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Business Foot Massage

Andreas WeigendDuring my stay in Beijing I met Andreas Weigend who is Professor at the Tsinghua University in Beijing for the Executive MBA Program.

He organized a great “Foot Massage” next to his Hotel so we could relax and talk about Business opportunities.
Our discussion has been on current projects but also on the development of the chinese market.
His newest project is called “imagelooop” – he is supporting the german startup during the expansion period.

Andreas, thanks for your time and hope to see you soon again.


Happy Chinese New Year

We wish you a happy and piggy chinese new year!

This is the year of the Pig. The Pig brings good luck and lots of money – isn’t this a good sign for 2007?
The celebrations in Beijing have started on saturday. Today, on Monday, we can still hear and see fireworks in the city.


Wie hoch ist Ihr RQ?

Michael Franz hat mich letzte Woche zum Thema “RQ” befragt. Hier finden Sie das Interview.

Zudem kann ich seinen Beitrag “Wie hoch ist Ihr RQ?” empfehlen.


Energy Consumption in Real vs. Virtual Life

“1st Life and 2nd Life – an avatar in 2nd life consumes 1752kWh per year; the average human consumes 2436kh per year;”

Back in Munich.
During my busy day I am attending a really cool Chat Swarm via Skype with over 75 people. There are people chatting live from the Lift Conference in Geneva. So I can follow the most interesting quote directly and can interact with the others about the topic.

Mark Kuznicki picked up the great relation between real and virtual energy consumption.

Chat Swarm Lift Conference


Information Gap: Web versus Books

During the DLD Conference and Davos there have been a lot of talks about the global information gap and how everybody can have access to information.

I talked to Nicholas Negroponte, the founder and chairman of the One Laptop per Child, and I was able to snapshot the 100 Dollar-Laptop which is the first step to close the information gap.
100 Dollar Laptop

A friend of mine is professor in Tazania in Afrika and asked me to send some business books for his students and the university library. Well – this might be no problem. We have some books in the office and I have friends with many books – relevant for them.

But after meeting Nicholas I thought about the question:
What is more important for students in Afrika – the web or the relevant business books? Should’nt we just send our old laptops to really give them access to global information?


Future of Mobile Devices

It was great attending the DLD in Munich. The conference was extremely interesting and I met a lot of people from the blogging, web 2.0 and media industry again.

We are all excited about the iPhone created by Apple.

Apple Computer Inc. launched the iPhone and decided to drop the “computer” out of its name. I guess that as it entered the world of mobile phones computer was not the appropriate way of naming Apple. Nokia however … told me that we should not refer to the N Series phones as phones since they were NOT phones but ….computers. (via Martin)

I think the technology in the iPhone is great and exciting.
But now it is also clear that Apple has a really good Trend-Spotting network to find out the coolest idea.

Here is one example of the Multi-Touch Display presented in 2005.

And here you can see the latest developments by NOKIA….


Exciting Start 2007: Zurich, Geneva & Lausanne — World Economic Forum and International Olympic Committee

WEF Headquarter Geneva
Philippe & Monty in Geneva

December 2006 was a really busy month. We finished the Second Life Project with Bild.T-Online, prepared a couple of customized trend studies and did some challenging strategy papers for Innovation & Trend-Management.

Furthermore I attended the “European Futurist Conference” in Luzern (Switzerland) and Loic’sLe Web 3” in Paris (France). Both events where great and I met many friends and interesting people from around the world.

The Start of the new year 2007 was also very exciting. We just came back from a trip through switzerland. We had great meeting with potential clients in Zürich, Geneva and Lausanne. Especially the meeting with the WEF in Geneva was interesting:

– We learned more about the project of the World Economic Forum in Second Life:

“For the first time, selected participants of the Annual Meeting will be interviewed in the 3D virtual world of Second Life. Second Life residents can submit their questions to Adam Reuters, Reuters’ Second Life correspondent, who will conduct the interview in the Reuters auditorium in Second Life. Internet users can watch the interviews online at:”

– And we got some background infos about the World Electronic Community (WELCOM) which will be introduced in Davos next week.

Code-named WELCOM, short for World Electronic Community, the system is designed to provide “a secure and private video communications linkage of global decision-makers” and contribute to “enhanced business-government cooperation and global crisis management,” said Hans-Jörg Schwab, the founder’s son and a member of the WEF executive board.

Maison du Sport, Lausanne
CScout Beijing

Furthermore we visited the IOC in Lausanne at the Maison du Sport.
As you know CScout has an office in Beijing and we are involved in the preparations for the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.

CScout is working on creative ideas for Marketing, Events and Communication in Beijing and also supporting many Olympic Partners in Germany and on an international level via our office in New York.

So I think this will be a great and exciting new year 2007.
Let’s get it started 🙂


CScout starts Trend TV Show

This is our first Video of the “CScout Trend TV Show”….

The first Video is a Visit to the cool Hotel “Commune by the Great Wall” near Beijing China.


