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Keynote Speech FIA Mobility Conference Tokyo Japan

I was invited to hold the opening keynote speech at day two of the FIA Mobility Conference 2017 in Tokyo, Japan. The title of my talk was “finding the right path to innovation – how will the future of mobility, transportation and smart cities look like?”

Finding paths to innovation for the mobility industry, working with start-ups, execute innovation strategies and turning cities into smart cities is a key leadership challenge.
How can an organisation identify the most relevant and ef cient innovation strategies in order to grow its business?

Future trends and drivers impacting the mobility industry

I have been traveling the globe to discover the latest technology trends disrupting traditional industries. In my keynote in front directors of automobile clubs and key stakeholders of the Federation Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) I focused on four key developments of the future of mobility and smart cities. Electrification – How do we prepare society, industries, the private sector and our cities for a future where electric cars will be ubiquitous? Automation – What’s the impact of autonomous cars on city planning, transportation, future of work and automobile clubs? Smart City OS – In a world of algorithms and industrial internet of things, every company is turning into a software company. What is needed now to turn cities into smart cities is to build the operating system of cities – this is what I call Smart City OS. Hyper Mobility – Disruptive technology innovation is opening new possibilities for transportation, mobility and travel. Examples are Hypersonic passenger planes, hyperloop trains or passenger drones aka. Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft (VTOLs).

Keynote Speaker Mobility

Video summary of the leadership conference including a short quote from my keynote speech.

Can we predict the future of cities and mobility?

There are ways to predict what evolutions will be coming in the next few years based on technological progress. But the elements surrounding these evolutions are more difficult to predict. How will consumers react to the reality of the digital age? How will your leaders embrace it? Will they make the right decisions? And last but not least, are you prepared for the right business models? Has your organisation transformed to be sustainable for a digital future?
The key question for an organisation is always how to discover the next big and define an industry rather than react to new realities. The earlier they learn what developments are coming from innovation hubs, the better they can prepare themselves.

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