Review TrendLab 2006

TrendLab 2006 CScout Global Trend View
TrendLab 2006 CScout Global Trend View
TrendLab 2006 CScout Global Trend View

In the last three weeks we have been busy presenting our “Global Trend View” on the TrendLab 2006. The event hosted by Vok Dams took place in Wuppertal, Hamburg and Munich.

All together there have been over 300 people attending the conferences. Participants learned more about “Mixed Tapes” by Daimler Chrysler, “Businesss in China” by Vok Dams China and about the Red Bull AirRace.

Furthermore participants could experience the “Global Trend View”, an interactive application to watch and rate trends developed by CScout. The application was presented on a couple of brand new iMac’s, which was definetely one of the visual highlights of the event.
Many thanks to Apple Computer and HSD Consult for providing the iMac’s. 🙂

CScout presented five key-trends from Korea, China, USA and Europe. Short Videos visualized the trends, each explained by one of our local Trend-Scouts. After watching the short videos the participants rated each trend and could see the final results of the rating.

Here are the trends we presented:
– Social Networking
– Consumer Generated Media
– Web 2.0
– China’s way to the olymp
– Green Revolution

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