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Monty’s Meetup in Munich

Rodrigo A. Sepúlveda Schulz about his experience with bavarian food.

Overview of the guests at Monty’s private dinner on Sunday, January 25th 2009.
From Left to Right: Marc Goldberg, Georgia Dienst, Matthias Kröner, Benedict Rodenstock, Michelle Guthrie, Tariq Krim, Rodrigo Sepúlveda, Bernhard Schmid and Katarina.


Master Sommelier Paul Roberts about his favorite wines

At the first evening of the Monaco Media Forum 2008 ACCEL Ventures invited to an high-class winetasting with some of the best Sommeliers. Paul Roberts is one of 110 people worldwide who are official “Master Sommeliers”. He was guiding the conference attendees through the list of wines offered during the wine-tasting. I felt a bit like Gary Vaynerchuk from Winelibrary TV, who is tasting wines all day.

Paul told me about the great wines from Bond Estates in Napa Valley, California. My favorite wine was the 1997 Cabernet Sauvignon from Bryant Family Vineyard.

We did the Video Interview at the end of the Conference Party at Moods. Note: there had been already lights on and all other guests have left, so I think it was already quite late…


germany’s next top model ist …

Germany's Next Top Model Party Köln
Jetzt ist es raus.

Nach einer spannenden Show in Köln hat Heidi klum das neue deutsche top model gekürt.

Barbara gewinnt.

Nachdem von den drein finalistinnen zuerst Hanna ausgeschieden ist wurde es spannend.

Die Dreharbeiten im MMC Studio in Köln waren sehr aufwendig und perfekt in Szene gesetzt.

Gratulation Barbara.


Would love to go to Valencia

I would love to visit the opening of the America’s Cup this year. But I am going to an also very interesting Conference next weekend – so I wont have time.

Here are some infos about the Event in Valencia:

Spectacular boat parade on April 14th to open the 32nd America’s Cup

On Saturday 14th April, Port America’s Cup will celebrate one of its most long-awaited moments, the official opening Boat Parade for the 32nd America’s Cup. The final stages of the event will begin two days later with the first racing of the Louis Vuitton Cup. The winner will face Alinghi in the 32nd America’s Cup Match starting on 23rd June.

The Boat Parade represents the true countdown to the America’s Cup Match, a contest for the oldest sporting trophy in the world, held in Europe for the very first time since 1851.

The boats will sail along the Port America’s Cup canal in a unique display of color, light, music and fireworks. Open to the general public, the presentation will last around 45 minutes.

The Boat Parade is scheduled to start at 21.30. The twelve 32nd America’s Cup teams will individually make their way along the canal, one by one sailing in front of four enormous 50-metre monuments.

Each of these monuments symbolises one of the four elements: water (the event’s stage), air (the wind powering the boats), earth (the universal character of the 32nd America’s Cup – the most international event ever held) and fire (the heat of the battle and the fight for the Cup).

The 11 challengers will be the first to make their way down the canal. One of these teams will reach the final of the Louis Vuitton Cup and win the right to face Alinghi. The Defender will be last boat in the parade and will display the America’s Cup on their bow.

Each boat will be accompanied by a spectacular firework display that has been specially designed with an individual light and sound choreography for the individual competing countries.


Testing the PlayStation 3

This weekend was dedicated to the new Playstation 3. I already tested the new online function and tried to drive a car with the new motion-controller.

There have been big Launch Event in Germany. The biggest was in Berlin in the “Sony Center”. Here is a short Video of the Party:

But If you check out this Video – a viral-video for the Nintendo Wii:


Exciting Start 2007: Zurich, Geneva & Lausanne — World Economic Forum and International Olympic Committee

WEF Headquarter Geneva
Philippe & Monty in Geneva

December 2006 was a really busy month. We finished the Second Life Project with Bild.T-Online, prepared a couple of customized trend studies and did some challenging strategy papers for Innovation & Trend-Management.

