Apple Flatscreen TV

After the launch of the iPhone 4, what does Apple work on right now?

Steve Jobs said at the “All things digital” (D8) conference last month that “Apple TV is still a hobby”. Jobs explained that the market is complicated due to the diversity of key players and a complex distribution system. Between the lines you could understand that Steve Jobs is thinking about a controllable and user-friendly system. An ecosystem which Apple already created in the Music (iPod) and in the Mobile (iPhone) market.

So that’s why I created a fast scribble of an “Apple Flatscreen TV” which I would mount onto my living room wall. My draft of the Apple Flatscreen TV would have a 50″ LED Screen with an improved small remote control, connectivity to my iPad, iPhone and other Macs in the house, a wireless connection to a Bang & Olufson speaker system and a big harddrive of approx. 5 TB.

Is Apple already working on such an “Apple Flatscreen TV”?

Apple Flatscreen TV

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