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Master Sommelier Paul Roberts about his favorite wines

At the first evening of the Monaco Media Forum 2008 ACCEL Ventures invited to an high-class winetasting with some of the best Sommeliers. Paul Roberts is one of 110 people worldwide who are official “Master Sommeliers”. He was guiding the conference attendees through the list of wines offered during the wine-tasting. I felt a bit like Gary Vaynerchuk from Winelibrary TV, who is tasting wines all day.

Paul told me about the great wines from Bond Estates in Napa Valley, California. My favorite wine was the 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon from Bryant Family Vineyard.

We did the Video Interview at the end of the Conference Party at Moods. Note: there had been already lights on and all other guests have left, so I think it was already quite late…


Martin Varsavsky about the status of Wifi Network FON

Interview at the Monaco Media Forum with Martin Varsavsky, Investor and Founder of FON.

Martin told me that there are more than 300.000 FON Wifi Hotspots worldwide which makes FON 10 times larger than T-Mobile Hotspots. FON Germany is developing slower than other countries due to the german mentality. Martin says that “sharing” Wifi might not the right slogan in Germany. He is suggesting to change the marketing message to “Make money with your Wifi” or “Save money with your Wifi”. He also talked about the new Fonero Router 2.0 for hackers and developers.


Lawrence Lessig about the key-challenges of Creative Commons

Interview at the Monaco Media Forum 2008 with Lawrence Lessig, Professor, Stanford Law School and Co-Founder, Creative Commons. I asked him “How did Creative Commons start?” His speech at the MMF was called “Some Rights Reserved”.


Esther the Astronaut!

Video Interview with Esther Dyson about her current “Astronaut Training” at Star City, Russia. She is reporting about her experiences and the hard training at Space Adventures on her Flight School Blog.

Interview filmed at the Monaco Media Forum 2008 at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel.


Fotos of the Monaco Media Forum 2008

I posted a few Fotos of the Monaco Media Forum 2008 on my Flickr Account.


Watch the Monaco Media Forum 2008

I am taking part at the MMF 2008 as one of the “architects of the new media landscape”.

There are several ways to see what is going on at the Monaco Media Forum 2008.
You can either watch Videos on the MMF Youtube Channel, follow MMF on Twitter or join the MMF SocialMedian Group. Enjoy.

MMF08 Monaco Media Forum 2008

The Monaco Media Forum (MMF) brings together leaders of new and old media for two and a half days of high-level discussions about the future of online, broadcast and print communication. Aggressively global in outlook, the invitation-only event focuses on emerging opportunities in technology, distribution and content, as well as the implications for marketing and finance. Now in its third year, MMF is the premier meeting place for architects of the new media landscape.


Getting Ready for the Monaco Media Forum 2009

Tomorrow I will be at the Monaco Media Forum 2009… you can follow me on Twitter during the day and I try to blog a summary at the end of the day.

Here are some more Infos about the Event:

The Third Monaco Media Forum will take place from November 12-14, 2008 at the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort in the Principality of Monaco. Some 300 of the world’s key players in both new and “old” media – CEOs of global media groups, financiers, digital experts, entrepreneurs, senior journalists, academics and bloggers – will convene to discuss and debate the digital revolution and its impact on the new media landscape. The discussions take place in the midst of unprecedented technological and financial disruption.

Already one of the world’s key media get-togethers, the MMF is sponsored by Google with the support of the Principality of Monaco. As part of its support, Google will be providing a designated YouTube Web site to showcase the event. The MMF is co-produced by PublicisLive and Monaco Mediax with additional support provided by MMF partners. Partners include Accel, Lenovo, NewspaperDirect, Press Display, Publicis Groupe, and Vivendi, along with Media Partners including News Corporation,,, and YouTube.

