How Many are Blogging – and Why?

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Today I found this interesting study about Blogging:
How Many are Blogging – and Why?

Blogs have become one of the key mediums for word of mouth. The Pew Internet & American Life Project released new data recently that offers a snapshot of the blogosophere as of April 2006. Among the key findings:

* 8% of consumers (12 million US adults) keep a blog, up from 7% last year.

* 39% of consumers (57 million US adults) read blogs, up from 27% last year.

When asked why they blog, the number one reason given (77%) was “to express themselves creatively”. Other reasons included: 76% to “document personal experiences”, 59% to “stay in touch with friends and family”.

Learn more:
PEW Internet – Report “Blogging”

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