Artikel: Heißen Trends auf der Spur

IDS Sheer
IDS Scheer Inside Headline

In der aktuellen Ausgabe des Magazins “IDS Scheer Inside” von IDS Scheer ist ein Interview von mir über die Herausforderungen bei CScout erschienen.

Heißen Trends aus der Spur

Monty C. M. Metzger, Geschäftsführer der Trendberatung CScout, über die Kunst, Trends aufzuspüren und sie gewinnbringend umzusetzen.

Der Blick in die Zukunft ist für jedes Unternehmen lebensnotwendig. Dabei zu entscheiden, ob man Vorreiter sein oder vorsichtshalber eher anderen den Vortritt lassen will, ist oft genug eine strategisch knifflige Frage. Im Münchner “Käferhaus” arbeitet die internationale Trendberatung CScout mit Hauptsitz in New York und weiteren Büros in München, Tokio und Peking daran, dass ihr Kunden keine wichtigen Trends verpassen. Wir wollten vom Geschäftsführer Monty C. M. Metzger wissen, warum seine Kunden darauf vertrauen, bei Trendthemen aufs richtige Pferd zu setzen.

Der gesamte Artikel ist hier als PDF Version zum Download:
Artikel: IDS Scheer Inside – Heißen Trends auf der Spur (PDF Version, 5,2 MB)


Deutsche Sport Hilfe

The “Deutsche Sport Hilfe” invited to the yearly “Fest der Begegnungen” in Munich.
I also attended the “Kuratorium”-Meeting – this is the meeting of all supporters of the “Deutsche Sport Hilfe”.

Fest der Begegnungen - Deutsche Sport Hilfe

Deutsche Sport Hilfe Kuratorium


Frankfurt – Olympia Partner Meeting 2006

Today I’ve attended the 2006 Olympia Partner Meeting in Frankfurt. This year Lufthansa was the host of the exclusive event.
We are supporting the preperations for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing. Due to our local office in Beijing we are already in a couple of projects, like TrendTours, Trend-Reports etc.

DSM Partner Meeting 2006

Colja and me in front of the big engine.

Monty + Lufthansa Engine

Colja + Lufthansa Engine


May be the best Restaurant near Zürich

Eder’s Restaurant Eichmühle is one the best Restaurants near Zürich in Switzerland. We enoyed the delicious food and perfect wine (thanks to Juri).

Here is Mr. Eder – the chef the cuisine on the terrasse with view to the Lake of Zürich.

Mr. Eder - Eders Eichmuehle

Here is the Address:

Eder’s Eichmühle
Eder Jürgen
Neugutstrasse 993
8820 Wädenswil


Second Life Business

Great Article about Second Life by Business Week:
Second Life Lessons –
Real-world businesses face the costs and learn the benefits of setting up shop in the online universe

Here are three Key-Statements:
– within the 3D universe of Second Life, the growing Web-based world with more than 1 million “residents,” who collectively spend $7 million a month on virtual land, products, and services

– While advertising’s traditional media seem to be losing eyeballs, the population of Second Life is growing at 35% per month and its economy at 15% per month.

– For a company considering jumping into Second Life now, serious homework is needed. Competition among big brands is heating up. It’s no longer enough to be the first in an industry to launch a presence in Second Life. Just as Toyota, and now Nissan and General Motors, conducted market research in the digital world before unveiling its plan to sell virtual cars next month, savvy corporations and their Second Life developers must carefully analyze the competition and differentiate their products.


TrendSlam Review

Munich: TrendSlam at CScout
Review via PSFK:

Also check out the Pictures on Flickr.

PSFK were kindly invited to participate at the TrendSlam Munich event held by trend consultancy CScout in Munich. TrendSlam is a Pechakucha-like format, which allows speakers only five minutes of presentation time. TrendSlammers (PSFK lingo 🙂 were given five minutes.

The line-up was quite impressive, with topics ranging from sofa gaming via web2.0 applications to IPTV. The format itself really should be considered by event organisers; in practice, the audience only takes away the odd point of a presentation, be it 20 minutes or an hour long. So why not, rather than having few speakers with lenghty points, have plenty of speakers with one single “sell”?

Following are our notes from the presentations:

Monty Metzger, CScout

Monty kicked off the event by taking a view on three points:
1) Trend: a trend is a parameter (economic etc) that is developing, which will take an affect on our everyday lives. The trends that are presented at today’s TrendSlam will all matter in the near future.
2) Research.
3) International: important to be international in order to know what is happening elsewhere, Some trends are ahead of us (europe), therefore it is vital to know what is happening elsewhere before they arrive here.

Continue Reading..


Trend Slam in Munich

We will host the first Trend Slam in Munich.

