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We want the Transrapid!

In Munich there is a big discussion these days about the Maglev-Train from the airport to Munich-Downtown. I don’t understand the issue. It is a german technology and the train is much more cost- and energy efficient than any other train.

High Speed Transrapid
The german ICE is much more expensive due to the high repair and maintenance cost, but the big cooperations want to make money and do not want to kill their own money machine.

Due to the lack of physical contact between the track and the vehicle, there is no rolling friction, leaving only air resistance.

The Transrapid technology is already many years old and it the best example how slow Germany can be. So don’t discuss about it – we want the Transrapid!

The Shanghai maglev cost 9.93 billion yuan (US$1.2 billion) to build. This total includes infrastructure capital costs such as manufacturing and construction facilities, and operational training. While high-speed maglevs are expensive to build, they are less expensive to operate and maintain than traditional high-speed trains, planes or intercity buses.

As Marcel Reichart also described on his latest trip to china: “Germany is slow, China is the future.”


New York Times Stops Subscription for Online Website

New York Times Logo The New York Times will stop charging for access to parts of its Web site, effective at midnight Tuesday night, reflecting a growing view in the industry that subscription fees cannot outweigh the potential ad revenue from increased traffic on a free site.

What changed, The Times said, was that many more readers started coming to the site from search engines and links on other sites instead of coming directly to These indirect readers, unable to get access to articles behind the pay wall and less likely to pay subscription fees than the more loyal direct users, were seen as opportunities for more page views and increased advertising revenue.

“What wasn’t anticipated was the explosion in how much of our traffic would be generated by Google, by Yahoo and some others,” Ms. Schiller said.

Many readers lamented their loss of access to the work of the 23 news and opinion columnists of The Times — as did some of the columnists themselves. Some of those writers have such ardent followings that even with access restricted, their work often appeared on the lists of the most e-mailed articles.

Link to Article: Times to Stop Charging for Parts of Its Web Site


Red Bull Air Race – Interlaken

This weekend Katarina and I are visiting the Red Bull Air Race in Interlaken. Today we watched the qualification of the pilots.

Thomas showed us around behind the scene of the TV production. The professional team are producing everything on HD-Quality. All plains, screens and cameras are connected wireless. Amazing.

Red Bull Air Race


First Look at Google Video / You Tube Advertising

Today I found a Video from a YouTube User showing the new in-video advertising system for Youtube and Google Video.
Google developed a integrative and intuative solution with an overlay over the running video. It looks pretty easy to use.

Here you can have a look:

Via: Marketing & Strategy Blog


Opening the Q110 – the Deutsche Bank of the future – in Second Life

Monty Go in front of Q110 - Deutche Bank der Zukunft - in Second Life
Today is the big opening of the Second Life project of Q110 – the Deutsche Bank of the future. After many hard working days and nights we are proud to open this exciting project to the public. CScout is attending the Press-Conference today in Berlin, too.

The project-work together with IBM and Vok Dams was powerful and great fun.
More Information on Q110 and the whole project is online at


How the iPhone will change the wireless business

Om Malik wrote a great article about how the iPhone will change the wireless business.

Here are the five key-points:
<1> – A true web applications platform for the mobile
<2> – Break the Wireless Walled Gardens
<3> – Shift of control to the customers
<4> – Slow demise of subsidized, boring phones filled with bloat ware
<5> – Keep it simple or else


CScout veranstaltet Trend Reise nach New York

New York ist der internationale Hot Spot für Trends und Innovationen. Erleben Sie die Zukunft dort wo sie entsteht und nützen diesen Vorsprung für Ihr Business. Folgen Sie uns auf eine dreitägige TrendTour und erleben sie die Trends von morgen mit den Themen: „The Future of Media“, „The Future of Marketing“ and „Consumer Generated Media“.

TrendTour New York 2007

Für alle Führungskräfte, die wissen wollen, wie man Trends im Medien- und Marketingbereich für Ihr Business nutzen kann, organisiert CScout eine „Executive TrendTour in New York“. Dabei erleben die Teilnehmer die neusten Trends live vor Ort, erhalten exklusive Einblicke in Innovationen und Strategien und diskutieren mit Unternehmen und Experten.

Ansprechpartner für weitere Informationen und Programmdetails ist Christian Engel, Telefon: 089 – 23 22 56 77. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist auf 20 begrenzt.

Hier finden Sie das Programm zum Download:


Joost Commercial

I like how the team of Joost is explaining their technology and idea via a very simple commercial.

