Keynote: Decrypting Crypto at WEF India Economic Summit 2019

I had the honor to speak at the World Economic Forum‘s India Economic Summit 2019 #IES19 last week. The session was called ‚DECRYPTING CRYPTO‘ and the audience was a mixture of policy makers, government representatives, journalists, corporate leaders as well as finance experts. In collaboration with Nitin Sharma and Punit Shukla we were reflecting the most burning questions of the fast moving #Blockchain industry while outlining the key opportunities and risks.

Monty Metzger - Keynote Speech at World Economic ForumMy key thesis of my keynote was ‚Blockchain is to the money, what Email was to the letter‘.
– How will cryptography and blockchain technology secure digital asset? Establishing the Internet of Value.

– How will the Token Economy empower global trade? What impact will Stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currencies CBDCs, Facebook’s Libra have on the economy, society and business?

– How will the open, decentralized and transparent architecture of blockchain enable improved, more efficient and automated compliance for Know your customer #KYC, Anti-Money-Laundry #AML, Counter Terrorist Financing?

– How #eMoney, #cryptocurrencies and tokenized assets are powered by smart contracts creating programmable money and programmable assets?

It’s not about if this will happen.
It’s about who will lead in this digital future.