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The eCommerce Guide wrote an article about Josefine’s work on our TrendBlog.

This week in e-commerce news, marketing consultants say a new trend — online team-buying — is emerging, a free storefront solution debuts, and researchers say video game sales spiked Internet sales for the second quarter. Plus, a search-shopping site that can help increase sales for those with back-to-school gear.

Josefine Koehn of CScout, a market research agency that specializes in spotting trends before they hit the mainstream, is citing online team-buying as a new development to watch. Team-buying, in which shoppers form collectives large enough to become eligible for group discounts, or in some cases demand them, first started in China where it’s called “tuangou,” according to Koehn, but now has caught on worldwide. As a result, sites, mostly in beta, are springing up to meet their needs.

Link: http://www.ecommerce-guide.com/news/news/article.php/3693541

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