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Bill Bryant about his latest Ventures

I met Bill Bryant at the Monaco Media Forum, here is a short Video about his past and current projects.
He is also an investor of Minfo.


Alvin Wang Graylin about Mobile Search in China

Minfo is the leading mobile / wireless search platform in China. Alvin Wang Graylin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Minfo. They started four years ago and have already reached over 13 million users. They have just signed a cooperation with China Telecom to be the exclusive mobile search and mobile advertising provider. This will give Minfo access to over 350 million China Telecom subscribers, over 100 million with mobile internet access.

Alvin told me about the differences to Internet-based search and how the satisfy the mobile users. Mobile Search is not entering one keyword and get a list of links back, it is more about answering one question. Minfo is offering SMS-based and Mobile Internet based services. Searches via mobile web are taking around 50% of all searches (and 50% via SMS), but is increasing rapidly. They developed a semantic search method and support several languages.

Here is the Video Interview filmed at the Monaco Media Forum 2008:


Master Sommelier Paul Roberts about his favorite wines

At the first evening of the Monaco Media Forum 2008 ACCEL Ventures invited to an high-class winetasting with some of the best Sommeliers. Paul Roberts is one of 110 people worldwide who are official “Master Sommeliers”. He was guiding the conference attendees through the list of wines offered during the wine-tasting. I felt a bit like Gary Vaynerchuk from Winelibrary TV, who is tasting wines all day.

Paul told me about the great wines from Bond Estates in Napa Valley, California. My favorite wine was the 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon from Bryant Family Vineyard.

We did the Video Interview at the end of the Conference Party at Moods. Note: there had been already lights on and all other guests have left, so I think it was already quite late…


Martin Varsavsky about the status of Wifi Network FON

Interview at the Monaco Media Forum with Martin Varsavsky, Investor and Founder of FON.

Martin told me that there are more than 300.000 FON Wifi Hotspots worldwide which makes FON 10 times larger than T-Mobile Hotspots. FON Germany is developing slower than other countries due to the german mentality. Martin says that “sharing” Wifi might not the right slogan in Germany. He is suggesting to change the marketing message to “Make money with your Wifi” or “Save money with your Wifi”. He also talked about the new Fonero Router 2.0 for hackers and developers.


Lawrence Lessig about the key-challenges of Creative Commons

Interview at the Monaco Media Forum 2008 with Lawrence Lessig, Professor, Stanford Law School and Co-Founder, Creative Commons. I asked him “How did Creative Commons start?” His speech at the MMF was called “Some Rights Reserved”.


Esther the Astronaut!

Video Interview with Esther Dyson about her current “Astronaut Training” at Star City, Russia. She is reporting about her experiences and the hard training at Space Adventures on her Flight School Blog.

Interview filmed at the Monaco Media Forum 2008 at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel.


Fotos of the Monaco Media Forum 2008

I posted a few Fotos of the Monaco Media Forum 2008 on my Flickr Account.


Watch the Monaco Media Forum 2008

I am taking part at the MMF 2008 as one of the “architects of the new media landscape”.

There are several ways to see what is going on at the Monaco Media Forum 2008.
You can either watch Videos on the MMF Youtube Channel, follow MMF on Twitter or join the MMF SocialMedian Group. Enjoy.

MMF08 Monaco Media Forum 2008

The Monaco Media Forum (MMF) brings together leaders of new and old media for two and a half days of high-level discussions about the future of online, broadcast and print communication. Aggressively global in outlook, the invitation-only event focuses on emerging opportunities in technology, distribution and content, as well as the implications for marketing and finance. Now in its third year, MMF is the premier meeting place for architects of the new media landscape.


“Monty makes the extraordinary look simple”

THANK YOU Charles, for writing this eloquent recommendation for my LinkedIn Profile.

Dr. Charles Savage wrote:

Monty makes the extraordinary look simple. If the Future has significance for you, he has his finger on the pulse and knows how to help others see quickly the important trends that will impact all our business lives. In addition, he has an ability to take international groups of CEOs and other executives to other parts of the world, and in a relatively short time, give them a deep understanding of the dynamics of this part of the world. How he does it, I am not sure, but after seeing him in action, I know it’s real.


Motivational Speech by Gary Vaynerchuk

The speech by Gary Vaynerchuk at this year’s Web 2.0 Expo in New York is informational, astonishing and really funny at the sime time.

And he’s right: “Stop doing things you hate”.


Speech: Art Directors Club

In May 2008 I will be speaking at the ADC Management Dialog in Berlin.
It will be on the 29th and 30th of April 2008 at Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

ADC Logo

The Event is called “New Media, New Ways.”.
More Information on the ADC Website.

I am excited to be part of the event and look forward to meet you all in Berlin.


