First offer of Micro SIM Card for iPads in Germany

The German MVNO simyo today announced that they will offer a special data plan including Micro SIM Cards for all Apple iPad Users. (Via iPadSim.de)

For the launch of the iPhone Apple has introduced exclusive deals with mobile operators in each country. In Germany the iPhone was launched in teamwork with T-Mobile. With the upcoming iPad Apple opened the competition and did not deal up exclusively with mobile operators. But there’s a catch, instead of the normal Mini SIM Cards they introduced a new standard of SIM Cards, the so called Micro SIM Cards. These SIM Cards are smaller than the regular ones. So you need a Micro SIM for your Apple iPad 3G.

simyo is the first mobile operator in Germany who has announced such a Micro SIM Card. With already very low rates of 24 Euro Cents per MB and 9,90 Euro for 1GB of data (for 30 days), simyo can definitely offer a competitive iPad Sim in the market.

Here is a picture how it could look like:
simyo iPad Micro SIM Karte

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