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Interview with our local Trend Scout from South Korea: Danny Kim. The Video was recorded in a big bookstore in Seoul.


Viral Marketing at its Best

Note: Took the video out for now. You can check it out here:

Create your own movie, send it to friends, embed it into your blog, myspace profile or even your facebook account… try it. I really like it.


Video: Review Future Tour in Linz

This is a CScout Video Summary of the Future Tours at Ars Electrionica.

TheFutureTour is an exclusive Workshop-Format, wherein over the course of one day, the most important trends from the week long ARS Electronica Festival will be presented in business relevant terms.

Featuring speeches of Mo’Blast, Maptales, Summer Watson, Hupert Lepka, Joi Ito and many more…


Behind the Scene of the RedBull AirRace

A behind the scene look at the Red Bull AirRace in Interlaken, Switzerland in July 2007. See the professional HD TV production crew with the latest mobile communication equipment provided by Thomas’ Team at Riedel Communication.


Video: Red Bull Air Race – Interlaken

This is a review of the Red Bull Air Race in Interlaken, Switzerland. See the crazy pilots on the race track. Watch base-jumper flying from the sky and an amazing helicopter looping.

Special Thanks to Thomas and Riedel Communication to give us the great opportunity to visit the Red Bull Air Race in Interlaken.


First Look at Google Video / You Tube Advertising

Today I found a Video from a YouTube User showing the new in-video advertising system for Youtube and Google Video.
Google developed a integrative and intuative solution with an overlay over the running video. It looks pretty easy to use.

Here you can have a look:

Via: Marketing & Strategy Blog


Mogulus – iPhone Launch TV

Mogulus demonstrates what can be done with their technology with the iPhone Launch TV. Interesting short clips until 9AM EST when the coverage should be live and multicam. I like it and there were 15 simultaneous viewers when I tried a minute ago.

-> Note: I took out the player. Because it started automatically all the time.

Via Loic.


Automatic Generated TV Show

News at Seven is an automatic generated TV Show broadcasted online.

Have a look at this great format and imagine what will happen in a couple of years. An automated News Show is also a great idea for Google News and even for TV Stations around the world. This might change the future of TV dramatically.
Do we still need human TV-Presenters at all?

News at Seven is an automatic system that crafts daily news shows. It finds the news you are interested in; edits it; finds relevant images, videos, and external opinions; and then presents it all using a virtual news team working in a virtual studio. News at Seven is a uniquely compelling experience that can present traditional news–augmented with supplemental images, videos, and opinions from the blogosphere—all without human intervention.



Video: Urban Planning Museum Beijing

Here is a Video I produced during my last trip to Beijing. I now found some time to cut the whole Video and put it online.

At the Urban Planning Museum of Beijing you can see some futurist buildings (which are still in construction) and get a great overview of the city.


Widgets are great

Today I tested the Widget-Tool Your Minis.

I created a small widget within 2 minutes.

Here is the a widget which shows all Youtube Videos I made.

For more widgets please visit


Joost Commercial

I like how the team of Joost is explaining their technology and idea via a very simple commercial.

Have a Look:


Best view on the Olympic Green in Beijing

For the best view onto the Olympic Green you definetily have to book a room at the Morgan 7 Star Plaza in Beijing.
The building is just on the other side of the National Stadium and will be very high.

We visited the constructions site and produced a short video to give you an impression:

Here you can see a picture of the finished building:
Morgan Plaza Beijing

Link: Movie – China Trend: Morgan 7 Star Plaza, Beijing


Beijing is getting ready for 2008

I visited the Olympic Green, especially the Olympic Stadium and the Swimming Center. There are still many constructions going on but the buildings are getting in shape for the Olympics.

Here is a short video-clip we produced in front of the stadiums.

Link: Movie – China Trend: Olympic Stadium Beijing


No Google Video in China

Chinese Internet is limited and Wikipedia is not accessible.
But I didn’t know that Google Video is also not working.

Google Video in China


Visiting the Olympic Media Center in Beijing

During a TrendTour at the End of 2006 we visited the Olympic Media Center in Beijing, China. Beijing is preparing for the Olympic Games in 2008 and our local Team is reporting about the newest developments to keep our customers on the pulse.

This is the Video with Interviews and Backgrounds about the preparations for the Olympic Games 2008 in Beijing.


CScout starts Trend TV Show

This is our first Video of the “CScout Trend TV Show”….

The first Video is a Visit to the cool Hotel “Commune by the Great Wall” near Beijing China.