This will be a great and exciting event.
We are also integrated on the Media Days Website as a event within the whole conference:

Confirmed Speakers are:
* Dr. Horst Stipp, Senior Vice President, Primary and Strategic Research NBC Universal, New York.
* Stefan Jenzowsky, Vice President COM Strategy & Head of Business Innovation, Siemens.
* Jürgen Habichler, Senior Associate, Atlas Venture.
* Felix Petersen, Co-Founder, Plazes
* Rene Baisch, Founder & Director Business Development, Sofatronic.
* Alex Albrecht, Electronic Sports League (ESL).
* Christoph Santner, Weimarer Visionen, The Future Kitchen.
* Ilaria Forte, Philippe Souidi and Monty Metzger, CScout.

So – see you soon.

TrendSlam Logo


Chinese Boutique Hotel with a “00” License

See and Seen Villa

We are doing a CScout Strategy Retreat at the “Commune Hotel by the Great Wall” in China.

And I have to tell you – we are feeling like in a James Bond Movie with a touch of “Dragon and Tiger”. The whole staff at the Hotel are dressed in black, wearing a small red star – they just look like in the movie “Goldfinger”.

The Villas are designed by chinese contemporary architects and are very impressive. A great place to stay for a couple of days.
Have a look at the Villas: Commune Hotel Villas.

Kempinski just took over the Hotel Project and will open a big second phase on September 23rd.


After Seven Brunch

Pro Sieben Brunch

Im Rahmen des Münchner Filmfestes fand heute ein Brunch von ProSieben statt. Unter dem Motto “Deutsche Fiction” traf sich die deutsche Filmbranche in der Cafe Reitschule in München.
Danke Christian für die Einladung.

Ich habe einige Personen die ich bereits auf der Belinale kennen gelernt habe wiedergetroffen. Zudem erfuhr ich mehr über die aktuellen Projekte von Boris und Heio. Gesichtet habe ich u.a. auch Marie Waldburg und Max von Thun.

Ein Insider erzählte mir mehr über den Dreh von James Bond, der u.a. vorige Woche in Venedig stattfand. Dabei fuhr der neue Bond, Daniel Craig, mehrmals die venezianischen Kanäle rauf und runter… Ob das für eine Bond-Nachfolge reicht werden wir wohl erst im Herbst erfahren – wenn der Bond-Film “Casino Royale” in die Kinos kommt.


Review TrendLab 2006

TrendLab 2006 CScout Global Trend View
TrendLab 2006 CScout Global Trend View
TrendLab 2006 CScout Global Trend View

In the last three weeks we have been busy presenting our “Global Trend View” on the TrendLab 2006. The event hosted by Vok Dams took place in Wuppertal, Hamburg and Munich.

All together there have been over 300 people attending the conferences. Participants learned more about “Mixed Tapes” by Daimler Chrysler, “Businesss in China” by Vok Dams China and about the Red Bull AirRace.

Furthermore participants could experience the “Global Trend View”, an interactive application to watch and rate trends developed by CScout. The application was presented on a couple of brand new iMac’s, which was definetely one of the visual highlights of the event.
Many thanks to Apple Computer and HSD Consult for providing the iMac’s. 🙂

CScout presented five key-trends from Korea, China, USA and Europe. Short Videos visualized the trends, each explained by one of our local Trend-Scouts. After watching the short videos the participants rated each trend and could see the final results of the rating.

Here are the trends we presented:
– Social Networking
– Consumer Generated Media
– Web 2.0
– China’s way to the olymp
– Green Revolution


Zurück ins Mittelalter

Kaltenberger Ritter Turnier 2006

Am Wochenende tauchten wir in die Welt des Kaltenberger Ritterturniers.

Wirklich sehr beeindruckend und mitreissend.
Die Zeitreise findet im Schloss Kaltenberg statt und bezieht das 95.000 Quadratmeter große Gelände für Turnier, Mittelaltermarkt und Straßenfest komplett mit ein.

Größtes Ritterturnier und größter Mittelaltermarkt der Neuzeit.
Mehrere Hunderttausend Besucher strömen an den 10 Veranstaltungstagen im Juli 2006 zum Schloss Kaltenberg (50 km nordwestlich von München), um in das einmalige Flair der Veranstaltung einzutauchen, um eine Zeitreise ins Mittelalter zu erleben. Das Kaltenberger Ritterturnier unterstreicht mit dem Ritterturnier 2006 einmal mehr eindrucksvoll und erfolgreich zwei Ansprüche: Ein echtes Familienfest und gleichzeitig größtes und bestes Ritterturnier der Welt zu sein. Wer will da fehlen, wenn der Hausherr Luitpold Prinz von Bayern im Juli 2006 wieder ruft: „Das Turnier möge beginnen!“?

Aber das Kaltenberger Ritterturnier ist ja mehr als nur das beste Ritterturnier der Neuzeit – da ist der große mittelalterliche Handwerkermarkt mit mehr als 100 Ständen mit ausgesucht schönen Angeboten, das ist das 8-stündige Rahmenprogramm mit Gauklern, Narren, Musikanten, Tänzern, Schaukämpfen, Barbaren, Rittern, und da sind die Schänken, Tavernen und Biergärten, die zu Kaltenberg einfach untrennbar dazugehören.