The Monaco Media Forum 2008 is chaired by HSH Prince Albert II, and co-chaired by the following distinguished media leaders:

Nikesh Arora, President, EMEA Operations and Senior Vice President, Google
Jean-Bernard Levy, Chairman and CEO, Vivendi
Maurice Levy, Chairman and CEO, Publicis Groupe
Ruigang Li, President, Shanghai Media Group
James Murdoch, Chairman and CEO for Europe and Asia, News Corporation
Ben Silverman, Co-Chairman, NBC Entertainment & NBC Universal Television Studio
Niklas Zennstrom, Co-Founder and Co-Chairman, Joost & Atomico

The theme for 2008 is “Media Everywhere: Thriving on Disruption” and the program covers a broad range of today’s most critical issues, to be discussed in plenary sessions including:

State of the Mediasphere
The Rise & Rise of Distributed Media
Open Mobile
Big TV in a YouTube World
Think Locally, Act Globally
The Two-Way Audience
Networking Music
Internet 2018: The Road Ahead
The Revolution Will Be Streamed
Some Rights Reserved
The Digital Imperative
The Money Crunch
Shock of the New: Building the Next Disruption

In addition to the plenary sessions, there will also be a series of presentations and demonstrations involving cutting-edge new technology.

On the occasion of MMF2008, Prince Albert will bestow the 2nd Monaco Media Prize, awarded for “innnovative use of media for the betterment of humanity.” Last year’s winner was Bangladeshi journalist Salah Uddin Shoaib Choudhury.

“The Monaco Media Forum is a unique occasion, a serious debate about the future of media with Monaco as a magnificent backdrop,” says John Rossant, Executive Chairman of PublicisLive, co-producer of the event. “The 2008 Forum will be especially fascinating and important, given the extraordinary events which have been taking place in the last few weeks and months.”

“This great event is important for Monaco, when the Principality becomes a capital of global media,” says David Tomatis, CEO of MonacoMediax.

For more information, go to


How to reach 18 million people with a viral video?

I met Dr. Abraham Glezerman, Founder and CEO of Cardo Systems in Berlin at an ADC Event and talked with him about the huge success of his Viral Video Campaign.

“The Popcorn mystery” was started with one amateur video in english, followed by an Video response from Japan. After launching these two videos thousand of people tried to make popcorn with their cell-phones, too, and published videos on youtube. Even ABC and CNN aired several stories about the mystery.

After a few week Cardo published this Video “The Popcorn mystery resolved” and CNN invited Mr. Glezerman for an interview.

The results to far: 18 million people have watched the videos and much more heard about Cardo Systems for the first time.


Reporting from ADC Congress “Leading Brands in Digital Times”

I am at ADC BIC Conference today and twittering live:
ADC BIC Conference

Here are some of my updates so far:

Colleen is also showing some Viral Marketing Cases, like the “Art if Resistance” movement: #BIC08 #ADC

Colleen is showing a few Digital Cannes Cases: SOL Live Banner… #ADC #BIC08

Colleen is showing a few Digital Cannes Cases: Uniqlock

Colleen is talking about how “Digital Marketing” is changing the Cannes Lion Awards year by year.. #ADC #BIC08

Christian Blümelhuber talked about explicit and implicit brand awareness and how important the implicit part is. #ADC #BIC08

NExt speaker at ADC BIC Conference: Colleen DeCourcy, Cannes CYBER LIONS JURY PRESIDENT and Chief Digital Officer TBWA Worldwide #ADC #BIC08

first pictures of the ADC BIC08 Congress in Berlin by @ognibeni

first speech is hold by Christian Blümelhuber about “Brands in Digital Media” #ADC #BIC08

Topic of the ADC BIC08 Conference “Leading Brands in Digital Times” #BIC08 #ADC

The ADC BIC Conference is starting now. Will be an exciting day ( #BIC08 #ADC


Best Conferences & Events 2008/2009

I am often asked to which conferences I go and where I get my inspiration from. That’s why I compiled this list of important and innovative conferences for the upcoming months. There’s almost one event per month where you could go to. Enjoy.













Audiovisual Media Days 2008

AMD08 LogoIn September 2008 there will an interesting conference focusing on IPTV, Corporate TV and WebTV. The speakers of the “Audiovisual Media Days 2008” will present current case studies and key insights.

There will be speakers from Google, Deutsche Post, Hypovereinsbank, Bernd Kolb and many more….
I will be talking about “The Future of Audiovisual Media”.

