My Message to Davos

I have created the Global Cocreation Model as a basic of Rethinking and Rebuilding our economy. This is my video for the Davos YouTube Debates for the World Economic Forum 2010. If this is selected as a finalist, I will need your help by voting to make this the winning entry.

Global Cocreation Model – Davos 2010

My name is Monty Metzger. I run a social media agency in germany and have started a collaborative global think-tank about the future of mobile media and communication, called Mocom 2020.

We have talked about the unthinkable challenges our world is facing in the next century and even in the next decade. The financial system has collapsed, the media industry is under massive pressure and the healthcare-system has become non-efficient. In 2020 we will reach the peak of the oil-production globally, climate change is one of the results of our exploitation of the planet. In 2050 we will have 200 million climate refugees due to a lack of resources of food or water.
Will we or our children be involved in a war for food, clear water or energy?

The world economy is based on many outdated structures and is not capable of solving the new challenges with old solutions. We are in a unique position, because we know some of the problems our planet and society is facing. Rather than dumping millions of dollars in old structure, we need to invest in new innovative solutions. We can solve these issues while integrating all stakeholders in a transparent, open and ethical economic structure.

Charles Schwab said that “we are living in a multi-stakeholder society and we need to rethink our values”. But how can we turn these ideas into action?

Today we have two unique factors which come together.
1) Half of the people on earth are under 25 years old.
2) We have the most powerful global communication tool ever – The Internet.

The technology and demographics combined can empower the Digital Natives to Cocreate solutions faster, more efficient and from the bottom up rather than from the top down.

I call this the Global Cocreation Model.
The Net Generation or Digital Natives have strong sense of values, they have Integrity, a Motivation or many Reasons to change the world. They are natural teamplayers and know how to self organize themselves. The Technology empowers and enables them to do things differently. And finally the openness, new culture of sharing and innovation gives them a very profound way of control.

This basic structure is framed by three key elements:
Collaboration – A powerful tool of self organization for all stakeholders enabled by the global platform of communication – the web.
Transparency – A new way of turning insights into common knowledge give us control and power to regulate what has been done.
a Vision – A powerful Vision or a Dream that is simple enough to spread it fast, but detailled enough to motivate and truely turn social media into social activism.

I would like to challenge my model of Global Cocreation with the members of the World Economic Forum in Davos.

Like Al Gore once said:
If you want to go fast go alone. If you want to go far, go together. But we need to go far … quickly.

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