World’s First ePaper Magazine Cover

“The 21 century begins now” – this is the headline of the october issue of the Esquire Magazine in USA. The Publishing Company has teamed up with E-Ink Technologies to realize the World’s First E-Ink Magazine Cover.

Esquire E-Ink Cover

Newsstands have never seen anything like Esquire’s October edition. Its cover blinks. Meanwhile, its inside cover also features a blinking Ford ad. The digital enhancements are all a part of the Hearst publication’s 75th anniversary as well as its attempt to pioneer a new magazine publishing concept. 100,000 of the battery-powered covers were hand-assembled by work crews in China and Mexico. The limited issues of the Esquire Magazine were sold out immetiatly.

What is really surprising that beside the complicated assembly of the magazine, the logistical part was also a big challenge. Due to the hot summer the magazines had to transported in refrigerated trucks.

The technology behind can be compared to eBook Reader Amazon Kindle.
The Technology behind the Esquire E-Ink Cover

Here is a great video of the cover of the magazine.

And here you find an interview of the CEO of the publishing company.

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