AI is the re-defining Digital Leadership #Keynote

Artificial Intelligence is the defining technology of the 21st century.

But what impact does AI have on your industry and your business?
This week I was invited as the opening keynote speaker of the Vision Track at a large Tech Conference. I was talking about the Digital Future 2030, but particularly focusing on why AI is re-defining Digital Leadership already today.

Three Waves of AI Innovation

As a Keynote Speaker I want to give my audience first hands insights into the current development and what it means for their business. Just recently I had the opportunity to be part of a c-level manager learning journey to China and Japan (organised by my colleagues at Digital Leaders) where I experienced the latest in AI research and AI products.

The development of AI will happen in three waves. The first wave of AI will be based on the data we already have available #BigData and it will impact industries where data is available in abundance – such as Financial Industry, Logistics, Media or IT. The second wave of AI will be driven by new data we are generating via Industrial Internet of Things IIoT and a variety of Sensornetworks. In this phase AI will disrupt industries like healthcare, pharma, food, advanced manufacturing, mobility, transport and even governments. The third wave of AI will have the biggest impact on our society, economy and policies. AI will empower robotics, smart cities infrastructure, self-driving autonomous cars, increasing energy efficiency hundredfold, create personalised medicine, curing cancer, enable cyber security and influencing every industry on our planet.

What’s your AI strategy?

Our world has entered the digital age – autonomous cars, society 5.0, humanoid robots, advanced manufacturing, AI Finance advisors outperforming the bankers, smart digital healthcare and industrial internet of things. While many leaders are struggling to keep up with the rapid development, I see a world of new opportunities where we can thrive and build a sustainable future based on the true potential of human intelligence and capabilities.

In this inspiring keynote, Monty Metzger, tech-futurist and investor will present a future vision driven by exponential technologies, algorithms and artificial intelligence, and its impact on society, cities, energy, mobility and your industry.

The audiences will gain insights into the companies, technologies and global forces shaping the age of artificial intelligence, machine learning, as well as a set of tailored next actions on how to redesign their organisations, reimagine their leadership roles and reinvent the way they make decisions.

Contact Monty for a Keynote Speech

Interested in a keynote speech on AI. Keynote topic and title could be “The Future of Artificial Intelligence: How AI is re-defining Digital Leadership and disrupting our business world?”, but will be adapted to your needs and audience. Find out more here. Or request a proposal and send us an Email directly.

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