The AMD’08 will be September 24th / 25th in Munich, Germany.

For more information about AMD’08 you can visit the Website at


Book: Groundswell

Groundswell is a great overview how to react on the fast changing medialandscape. Charlene and Josh show that the empowerment of the consumer through the internet is a big chance for you and your company. Although most leaders feel uncomfortable about loosing control within this digital conversation, Groundswell explains step by step how create a successful strategy for digital media.

Groundswell is a must-read for todays Leaders and Marketing-Managers.


Speech: “Mobile Media Revolution” at Internet Congress in Berlin

Ahead of Time - Speech Today I hold a speech at the Internet Congress IICO ( in Berlin.

My topic was “Mobile Media Revolution – The change of the Media Landscape”.

I talked about the general shift in media behaviour, starting a digital conversation. See the article on Ahead of Time about Corporate Conversation.

Furthermore I mentioned how important it is to watch the global hotspots to keep up with innovation and trends. How you keep up with Innovation and how to be ready for the future.

The main part is about key trends in mobile media with cases from South-Korea, Japan and USA.

Here is my presentation:


Ahead of Time: the future of the digital medialandscape.


Today I hold a speech at the ADC management dialog seminar in Berlin. I was talking about how you can analyse global trends and use them for your marketing strategies.

Unfortunately it is only in german – See my german Blog:

Here are the slides….


Tianjin – the next chinese Boomtown?

Tianjin can become the third big “boomtown” in China. After Beijing and Shanghai the chinese government is now focusing on Tianjin to create a new hotspot in China. Therefore huge development programs have started and the area will see a dramatic change in the next decade. In Tianjin there are already plans to build an impressive skyline and a modern city, comparable to Pudong in Shanghai.

The Word Economic Forum is organizing the next “Annual Meeting of the New Champions 2008” to be hold in September 2008 in Tianjin.

Here you find an interesting promotion-video about the “Boomtown Tianjin”:


The German Entrepreneurs Spirit

When you think of creative and successful entrepreneurs, the world looks to USA? Self-made millionaires, Silicon Valley startups and powerful brands. But last week at the Entrepreneurs-Day 2008 at the beautiful lake Tegernsee you could discover a different view. About 200 Entrepreneurs and Investors from Germany and Switzerland gathered for a two day conference to exchange knowledge and to talk about collaboration opportunities.

Quote: Reinhold Messner

There was still fog over the peaceful lake when I entered the conference hotel. But suddenly I was surrounded by an motivating atmosphere and the sun broke through the fog. The room was packed with a diverse range of people from young twens up to grey haired seniors. There have been smart technicians who developed new technologies for efficient power-consumption, young internet-geeks who designed innovative web applications, as well as pensioners who are now active Business Angels and supporters of young enterprises. But I soon realized that all participants shared something in common: The Entrepreneurs Spirit. This spirit consist of three key elements:
Curiosity to do things differently and to develop the future,
Passion to motivate other people and their team
and the Love about their work and what they do everyday.

The program consisted of a variety of successful Entrepreneurs: Innovative Start-Ups presented their business, Senior Chairmen talked about their experiences, the politician and leader of the Free Democratic Party of Germany (FDP), Guido Westerwelle, presented his view on the dynamics of globalization and finally the famous mountaineer, Reinhold Messner, gave a motivational speech.

Article: Juergen Habichler

So if these people develop the companies everybody is talking about in the next couple of years, what are they working on? And who is really ahead of time?

Jürgen Habichler, Chairman of Cleantech Invest, introduced one major innovation area, called Cleantech. Cleantech is focused on the principle of sustainability and include a wide field of technologies and services, from alternative energy, environment protection to efficient transportation technologies. Solarion develops new ultra thin photovoltaic solar cells and will enter a new market for very flexible and light solar cells while ensuring low production costs. The company ScatterWeb develops wireless sensors for energy management within buildings. And the company PURE trades carbon assets and integrates innovative financial concepts for companies. So Cleantech is definitely a branch to watch closely in the near future.

