Reporting from ADC Congress “Leading Brands in Digital Times”

I am at ADC BIC Conference today and twittering live: http://twitter.com/montymetzger
ADC BIC Conference

Here are some of my updates so far:

Colleen is also showing some Viral Marketing Cases, like the “Art if Resistance” movement: www.artisresistance.com #BIC08 #ADC

Colleen is showing a few Digital Cannes Cases: SOL Live Banner http://www.solcomments.com/… #ADC #BIC08

Colleen is showing a few Digital Cannes Cases: Uniqlock https://blog.monty.de/?p=506

Colleen is talking about how “Digital Marketing” is changing the Cannes Lion Awards year by year.. #ADC #BIC08

Christian Blümelhuber talked about explicit and implicit brand awareness and how important the implicit part is. #ADC #BIC08

NExt speaker at ADC BIC Conference: Colleen DeCourcy, Cannes CYBER LIONS JURY PRESIDENT and Chief Digital Officer TBWA Worldwide #ADC #BIC08

first pictures of the ADC BIC08 Congress in Berlin by @ognibeni http://twitpic.com/gh0g

first speech is hold by Christian Blümelhuber about “Brands in Digital Media” #ADC #BIC08

Topic of the ADC BIC08 Conference “Leading Brands in Digital Times” #BIC08 #ADC

The ADC BIC Conference is starting now. Will be an exciting day (www.adc-bic.de) #BIC08 #ADC

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