How Self-Driving Cars Will Redefine The Future Of Mobility?

How Self-Driving Vehicles Will Change Us? Society? Our daily life?
And how quickly will consumers adapt to this new driverless mobility?
What is the economic case for self-driving cars?

The shift to autonomous vehicles is the biggest transformation of the automobile industry since Carl Benz invented the car. We have reached a tipping point, the technology for driverless cars is in the market already or will be rolled out in the near future. As I have been researching and monitoring emerging technology trends since almost two decades I know that people are typically slow in changing. It takes time until you switch to a new TV or buy new tech equipment for your smart home. These tech trends are slowly changing how we live. With self-driving cars it will be different. I am convinced that people will switch to driverless cars very quickly. People will activate the autopilot mode, enabling their cars to autonomously drive on their commute to work, pick up their kids from school, watch a movie while driving, do some work while driving or let the car park itself. I am convince that this technology trends will be a mass phenomena in a short period of time because people are lazy – they love convenience. And self-driving cars are perfect for our lazy society.

In this Vlog I drew a mindmap of a ecosystem of autonomous vehicles and its impact on the economy. The Video was filmed in Rotterdam and Brussels last week.

During my keynote speeches I am also reflecting on some of the following questions. What impact will self-driving cars have on designing smart cities and urban environments? What is the status quo of driver-less cars – What is in the market and what kind of “autonomous vehicles” products can we expect in the future?

So assuming that you are aware of the disruptive change the automobile industry is facing in the next decade – What are the implications for leadership decisions? What are the implications for investments? What are the implications in our social, political, and economic world of self-driven automobiles?

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