Trend Slam in Munich

We will host the first Trend Slam in Munich.

This will be a great and exciting event.
We are also integrated on the Media Days Website as a event within the whole conference:

Confirmed Speakers are:
* Dr. Horst Stipp, Senior Vice President, Primary and Strategic Research NBC Universal, New York.
* Stefan Jenzowsky, Vice President COM Strategy & Head of Business Innovation, Siemens.
* Jürgen Habichler, Senior Associate, Atlas Venture.
* Felix Petersen, Co-Founder, Plazes
* Rene Baisch, Founder & Director Business Development, Sofatronic.
* Alex Albrecht, Electronic Sports League (ESL).
* Christoph Santner, Weimarer Visionen, The Future Kitchen.
* Ilaria Forte, Philippe Souidi and Monty Metzger, CScout.

So – see you soon.

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