Share Economy

How open is our economy? Are you willing to share information online? Is Social Media really important for the internet users?

Here are some interesting facts recently published by ShareThis and Forrester.

  • Email is still primary channel for sharing – 69% of adults cite email as the primary source of sharing information.
  • Less than 1/3 of online adults said they learned about the new content from generally shared content sources such as YouTube, a wiki, or social networking sites.
  • 84% of people still use the traditional cut and paste method to share a URL or information
    Though the primary motivation for sharing differs, 81% of adults claim that they share to help others – believing that a person will benefit from the information they share.
  • Sharing increases site traffic 2x, thus increasing ad dollars or revenue for publishers
    Men are more likely to share recommendations and videos than women; 77 percent of adult males and 74 of younger males shared news and web links.
  • Women are more likely to share products or ideas they like via easy or direct sharing methods (ie texting).
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