Davos Debates: The Power of My Generation

The World Economic Forum started “Davos Conversation” a few years ago and now expanded the basic idea to integrate the online community within the dicussion to “Davos Debates”.

“Davos Debates” gives everybody the opportunity to take part in key-discussions and reach out to the leaders at the WEF. At Davos Debates 2009 there are four major topics: Economy, Ethics, Politics and Environment. The best answers will be shown at the WEF Sessions.

I recorded a Video as an answer to the question: “Will the environment lose out to the economy in 2009?”.
I believe that the “Power of My Generation” is essential to answer the question. The Environment will not lose out to the economy in 2009 and ongoing, if we use this “power”.

“The Power of My Generation” is attention. Due to the new wave of the web, with Social Networking like facebook, Online Video like Youtube or Micro-Blogging like Twitter, we have the opportunity to change the world to the better. We can turn Social Media into Social Activism, we can bring “green” products from niche to mass market and we can convince the leaders of today to be pro-active aswell.

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