The end of Recruiting as you know it?

I am proud to be part of the game changers, the disrupters and the doers, a new bread of companies in the recruiting and job industry leveraging social media to change the online-job-posting and recruiting industry as you know it.

RECOMY has started with a simple idea and has now become a cutting edge web platform combining the power of several social networks. Katharina told me about her idea in mid 2010 and I was fascinated right from the start. We started working on the business plan in October 2010, found a family office who supported us, selected other team members and founded RECOMY AG in June 2011. Since then we have spent days and nights coding, building a unique user experience and talking to clients. RECOMY is ready to launch very soon and we are undertaking usage and scalability tests.

With a team of six we have done bootstrapping par excellence, thinking about our MVP and already solved many challenges on our startup journey.
Created in the heart of Europe we are looking forward to kick the ass of the market leaders, like Monster or CareerBuilder, and compete the US innovators, like BranchOut or Identified

We are launching soon – so stay tuned.

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