About Monty C. M. Metzger

Monty C. M. Metzger is the CEO and Founder of LCX, a regulated blockchain company headquartered in Liechtenstein that operates a cryptocurrency exchange. Monty has over 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor in the tech industry.

He started his first internet company at 18, and later founded a future research firm with offices in multiple countries. He has also been a pioneer in the world of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, and has worked with institutions, governments, and startups on tokenization, initial coin offerings, and security token offerings.

He is also a founding partner emeritus at a venture capital firm and has invested in technology companies globally. He is a professional keynote speaker with over two decades of experience and has been invited to speak at numerous high-level conferences around the world including the World Economic Forum.

Twitter @montymetzger