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Beijing is getting ready for 2008

I visited the Olympic Green, especially the Olympic Stadium and the Swimming Center. There are still many constructions going on but the buildings are getting in shape for the Olympics.

Here is a short video-clip we produced in front of the stadiums.

Link: Movie – China Trend: Olympic Stadium Beijing


No Google Video in China

Chinese Internet is limited and Wikipedia is not accessible.
But I didn’t know that Google Video is also not working.

Google Video in China


Happy Chinese New Year

We wish you a happy and piggy chinese new year!

This is the year of the Pig. The Pig brings good luck and lots of money – isn’t this a good sign for 2007?
The celebrations in Beijing have started on saturday. Today, on Monday, we can still hear and see fireworks in the city.


Beijing & Shanghai

I will travel to China this week to work on a couple of projects with our local chinese team. During that long stay in China I will take my fiancée and my little son Rocco with me.

We will work at the CScout Office in Beijing Central Business District and live at the Kempinski Hotel Beijing Lufthansa Center until 02nd of March 2007.
I am looking forward to see the Bird’s Nest – the Olympic Stadium for the Olympic Games in 2008 again.
Beijing Bird's Nest

After almost three weeks of Beijing we will travel to Shanghai for further meetings and research.
In Shanghai we will visit the great Jin Mao Tower and the cool Hyatt Grand Hotel with its Lobby on the 54th floor and the bar at th 87th floor.

If you want to meet me in China – just send me an eMail.

Jian Mao Tower