Blockchain, Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies: Navigating the Financial Revolution

No other industry is facing the wave of digital disruption more than financial industry. While strict regulations and legacy systems limit banks’ agility, the new waves of financial technologies keep threatening status quo by reinventing the way banking services are created and delivered.

Last week Monty was invited by the CEO of one the largest Russian banks to speak at their annual conference. The event took place in Moscow Russia. As a futurist keynote speaker they asked him to talk about the impact of blockchain, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies on the banking and financial industry.

Future of Banking

The keynote by Monty C. M. Metzger gave first-hand insights into the disruptive finance technology #fintech landscape by introducing the latest innovations from Silicon Valley and other innovation hubs. Blockchain, Bitcoin, Digital Banking, Payments, Lending, Smart Data Mobile Money and AI driven leadership. Monty outlined the Digital Leaders Formula, which enables every leader to adapt to the speed of technology disruption and make better decision today.

Keynote Speaker & Blockchain Expert

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Monty is a global speaker and invited to several conferences, board leadership workshops and events each month. His keynotes speeches and impulse talks provoke, excite and inspire. He has traveled to 44 countries to visit the most relevant innovation hubs globally and to discover the trends of tomorrow already today.
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