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Invitations to Joost

I have five invitations to become a beta-tester at Joost. If you want to be invited just send me an eMail:
monty (at) monty (dot) de


Justin wears a live webcam 24 hours a day…

Justin TV
“Justin wears the camera 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even in the bathroom. Even on a date. Justin will wear the camera until the day he dies. By which we mean if he takes it off, we’ll kill him”., via Loic.


Future of Robotic

Last week there was a big meeting of Robo-Engineers in Tokyo.
Here is my favorite Robo – Video.


Testing “Future of TV” – Joost

Joost Logo
Today I started to test a new TV Service – “Future of TV” – called “Joost“.
The initial project was known as “The Venice Project” and was now formed into a new company. The StartUp is founded by the Skype and Kazaa Founders Janus Friis and Niklas Zennström.

Thank you Martin, for inviting me as a “Beta Tester”.

For more information about “Joost” I recommend the current Wired Article: “Why Joost is good for TV”.


No Google Video in China

Chinese Internet is limited and Wikipedia is not accessible.
But I didn’t know that Google Video is also not working.

Google Video in China


Second Life Business

Great Article about Second Life by Business Week:
Second Life Lessons –
Real-world businesses face the costs and learn the benefits of setting up shop in the online universe

Here are three Key-Statements:
– within the 3D universe of Second Life, the growing Web-based world with more than 1 million “residents,” who collectively spend $7 million a month on virtual land, products, and services

– While advertising’s traditional media seem to be losing eyeballs, the population of Second Life is growing at 35% per month and its economy at 15% per month.

– For a company considering jumping into Second Life now, serious homework is needed. Competition among big brands is heating up. It’s no longer enough to be the first in an industry to launch a presence in Second Life. Just as Toyota, and now Nissan and General Motors, conducted market research in the digital world before unveiling its plan to sell virtual cars next month, savvy corporations and their Second Life developers must carefully analyze the competition and differentiate their products.


eSports in Munich

Been to the “Intel Friday Night Games” in Munich.

A great event to watch the best german eSport Athletes. The whole event was organized by Tobi from the Electronic Sports League (ESL).

Furthermore I spoke to the head of the Chinese eSports League. He told me that in China eSports is already an official Sport, accepted by the All China Sports Federation (ACSF) and the China Olympic Committee (COC).

I was impressed that in China there are over 40. Mio eSport Athletes. Over 1 Million people are “working” as a full-time Gamer and financing their living with eSports.

Intel Friday Night Games

Intel Friday Night Games


The perfect mobile device?

Nokia N95

I just read about the new Nokia Mobile-Phone the N95.

It is a kind of blackberry with GPS and a 5 mega-pixel camera.
This makes it a major tool for all local-based services.

The phone is a small video-camera and a high-quality foto – digicam all combined in one mobile… wow.

Nokia N95

See the press-release:
It’s what computers have become – the new Nokia N95
September 26, 2006

Nokia Open Studio 2006, New York, US – Nokia today introduced the Nokia N95, an all-in-one multimedia computer with a pioneering 2-way slide concept, integrated GPS functionality, a 5 megapixel camera and support for high-speed mobile networks, making it easier to watch and record videos, listen to songs, take high-quality photos, browse the internet, or catch up on email while on the move.
read more.


Review Google Trends

Google Trends was just launched recently.

I checked the functions and compared it to BlogPulse which is online since a couple of years.

If you search for “PS3” – Play Station 3 – for example you see a very goood search results with completely new criterias.

PS3 Results

Here are some of the most important functions:

– News Volume compared to Search Volume.
– C ategorization and Selection of Years, Period and Regions.
– Major milestones are marked with arrows.
– Major news-articles for these milestones are presented on the right.

What should be improved?:
– There is no number of the news volume listed. At BlogPulse they show the percentage rate of the trend, which is helpful.
– Show translations of major news-articles, too.
– Compare it to Google Zeitgeist and show differences.
– etc….

Any more ideas?


Fascinating: Snake-Robot from Japan

Powered by a lithium-ion battery, the ACM-R5 is a radio-controlled amphibious robot designed to move like its real world counterpart. It can slither or swim underwater for 30 minutes on a full charge. Inside, you’ll find an intricate sensor system (attitude/torque), small-sized camera, and a 32bit micro controller. Watch a video clip….

(Via Techeblog)


Roboter Grand Prix in Japan

In Japan wurden vor kurzem ein offizieller Roboter Grand Prix ausgetragen. Bei den Wettkämpfen treten Roboter gegeneinander zum Kampf an.

Robo One GP

Roboter JapanRoboter Kid Functions

Roboter Kid


Live from Ozo Car, New York

Live from Ozo Car in New York.

Driving in an eco-hybrid-car to JFK Airport. We have 200 Satellite Radio Stations on bord. Furthermore Ozocar offers an iBook with 3G Internet connections. Isn’t that cool?

Ozo Car


Tagging the real world.

Tag Semapedia

Habe nun einen Semapedia Tag auf dem Viktualienmarkt in München platziert.

