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How is Mobile Computing Changing the Entrepreneurial Game? #Keynote

Last week I was speaking at the Digital Entrepreneur Leadership Forum (DELF) 2015 at Cyberport in Hong Kong. The topic of the session was “The Rise of Mobile Everything: How is Mobile Computing Changing the Entrepreneurial Game?”

After my short impulse keynote I joined a panel discussion moderated by Edith Yeung, Partner at 500 Mobile Collective. Other panelists were
Aykut Karaalioglu (Founder & CEO, Mobile Action – USA), George Staikos (Founder & CEO, Topology – Canada) and Raymond Yip (Co-Founder & CEO, Shopline – China).

Here are a few impressions…






The End of Money as we know it: How Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Digital Money disrupt our financial system?

This week I had been invited hold a keynote speech about the revolution Bitcoin started in the financial world. The topic of my speech was:

The End of Money as we know it:
How Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin and Digital Money disrupt our financial system?

Bitcoin is to money, as the internet was to information.
Smart entrepreneurs and early stage investors have recognized the tremendous power the concept of digital currency, especially Bitcoin, has brought to light. Hundreds of StartUps like Xapo, Circle, BitStamp are developing a new industry with the monetary support of some of the most acclaimed venture investors worldwide.

The trend of Cryptocurrencies is raising many new questions. How will the future of money look like? Will we have one global currency? Will bitcoin be the end of paper money? Who will be the key players in the digital currency industry?

Here you can find out more about my speaking engagements.


Join me at Webrazzi Agenda “Mobile Internet” February 10th 2010 in Istanbul

Webrazzi Tech Blog Webrazzi is the leading Turkish tech blog. This is like Techcrunch of US. They’ll be organizing 10 different events through 2010 and Mobile Internet conference is the 3rd one in the series. First two was about e-commerce and social media. They call these series of events “Webrazzi Gündem” which means “Webrazzi Agenda”. So, the name of the next event is “Webrazzi Agenda: Mobile Internet”. The event will be on February 10th, 2010, at Istanbul Elite World Hotel.

I will give a speech about my book “Future of Mobile”.
See the blog post at

There will be 200 attendees and they are mostly mid-high level executives and startup founders. They’ll cover mobile internet usage in Turkey, mobile apps market and future, opportunities in the market and especially opportunities for Turkish entrepreneurs.

You can check out Webrazzi event site at


Speech at M-Days 2010

M-Days is the biggest Mobile Media Conference in germany and one of the most relevant in Europe. I will be hold a keynote and present a few insights from the open think tank focusing on the future of Mobile Media as well as from my book “Mobile Future @mocom2020“.

The topic of my session at M-Days is called: “Mobile Trends 2020, Mobile Commerce and App-Video-TV. What comes next in Europe?”

M-Days Munich, 2010

From the M-Day programme:
Mobile Trends 2020, Mobile Commerce and App-Video-TV. What comes next in Europe?

The Google/Admob acquisition sends out a clear signal to the market: mobile is different and mobile is hot. The advance of touchscreen devices, app stores and new advertising approaches/formats are all coming together in a new kind of interactive mobile internet, a brave new place where new content, new experiences and even new mobile search services will set the bar. Mobile Trends 2020, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Video and TV.

  • Overview of the mobile trends 2020 and key-apps
  • Overview of mobile commerce of today – applications and options that drive ARPU, customer acquisition and retention
  • Paying for content – why now and why not?
  • Implementation and integration – an overview on the implementation of a full service mobile commerce solution – the lessons learnt and shared
  • Overview of the mobile TV and video landscape of today
  • Content: Why is Disney channel the most popular channel on mobile TV in Europe? And why are CNN so small compared to BBC? Viewing behaviour on mobile TV differs from normal TV.
  • The power of the iPhone in driving creation and consumption of video and mobile TV services via mobile

Speakers include:

Mocom 2020 – The next ten years! Key trends for Mobile Media and Communication
Ahead of Time, Monty C. M. Metzger, Managing Director/Trendscout

Service2Media- mobile innovation company Netherland, Peter Broekroelofs, CTO

M-App: iPhone Puts Mobile TV In The Picture
Rubberduck Media Lab AS, Ola Svartberg, CEO
Karin Du Rietz, pertains top 50 Women in mobile content

Heroes of the mobile screen and mobile search analytic
Moderation: MSearchGroove, Peggy Anne Salz, Founder and Chief Anaylst


Speaking at Mobile Media World in Toronto

I will be speaking at Mobile Media World 2009 in Toronto next week. The event is part of the Mobile Innovation Week and features a selection of the leading experts in the mobile and telecommunication industry.

I will be speaking about key trends for the next decade of mobile media and will presented my latest publication
Mobile Future @mocom2020: A collaborative vision of the future of Mobile Media and Communication

MMW 2009


Motivational Speech by Gary Vaynerchuk

The speech by Gary Vaynerchuk at this year’s Web 2.0 Expo in New York is informational, astonishing and really funny at the sime time.

And he’s right: “Stop doing things you hate”.


Speech: “The trends of tomorrow, already today”

Yesterday I hold a keynote speech at the Annual Meeting of the German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bvh).
My speech title was “Ahead of Time – The Trends of tomorrow, already today”.

The Annual Meeting was hold in a great atmosphere at a huge cinema close to the “Medienhafen” in Duesseldorf, Germany.

Here is my speech:


Ahead of Time: the future of the digital medialandscape.


Today I hold a speech at the ADC management dialog seminar in Berlin. I was talking about how you can analyse global trends and use them for your marketing strategies.

Unfortunately it is only in german – See my german Blog:

Here are the slides….


Speech: Art Directors Club

In May 2008 I will be speaking at the ADC Management Dialog in Berlin.
It will be on the 29th and 30th of April 2008 at Berlin School of Creative Leadership.

ADC Logo

The Event is called “New Media, New Ways.”.
More Information on the ADC Website.

I am excited to be part of the event and look forward to meet you all in Berlin.


“Free” – Watching the speech by Chris Anderson

Chris Anderson, Free
CScout wrote about his latest book project by Chris Anderson, called “Free”.

I am just watching his speech hold at the “Nokia World 2007”:
Free – The Past and Future of a Radical Price.

I like the idea of thinking of expensive things becoming free. Chris is mentioning several areas which became “free”: computer processors, semiconductors, bandwidth, storage etc…

You can watch the speech here:


Speech: The Future of Digital Life

Presentation at the GfM Special “Media 3.0” in Leipzig.