What is blockchain technology and why is it revolutionizing the world?

Since almost two decades Monty is frequently traveling the major tech hubs like Silicon Valley, Switzerland’s CryptoValley, Tel Aviv, Tokyo, Singapore or Beijing – to explore the underlying layer of growth and success. The keynote by Monty C. M. Metzger aims to give first-hand insights and strategies to lead the revolution.

What is blockchain technology and why is it revolutionizing the world?

“Blockchain is to the money, what email was to the letter” claims Monty Metzger. He explains why blockchain technology will have a tremendous impact on many industries, such as the financial industry, retail, commerce real-estate, cities, governments or energy. What role are decentralization and cryptocurrencies play? Why are token generation events (TGE) and initial coin offerings (ICOs) outperforming venture investments? What’s the impact of tokenized digital economies? How are leading corporations and countries using blockchain technologies already? Learn from the latest case-studies and insights from Monty’s learning journeys and exploration tours.

Blockchain Keynote Speaker

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Monty has been invited as opening keynote speaker on blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies to large blockchain conferences and private leadership events. In the past month he was speaking at RussiaCalling in Moscow and the Oman Blockchain Symposium in Muscat.

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