Dr. Cornelius Boersch, CEO of Mountain Partners AG and Initiator of the Entrepreneurs-Day, is an expert on new media and internet ventures. The conference featured 42 startup presentation. Each speech was limited to 7 minutes and already split the speakers into two group, the experienced elevator pitches and the technology-fanatics who focused on too many details.

One major trend in internet technology is the development of online video. HiClip is young startup who develops white-label solutions for online platforms and websites. They developed a powerful solution for distribution of videos as well as a nice video-player.

Another open market space is secure voice communication. Secusmart is a Spin-Out of Nokia and offers the first practical solution for secure voice calls. Government, CEOs and VIPs can only use huge telephones with many extra equipment to do secure telephone calls via their cell. Now Secusmart offers a cryptographic solution to make any Nokia phone into a secure device.

Unternehmertag 2008 LogoSo the near future will bring us alternative energy solution, new media landscapes and secure mobile communication. These powerful ideas will define and create the trends of the next decades. The entrepreneurs will do their best to make these innovations happen and to establish their technology in the market. So my personal conclusion was, even if the region of lake Tegernsee looked so calm, the Entrepreneurs-Day 2008 was an event where entrepreneurs shared their spirit to create new successful businesses. So you don’t have to travel to the US to find dynamic entrepreneurs, they might be closer then you think…

— — —
Rottach Egern, Tegernsee, April 2008
Article by Monty C. M. Metzger


Speech: Art Directors Club

In May 2008 I will be speaking at the ADC Management Dialog in Berlin.
It will be on the 29th and 30th of April 2008 at Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

ADC Logo

The Event is called “New Media, New Ways.”.
More Information on the ADC Website.

I am excited to be part of the event and look forward to meet you all in Berlin.


Around the World in 14 days

On Friday, Feb. 9th 2008, I left for a trip around the world: Seoul – Korea, Tokyo – Japan, New York – USA and then back to Munich – all within 14 days. I am supporting our Team with the Trend Tour for german executives from european publishing companies, called the “VDZ Online Publishers Tour Asia 2008”.
World Map - Around the world in 14 days

The Trend Tour is focusing on emerging media trends in Asia with company meetings and expert presentations in Seoul and in Tokyo. The program includes visits to Cyworld, the leading korean virtual worlds platform and ohmynews, the first consumer generated online newspaper founded in Korea, just to mention two examples.

If you want to learn more about the VDZ Publishing Tour just visit the VDZ Website or contact our CScout team.


Review World Economic Forum 2008, Davos

The World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos was a great experience.
I had the chance to be at the event for a couple of days.
World Economic Forum Davos, Hotel Belvedere

Robert Scoble was one of the official Bloggers and reported via his Blog during the whole event. He wrote about professional Namedropping at Davos and give an overview of his video-interviews.

Due to the fact, that the village is so small, you just bumb into very interesting people all the time. Here is my turn on “Davos Namedropping”:
Monty with Chad Hurley, YouTube Founder
I had great talks with Chad Hurley– Founder YouTube (See picture), Anne Wojcicki – co-founder 23andme, Shai Agassi – Founder of Project Better Place, Jacek Olechowski, John Osborn – CEO BBDO, Fernando Nilo, Joseph Kim – CEO VGX Pharmaceuticals, Neal Goldman – MD, Rodrigo Baggio, Dr. Scannavino Netto, John Bryant, Fabio Bibancos, Kay Oberbeck – Google, Adam Bird – Senior VP Booz Allen Hamilton, Matthew Bishop – The Economist, Johann Koss – Right to Play, Lucas Pescarmona, Michael Wetzel – DW, Robert Walsh – LS9, Prof. Penninger and Keith Schwab – Cornell University.

The main issue for the attendees was “Is there a Recession?”. I like how Jeff Jarvis described it: “the Piano Bar index: It was said to be less crowded this year than in the past. Uh-oh, downturn. I’d characterize the mood as wishfully optimistic — they all wished to be optimistic.”

You can also watch the attendees of the WEF via the video-platform “Davos Conversation” at
Here is Sergey Brin, Founder of Google, for example.