Hilton Hotel Prague – A total disappointment!

I had been at the Hilton for a big and important Business Conference. The Service at the Hotel was a disaster. I had to wait for 1 hour to get my room due to a mistake at the reception. Then the staff brought by bags to my room and where angry at my because I didn’t have a tip for them.

The Wifi was a total ripp-off or as Rory Cellan-Jones (BBC’s technology correspondent) wrote on his twitter feed:
“Think I’ve found world’s most expensive wifi. £25 for 24 hours at Hilton Prague” http://twitter.com/ruskin147/status/1627921673
“Not only is this hotel broadband a rip-off – it’s not even broadband. Tested it – it’s 0.2mbps” http://twitter.com/ruskin147/status/1629994161

I also parked by car in the Hotel garage. You can’t believe it. 56 Euros for two days. That is what I call a “ripp-off”.

Some of the Room of the Business Center where very “smelly” and the whole atmosphere of the conference area was not five star level.

I would not recommend this hotel!

Furthermore I found several negative reviews about the Hilton Hotel in Prague online:
“Totally disappointed and I felt ripped off”
Was this really a hilton?
Prague Hilton – what a letdown (and ripoff!)

I am wondering if the Hilton Hotel Group already does some Social Media Monitoring? We will see….

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