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Back in Munich I wrote an article about “The World of Soccer and Sand” on the Live-Marketing-Blog.

Here is the article:

As sand goes by …

Beachevents and sandsculptures seemed to be one of the more foppish trends in the last year, with nearly every barkeeper poking out grains of sand from his drinks on a palm tree-contaminated beach. But there is more behind entrepreneurs, who suddenly like to find a dozen tons of white Sahara-sand in their office-reception. The sand as a marketing instrument offers nothing less than an always positively occupied instrument and symbol for all kinds of viral-marketing and pleasure-intruding guerilla-tactics as well as acceptance by conservative firms with their CEOs reminded of their last Barbados-trip.
Sandevents in Berlin

In 2006 especially sandsculptures have been the big thing. At FIFA Fan Fest in Berlin during the Soccer World Cup, nine Million People visited the huge and sassy statues at the WORLD OF SOCCER AND SAND, build by young but famous sand artists, and learned, that not only life could be a beach, but the beach – especially if it goes vertically – can be an always astounding instrument to attract attention and open peoples mind for the vital aspects of existence. In Berlin it was the Munich based Sandevents that organized one of the biggest sand-moving events in Europe.

Sandevents in Berlin

Sandevents established three years ago as a special service provider with a focus on extremely high quality products and results. As you have to know: sand is not equal to sand. The organisation team uses the legendary Sahara-sand – ultra-fine and white as Peruvian flakes. They also put palm trees and Asian bamboo wherever you want, even on the top of parking decks in winter and invoke an ecological argument, as it’s a fast growing oxygen producing resource.

Looking at different so called beach clubs this summer, we could also learn, that it is not enough to drop the sand and put some third-world-looking canvas chairs on it. Sand marketing needs more: a felicitous beach architecture, with much water for example. You need dust free sand, to avoid contamination of drinks and food during catering. That is a problem for many freshmen in the sand-circus.

Sandevents in Berlin

Including all of this, it seems to be a must to revert to the experiences of a big player as Sandevents in the sand-business, if you want to give Sand-Marketing a chance. But you need not order an ordinary beach club for next year. The trend goes much further. Next thing will be viral marketing with sand-sculptures placed in the cities, in parks, at film-events or just at the shopping center nearby, as successfully tested by Sandevents recently. There will be corporate beaches, winter-beaches within futuristic tents, Beach-Branding and also team trainings at the top of a ten meters high sand sculpture. If you fall, you may land near your drink …

What’s new?
– Whitest and finest certified sand can be provided in Europe.
– First professional and high quality service provider for Sand-Marketing are emerging and stepping into a creative marketing niche.

How does this effect Live Marketing?
– Event decoration and mobile beachclubs can be used to create a unique atmosphere.
– Guerilla- and eventmarketing with sandsculptures will provide a special highlight for your event.



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