Mit einem Fotohandy und einer kleinen Application von Semapedia kann man die Barcode abfotografieren und kommt direkt auf die mobile Website.
In diesem Fall auf die Wikipedia Seite zum Thema Viktualienmarkt.

Hier sind alle Fotos zu finden.

Die CScout Trendberatung ist Partner von Semapedia.


Flugzeug Tracking

Ich habe heute FlighAware entdeckt. (Via Joi)

Das System registriert sämtliche Flugzeuge weltweit und biete eine ausgefeilte Suchfunktion. So kann man eine Boing 747 von einer Cesna unterscheiden oder gezielt nach einem Lufthansa Flug suchen.

Flight Aware


Google Analytics
Google Analytics Case

Ich habe heute Google Analytics endeckt.

Das System ist ein professionelles Analyse und Tracking Tool. Dabei kann man sofort sehen welche Suchbegriffe effektiv sind und welche sich nicht lohnen. Zudem kann man beliebe Webseiten auswerten und analysieren.

Das System ist bereits zum Start in viele Sprachen verfügbar und ist kostenfrei.

Ich habe nun meinen Blog angemeldet und bin schon auf die ersten Auswertungen gespannt.

Hier die Beschreibung von Google zu Ihren neuen Service:

Introducing Google Analytics.
Sophisticated. Easy. Free.

Google Analytics tells you everything you want to know about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site. You’ll be able to focus your marketing resources on campaigns and initiatives that deliver ROI, and improve your site to convert more visitors.
Sophisticated, yet easy to use.

We believe that web analytics should be simple and sophisticated at the same time. We’ve designed Google Analytics to have enterprise level capabilities and yet still be accessible to anyone who wants to improve their marketing and site design. Google Analytics delivers all the features you’d expect from a high-end web analytics offering, and provides timesaving AdWords integration features.
Integrated with AdWords.

If you have an AdWords account, you can use Google Analytics directly from the AdWords interface. Google Analytics is the only product that can automatically provide AdWords ROI metrics, without you having to import cost data or add tracking information to keywords. Of course, Google Analytics tracks all of your non-AdWords initiatives as well.

Google Analytics gives us an opportunity to invest in our advertisers and everyone else who wants to create quality content on the web. Instead of spending money on web analytics, you can focus on creating targeted, ROI-driven marketing campaigns, and on improving your site design and content.


Xbox 360 getestet

Xbox 360 and Devices

Der Kampf ums Wohnzimmer geht weiter.
Die neue Xbox 360.

Spannend ist, dass man seinen iPod, seine PSP oder auch die DigiCam anstecken kann.


Schlaue Weltkarte

Ein neue schlaue Weltkarte in Beta-Version: Platial

Jeder kann dort Plätze einfügen und mit Tags versehen.
CScout München und CScout New York sind hier zu finden.


WiMax als Weihnachtsgeschenk für Tokyo

Tokyo WiMax

In Tokyo wird ab Weihnachten 2005 ein flächendeckendes WiMax Netz einsatzfähig sein.
Für 55$ pro Jahr erhält man Zugang für das schnelle Internet-Netz.

This is a VERY nice Christmas gift for your beloved green space pig (aka me). The company called YOZAN is rolling out WiMAX access in Tokyo on Christmas day. You get WiMAX (IEEE802.16-2004) and a good 2.4Ghz WLAN for… 55 EUR per year!!
Immigration officers in a Japanese embassy near you can treat your asylum demands from today onwards!

From a technical point of view, you need to plug a USB key for authentication purposes in your PC, but they also mention PDA access, which seems a bit tricky, because plugging a USB stick in a PDA might prove more difficult than you’d imagine…
Via Akihabara News


Google Maps auf meinem Handy

Google Logo
Local for Mobile
Google Maps Phone

Als ich heute über diese Nachricht gestolpert bin, war ich erstaunt: Google Maps soll auch auf mobilen Endgeräten funktionieren.

Aber es ist möglich. Google hat eine kleine Java-Applikation enwickelt die Google Maps und Google Local auf dem mobilen Gerät verbindet.

Google GLM ist im Moment in der Beta Phase aber zeigt schon jetzt das ganze Potential der Entwicklung. So ist es möglich nach Begriffen (z.B. Pizza-Restaurant) zu suchen. Die Ergebnisse werden als Routenplan, Strassenkarte oder als Satelliten-Bild angezeigt.

Folgende Funktionen sind umgesetzt worden:
– Routenplaner: Wegbeschreibung von A nach B.
– Integrierte Suchergebnisse.
– Einfach zu bewegende Strassenkarte.
– Satelliten Bilder.

Die Java-Applikation ist kostenfrei auf zu haben.


Microsoft Live schließt Mac-User aus

Seit heute ist der neue Service von Microsoft namens “Microsoft Live” online.

Das System soll es ermöglichen seine Web-Feeds (RSS-Feeds), eMail und persönliche News zu verwalten. soll eine personalisierte Platform darstellen.

Leider scheiterte mein Versuch die Website mit meinem Safari Browser zu besichtigen.
Ein weiterer Versuch unter Firefox schlug auch fehl:
“Firefox support is coming soon. Please be patient :-)”

Aha – sind das die Apple-User im Nachteil?