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CondéNet starts innovative ePublishing format for Vogue and Vanity Fair

As promised I had been at CondéNet today for an interesting interview with Marc Hoenke, Country Manager Germany. Vogue and Vanity Fair launched a new format for parts of their online website.

Interview: Marc Hoenke, Country Manager Germany, give insights, backgrounds and an outlook of their new project

See it in action: Marc Hoenke gives us a tour through the new online magazine.


Exclusive: Media-Innovation through glossy online magazine?

Media-Innovation? High gloss Online Magazine?
Today, Condé Nast starts an innovative new project in Germany. The websites of Vogue and VanityFair get a new glossy online magazine. Brands like HERMES and HUGO BOSS love this new format and placed ads in the first issue. Marketing executive can finally place their full-page ads like in a normal fashion or lifestyle magazine, but in combination with the interactivity of the web.

But how useful and intuitive is such a “Media – Miki” in reality?
I will ask this question today at an exclusive interview with the creators of the MIKI, IntelliMedia and Condé Nast.
The full interview and more reviews will follow later. But I will be giving live updates “on the go” at my Twitter Channel:

Vogue Medien-Innovation MIKI ePublishing



Alvin Wang Graylin about Mobile Search in China

Minfo is the leading mobile / wireless search platform in China. Alvin Wang Graylin is the CEO and Co-Founder of Minfo. They started four years ago and have already reached over 13 million users. They have just signed a cooperation with China Telecom to be the exclusive mobile search and mobile advertising provider. This will give Minfo access to over 350 million China Telecom subscribers, over 100 million with mobile internet access.

Alvin told me about the differences to Internet-based search and how the satisfy the mobile users. Mobile Search is not entering one keyword and get a list of links back, it is more about answering one question. Minfo is offering SMS-based and Mobile Internet based services. Searches via mobile web are taking around 50% of all searches (and 50% via SMS), but is increasing rapidly. They developed a semantic search method and support several languages.

Here is the Video Interview filmed at the Monaco Media Forum 2008:


Esther the Astronaut!

Video Interview with Esther Dyson about her current “Astronaut Training” at Star City, Russia. She is reporting about her experiences and the hard training at Space Adventures on her Flight School Blog.

Interview filmed at the Monaco Media Forum 2008 at the Monte Carlo Bay Hotel.


Fotos of the Monaco Media Forum 2008

I posted a few Fotos of the Monaco Media Forum 2008 on my Flickr Account.