Interview: Rick Kim, “Second Life” Linden Lab – South Korea

During the “VDZ Online Publishers Tour” we organized in February 2008 we were invited to the German Embassy in Seoul for a Diner-Reception. The Speaker and Expert of this evening was Rick Kim, Country Manager Linden Lab South Korea and former Manager at Cyworld.
Linden Lab is the company behind “Second Life”, the 3D Multiplayer Virtual World.

Rick is talking about the challenges and opportunities regarding Virtual Worlds in South Korea. He explains the key-success factors for starting such a project in Korea as well as insights about the korean consumer.

Enjoy the video….


Feel the Brand

Another productive day in New York passed. We have again received a lot of positive feedback about the program of manager tours in April 2008. And we have more confirmed speakers which we will announce on the official website soon.

Brand Experience Lab I met David Polinchock from the Brand Experience Lab and he showed me their latest project and innovative projects. It si just amazing what they are doing in their brand lab in Soho. They will role out a great project called “audience games” in pver 700 cinemas all over USA. You can use emerging technologies to turn brand messages into brand experiences.

David just quoted a attendee of one of the tests in a cinema to make clear how powerful the idea is: “Have you ever heard the audience scream “play the advertising again””.

Furthermore I met Gaby from Gawker Media, the leading blogging company, and Sam from Interference Inc, a guerilla marketing agency.


Mobile Media Trends in South Korea

Today I did an interesting Video-Interview with our TrendScout John Rajeski in Seoul, South Korea. We recorded it during the VDZ Asia Tour in February 2008.

He is taking about the major trends in mobile media in South Korea and gives a short overview.



Interview with our local Trend Scout from South Korea: Danny Kim. The Video was recorded in a big bookstore in Seoul.


White Turf, St. Moritz

I enjoyed a great weekend with my family in switzerland. We had the chance to visit the famous “White Turf” Race in St. Moritz. The horse race takes place on the frozen lake close to the pictoresque city. We actually parked on the frozen lake with our car, which was really exciting driving with your car on snow and ice…. parking next to race track.

Here are some impressions from the famours horse race in switzerland.
White Turf Race, St. Moritz Switzerland

This foto was taken on a playground directly on a mountain close to St. Moritz on 2453m above sea level.

White Turf Race, St. Moritz Switzerland


Review World Economic Forum 2008, Davos

The World Economic Forum (WEF) at Davos was a great experience.
I had the chance to be at the event for a couple of days.
World Economic Forum Davos, Hotel Belvedere

Robert Scoble was one of the official Bloggers and reported via his Blog during the whole event. He wrote about professional Namedropping at Davos and give an overview of his video-interviews.

Due to the fact, that the village is so small, you just bumb into very interesting people all the time. Here is my turn on “Davos Namedropping”:
Monty with Chad Hurley, YouTube Founder
I had great talks with Chad Hurley– Founder YouTube (See picture), Anne Wojcicki – co-founder 23andme, Shai Agassi – Founder of Project Better Place, Jacek Olechowski, John Osborn – CEO BBDO, Fernando Nilo, Joseph Kim – CEO VGX Pharmaceuticals, Neal Goldman – MD, Rodrigo Baggio, Dr. Scannavino Netto, John Bryant, Fabio Bibancos, Kay Oberbeck – Google, Adam Bird – Senior VP Booz Allen Hamilton, Matthew Bishop – The Economist, Johann Koss – Right to Play, Lucas Pescarmona, Michael Wetzel – DW, Robert Walsh – LS9, Prof. Penninger and Keith Schwab – Cornell University.

The main issue for the attendees was “Is there a Recession?”. I like how Jeff Jarvis described it: “the Piano Bar index: It was said to be less crowded this year than in the past. Uh-oh, downturn. I’d characterize the mood as wishfully optimistic — they all wished to be optimistic.”

You can also watch the attendees of the WEF via the video-platform “Davos Conversation” at
Here is Sergey Brin, Founder of Google, for example.


4 Mio iPhones sold – Apple Stock looses over 10% of value

Steve Jobs just hold his MacWorld Key-Note. He presented a brand-new MacBook called MacBook Air – the thinnest notebook ever.
Steve Jobs and the MacBook Air
Furthermore he said that the iPhone was sold over 4 Million times since the launch 200 days ago – that’s 20.000 iPhones a day.

I think this is great news, or what do you think?
But what happened with the Apple stock?

Apple lost during the Key-Note of Steve Jobs over 10% market share.
See picture below:
Apple Stock Value on MacWorld Speech

Here is a good explanation I found online:
“Outside of last year, which was pretty special, the stock has typically moved up on rumor and down on news. It has followed this pattern as long as I can recall.
Folks are really setting themselves up for disappointment anymore with these things. Apple can’t meet everyone’s expectations and rumors.”