Have a Look:


Future of Robotic

Last week there was a big meeting of Robo-Engineers in Tokyo.
Here is my favorite Robo – Video.


Testing the PlayStation 3

This weekend was dedicated to the new Playstation 3. I already tested the new online function and tried to drive a car with the new motion-controller.

There have been big Launch Event in Germany. The biggest was in Berlin in the “Sony Center”. Here is a short Video of the Party:

But If you check out this Video – a viral-video for the Nintendo Wii:


Testing “Future of TV” – Joost

Joost Logo
Today I started to test a new TV Service – “Future of TV” – called “Joost“.
The initial project was known as “The Venice Project” and was now formed into a new company. The StartUp is founded by the Skype and Kazaa Founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström.

Thank you Martin, for inviting me as a “Beta Tester”.

For more information about “Joost” I recommend the current Wired Article: “Why Joost is good for TV”.


Future of Mobile Devices

It was great attending the DLD in Munich. The conference was extremely interesting and I met a lot of people from the blogging, web 2.0 and media industry again.

We are all excited about the iPhone created by Apple.

Apple Computer Inc. launched the iPhone and decided to drop the “computer” out of its name. I guess that as it entered the world of mobile phones computer was not the appropriate way of naming Apple. Nokia however … told me that we should not refer to the N Series phones as phones since they were NOT phones but ….computers. (via Martin)

I think the technology in the iPhone is great and exciting.
But now it is also clear that Apple has a really good Trend-Spotting network to find out the coolest idea.

Here is one example of the Multi-Touch Display presented in 2005.

And here you can see the latest developments by NOKIA….


CScout starts Trend TV Show

This is our first Video of the “CScout Trend TV Show”….

The first Video is a Visit to the cool Hotel “Commune by the Great Wall” near Beijing China.


Second Life Business

Great Article about Second Life by Business Week:
Second Life Lessons –
Real-world businesses face the costs and learn the benefits of setting up shop in the online universe

Here are three Key-Statements:
– within the 3D universe of Second Life, the growing Web-based world with more than 1 million “residents,” who collectively spend $7 million a month on virtual land, products, and services

– While advertising’s traditional media seem to be losing eyeballs, the population of Second Life is growing at 35% per month and its economy at 15% per month.

– For a company considering jumping into Second Life now, serious homework is needed. Competition among big brands is heating up. It’s no longer enough to be the first in an industry to launch a presence in Second Life. Just as Toyota, and now Nissan and General Motors, conducted market research in the digital world before unveiling its plan to sell virtual cars next month, savvy corporations and their Second Life developers must carefully analyze the competition and differentiate their products.


eSports in Munich

Been to the “Intel Friday Night Games” in Munich.

A great event to watch the best german eSport Athletes. The whole event was organized by Tobi from the Electronic Sports League (ESL).

Furthermore I spoke to the head of the Chinese eSports League. He told me that in China eSports is already an official Sport, accepted by the All China Sports Federation (ACSF) and the China Olympic Committee (COC).

I was impressed that in China there are over 40. Mio eSport Athletes. Over 1 Million people are “working” as a full-time Gamer and financing their living with eSports.

Intel Friday Night Games

Intel Friday Night Games


Virtual Brands

I just discovered two great movies about “Branding in Virtual Worlds”. Half a year ago we already prepared a customized TrendReport about “Branding in Virtual Worlds” like in The Sims 2 and Second Life for one of our customers.

Here you can now watch two good movies about this major Trend:
The First one explains the Branding in Virtual Worlds with examples like American Apparell or Adidas:

The second movie shows a good example about how to use Second Life as an advertising medium.


The perfect mobile device?

Nokia N95

I just read about the new Nokia Mobile-Phone the N95.

It is a kind of blackberry with GPS and a 5 mega-pixel camera.
This makes it a major tool for all local-based services.

The phone is a small video-camera and a high-quality foto – digicam all combined in one mobile… wow.

Nokia N95

See the press-release:
It’s what computers have become – the new Nokia N95
September 26, 2006

Nokia Open Studio 2006, New York, US – Nokia today introduced the Nokia N95, an all-in-one multimedia computer with a pioneering 2-way slide concept, integrated GPS functionality, a 5 megapixel camera and support for high-speed mobile networks, making it easier to watch and record videos, listen to songs, take high-quality photos, browse the internet, or catch up on email while on the move.
read more.


Innovation Spirit

Innovation Spirit

I found this poster at the office of an international company in europe.

“Inventions … taking things we already know, and connecting them in new patterns.”
(Art Fry)

But I think even the first step “taking things we already know” is not as easy as it sounds.