• Motivational Keynote speaker Monty Metzger inspired and surprised our audience. At the same time he showed practical examples from around the world to implement innovative technologies immediately – creating the future today.

    Abu Dhabi Future Leaders Summit
  • Digital Leadership is a combination of inspiration and execution – Monty’s keynote speech showcased both aspects in detail – truly inspirational, informational and entertaining.

    Oracle Innovation Program
  • Monty has traveled the world to uncover the patterns behind why some places do innovate while others fall behind.

    TED Conference
  • OMV Future of Energy Conference
  • Success in our business hinges much on timely quality introductions coupled with a deep understanding of the technology and services in our sight. Monty excels on both counts and in the process is terrific.

    Andreas Wuerfel - Managing Director at Deutsche Telekom USA
  • He is a truly engaged and great speaker. Monty has an ability to look at complex problems from a different and innovative point of view. He engages his audience with his insight, passion and a dash of humor, challenging us to seek out the important goals and care for them in a direct and thoughtful way.

    Gregor Bieler - CEO at MICROSOFT EMEA
  • Monty is a captivating & energetic speaker who can draw in his audience instantly.

    Philipp Encz - Co-Head of Global Corporate PR at SIEMENS
  • Monty makes the extraordinary look simple. If the Future, he has his finger on its pulse and knows how to help others see quickly the important trends that will impact all our business lives.

    Prof. Dr. Charles Savage