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The digital plaster

Today I found the digiatl plaster.
An Innovation made in England by Toumaz.

Digital Pflaster 2

Toumaz Technology believes that demands on healthcare throughout the developed world are changing. The combination of the global demographic trend towards an ageing population coupled with a sedentary western lifestyle and poor diet is leading to higher probability and earlier onset of chronic disease. Factoring in the growing patient demands for personalised treatment, medicine and services, the result is huge cost pressures on healthcare.

Healthcare information systems in use today were mainly designed to manage acute illness, such as infections and injury, making them ill-equipped to cope with the growing requirement for pervasive monitoring of long-term conditions. With healthcare budgets already overstretched and fewer carers – professional and non-professional – available to meet these increased needs, the forecasted additional demands are simply unsustainable using current practice. A new paradigm is required.

Digital Pflaster 1

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The perfect mobile device?

Nokia N95

I just read about the new Nokia Mobile-Phone the N95.

It is a kind of blackberry with GPS and a 5 mega-pixel camera.
This makes it a major tool for all local-based services.

The phone is a small video-camera and a high-quality foto – digicam all combined in one mobile… wow.

Nokia N95

See the press-release:
It’s what computers have become – the new Nokia N95
September 26, 2006

Nokia Open Studio 2006, New York, US – Nokia today introduced the Nokia N95, an all-in-one multimedia computer with a pioneering 2-way slide concept, integrated GPS functionality, a 5 megapixel camera and support for high-speed mobile networks, making it easier to watch and record videos, listen to songs, take high-quality photos, browse the internet, or catch up on email while on the move.
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Microsoft Live schließt Mac-User aus

Seit heute ist der neue Service von Microsoft namens “Microsoft Live” online.

Das System soll es ermöglichen seine Web-Feeds (RSS-Feeds), eMail und persönliche News zu verwalten. soll eine personalisierte Platform darstellen.

Leider scheiterte mein Versuch die Website mit meinem Safari Browser zu besichtigen.
Ein weiterer Versuch unter Firefox schlug auch fehl:
“Firefox support is coming soon. Please be patient :-)”

Aha – sind das die Apple-User im Nachteil?


Einfach Leben.

Real Simple Magazin Japan

Der Trend “Simplicity” zeigt sich in Japan in der Verlagsbranche. Der japanische Verlag Nikkei Busines Publications hat nun das Amerikanische Magazin Real Simple USA in Japan gestartet.

Unter dem Namen “Real Simple” gibt es nun die japanische Version des Magazines in den Zeitschriftenläden in Japan zu haben.


“Anti-Energy Drink”

Ich habe gestern in meiner Mini-Bar in London einen “Anti-Energy Drink” entdeckt.
Ein sogenannter “Calm down and Relax Drink” – also mehr als nur ein gesundes Getränk. Es sorgt angeblich für Entspannung und tut einfach gut…

Die Dose steht neben Red Bull im Kühlschrank. Also am besten vor dem Abend ein Red Bull und danach so ein Calm Down Drink 🙂

Calm Down Drink - Anti-Energy Drink