Speech by DONOVAN & Monty Metzger: “The Social Web is The New Sixties”

The Social Web is The New Sixties!
How to catch your community and start a movement.

Legendary singer-songwriter Donovan and the social media expert Monty Metzger hold a collaborative keynote at the Artist Day of the Reeperbahn Campus, 2010.

The impact of social media on the music industry is fundamentally changing the profession. Your reputation is now defined as the sum of all conversations taking place amongst users and it’s happening now regardless of whether or not you are part of these conversations. Millions of blog posts. Viral videos. Reviews in forums. Sharing and remixing of music. Status updates via facebook, twitter and co. It is disruptive. It is distributed. It is in the hands of users and communities. And if you are an artist, producer or music professional it’s your responsibility to manage it.

“The dream of the Sixties, of me and the Beatles, was: how do we speak to everybody on the planet at the same time?” said Donovan. “Now we realize that the internet fulfills that dream of communicating with everyone. The Social web is the new Sixties as far as I’m concerned.”

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