Where do all the Fotos go? Flickr vs. Facebook.

If you talk about a Foto-Community, you might talk about Flickr. But things are changing and Social Media is changing the way people use their content.

Flickr and Facebook launched in February 2004, but facebook kept its platform only for a closed user-group. In Mid 2007 facebook opened its platform to the public and the success story of facebook began.

Flickr reached 2 billion fotos in 2007 and now hit the 3 billion mark in 2008. The quality of fotos on Flickr is great and a lot of professional fotografers us flickr to publish their fotos.

On the consumer generated content side, facebook is growing rapidly. Within the last two years Facebook has become THE biggest Foto-Community worldwide. Its Foto-Application is one of the most favorite application. A year ago there had been 4 billion on facebook, today there are more than 10 billion.

Facebook Statistics
3 billionth Foto on Flickr (see comment)

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