Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution

What is the 4th Industrial Revolution? What are the impacts of this technology future to your business? How to react? What are the leading strategies in an age of the machines – in the digital future? Experts believe in productivity boost but also dramatic changes to the labor market – job losses are inevitable.

Monty Metzger - Keynote Speaker

Monty Metzger – Keynote Speaker

Technology Futurist Monty Metzger speaks about how to master the fourth industrial revolution. The Digital Future will have far more impact — the next 25 years will usher more change than in the previous three centuries. What separates great leaders from the rest, is they have a precise vision of the future. A vision to enable change today.

Who will be leading the Fourth Industrial Revolution?

Fourth Industrial Revolution Keynote Speech

Industry 4.0 – The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Emerging Technology Trends are shaping the way we will do business in the future: Artificial intelligence, robotics, the Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, 3-D printing, nanotechnology, biotechnology, materials science, energy storage, quantum computing and cybersecurity. How will our economy depend on data, analytics and AI? How Digital Transformation can boost your business?

Monty’s keynote speeches are for those who want to change things and for those who want embrace the opportunities of the Digital Future. Live Marketing and event agencies are frequently inviting Monty besides other motivational speakers to speak or be part of panel discussion. Contact us to request a proposal for your audience.

The impact on economy, business and governments

Digital Transformation Definition Keynote SpeakerThe acceleration of innovation and the velocity of disruption are hard to anticipate. As a technology futurist Monty is discussing these topics with global CEOs and senior business executives at conferences, internal events or offsite company meetings. The technologies changes that are driven by the Fourth Industrial Revolution are having a major impact on businesses – across all industries.

During the World Economic Forum in Davos Monty C. M. Metzger has discussed how the adaptation of digital transformation will determine the survival of industry leaders. Ultimately, Technology development is significantly changing our world and the changes can’t be stopped or slowed down. New technologies are creating new ways of serving existing needs and disrupting existing industry value chains.

The number one reason why companies fail is they over invest in the status quo, instead of the opportunities of the future.
Disruption is driven by agile innovative companies who challenge our world today.

Understanding the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Digital Leadership CDO Keynote Speaker How can we embrace the opportunities of the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Leaders are challenged to keep up with the speed of technological change. For the decision-makers it’s hard to distinguish between important trends and hip fads.
This raises new questions for Leadership and Management. Digital Leadership, as a Chief Executive Officer or Chief Digital Officer, will be rated and defined by new values and criteria.

This leadership presentation was held by Monty Metzger at an internal management conference of a market leading company – a Fortune 500 company with approx. $44 billion USD of annual revenue and 160.000 employees.

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