Review World Economic Forum 2008, Davos

The World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos was a great experience.
I had the chance to be at the event for a couple of days.
World Economic Forum Davos, Hotel Belvedere

Robert Scoble was one of the official Bloggers and reported via his Blog during the whole event. He wrote about professional Namedropping at Davos and give an overview of his video-interviews.

Due to the fact, that the village is so small, you just bumb into very interesting people all the time. Here is my turn on “Davos Namedropping”:
Monty with Chad Hurley, YouTube Founder
I had great talks with Chad Hurley– Founder YouTube (See picture), Anne Wojcicki – co-founder 23andme, Shai Agassi – Founder of Project Better Place, Jacek Olechowski, John Osborn – CEO BBDO, Fernando Nilo, Joseph Kim – CEO VGX Pharmaceuticals, Neal Goldman – MD Uhuru.com, Rodrigo Baggio, Dr. Scannavino Netto, John Bryant, Fabio Bibancos, Kay Oberbeck – Google, Adam Bird – Senior VP Booz Allen Hamilton, Matthew Bishop – The Economist, Johann Koss – Right to Play, Lucas Pescarmona, Michael Wetzel – DW, Robert Walsh – LS9, Prof. Penninger and Keith Schwab – Cornell University.

The main issue for the attendees was “Is there a Recession?”. I like how Jeff Jarvis described it: “the Piano Bar index: It was said to be less crowded this year than in the past. Uh-oh, downturn. I’d characterize the mood as wishfully optimistic — they all wished to be optimistic.”

You can also watch the attendees of the WEF via the video-platform “Davos Conversation” at http://www.youtube.com/davos.
Here is Sergey Brin, Founder of Google, for example.

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