Top Technology Hotspots of the World

What can you learn by visiting the top technology hotspots of the world?

Global-Technology-HotspotsSince over a decade I have been traveling to the most important hotspots for technology innovation. Places where the best talent, innovation and investment money comes together. Places which are like big magnets attracting significantly more human capital as well venture capital than anywhere else. Here you can experience the trends of tomorrow already today.

I believe that innovation does not happen over night. There is always one person who creates an ideas, works with a small group of people to make the idea reality and then there are early adopters who influence others to spread these ideas. That’s why visiting these tech hotspots simply gives you a time-advantage. If you meet the right people you will be the first to know about the megatrends that will happen in the future.

So, here is my personal list of the top 10 of technology hotspots of the world:

Silicon Valley & San Francisco, USA*

New York City, USA*

Tel Aviv, Israel*

Seoul, South Korea*

Shanghai, China

Tokyo, Japan

Berlin, Germany*

Singapore, Singapore

Bangalore, India

London, United Kingdom

*I had been to all major tech hotspots, but within the last 12 months I had been on Trend Tours with partners and clients at 5 of my personal top 10. Please get in touch with our team if you want to learn more about our customized trend tours for c-level executives, CEOs or VC Investors.

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