

WidSets CScout RSS Reader

Here are some more Infos about WidSets:

How often have you wished you could stay in touch with your web communities, when you’re on the move, through your mobile phone? Wouldn’t you want to stay on top of things all the time and know what your friends are doing, where they’re going, what they’re thinking of, or what they have to say about your thoughts and ideas? Wouldn’t it be great to communicate with them and stay in touch with them just as if they were right next to you?

Well, now it’s possible.

With WidSets you can do all that – and more. You can get traffic alerts, news, blogs, gossip, restaurant reviews, weather reports and loads of other stuff that you would normally get through a web service. And if you can’t find web services you’re interested in, we provide you with tools that you can use to create your own services and access them directly from your mobile. And it’s so easy, you’ll be able to do it without breaking a sweat.

In fact, WidSets is so hassle free that there is no need for you to click from site to site, refresh, or browse in search for what you want – the information is updated to your mobile automatically. Our goal is to make this service available to everyone, and make it so simple that even your goldfish won’t have a problem getting started. Since we don’t know your goldfish personally, we can’t really promise this. But we can definitely promise we’ll do our very best to make it work as effortlessly as possible.

The service is very affordable, considering it’s totally FREE. You can use it as much as you want, create as much as you want, and share with others to the point that you can’t share anymore.

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