Furthermore I attended the “European Futurist Conference” in Luzern (Switzerland) and Loic’sLe Web 3” in Paris (France). Both events where great and I met many friends and interesting people from around the world.

The Start of the new year 2007 was also very exciting. We just came back from a trip through switzerland. We had great meeting with potential clients in Zürich, Geneva and Lausanne. Especially the meeting with the WEF in Geneva was interesting:

– We learned more about the project of the World Economic Forum in Second Life:

“For the first time, selected participants of the Annual Meeting will be interviewed in the 3D virtual world of Second Life. Second Life residents can submit their questions to Adam Reuters, Reuters’ Second Life correspondent, who will conduct the interview in the Reuters auditorium in Second Life. Internet users can watch the interviews online at:”

– And we got some background infos about the World Electronic Community (WELCOM) which will be introduced in Davos next week.

Code-named WELCOM, short for World Electronic Community, the system is designed to provide “a secure and private video communications linkage of global decision-makers” and contribute to “enhanced business-government cooperation and global crisis management,” said Hans-Jörg Schwab, the founder’s son and a member of the WEF executive board.

Maison du Sport, Lausanne
CScout Beijing

Furthermore we visited the IOC in Lausanne at the Maison du Sport.
As you know CScout has an office in Beijing and we are involved in the preparations for the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.

CScout is working on creative ideas for Marketing, Events and Communication in Beijing and also supporting many Olympic Partners in Germany and on an international level via our office in New York.

So I think this will be a great and exciting new year 2007.
Let’s get it started 🙂


Deutsche Sport Hilfe

The “Deutsche Sport Hilfe” invited to the yearly “Fest der Begegnungen” in Munich.
I also attended the “Kuratorium”-Meeting – this is the meeting of all supporters of the “Deutsche Sport Hilfe”.

Fest der Begegnungen - Deutsche Sport Hilfe

Deutsche Sport Hilfe Kuratorium


TrendSlam Review

Munich: TrendSlam at CScout
Review via PSFK:

Also check out the Pictures on Flickr.

PSFK were kindly invited to participate at the TrendSlam Munich event held by trend consultancy CScout in Munich. TrendSlam is a Pechakucha-like format, which allows speakers only five minutes of presentation time. TrendSlammers (PSFK lingo 🙂 were given five minutes.

The line-up was quite impressive, with topics ranging from sofa gaming via web2.0 applications to IPTV. The format itself really should be considered by event organisers; in practice, the audience only takes away the odd point of a presentation, be it 20 minutes or an hour long. So why not, rather than having few speakers with lenghty points, have plenty of speakers with one single “sell”?

Following are our notes from the presentations:

Monty Metzger, CScout

Monty kicked off the event by taking a view on three points:
1) Trend: a trend is a parameter (economic etc) that is developing, which will take an affect on our everyday lives. The trends that are presented at today’s TrendSlam will all matter in the near future.
2) Research.
3) International: important to be international in order to know what is happening elsewhere, Some trends are ahead of us (europe), therefore it is vital to know what is happening elsewhere before they arrive here.

Continue Reading..


After Seven Brunch

Pro Sieben Brunch

Im Rahmen des Münchner Filmfestes fand heute ein Brunch von ProSieben statt. Unter dem Motto “Deutsche Fiction” traf sich die deutsche Filmbranche in der Cafe Reitschule in München.
Danke Christian für die Einladung.

Ich habe einige Personen die ich bereits auf der Belinale kennen gelernt habe wiedergetroffen. Zudem erfuhr ich mehr über die aktuellen Projekte von Boris und Heio. Gesichtet habe ich u.a. auch Marie Waldburg und Max von Thun.

Ein Insider erzählte mir mehr über den Dreh von James Bond, der u.a. vorige Woche in Venedig stattfand. Dabei fuhr der neue Bond, Daniel Craig, mehrmals die venezianischen Kanäle rauf und runter… Ob das für eine Bond-Nachfolge reicht werden wir wohl erst im Herbst erfahren – wenn der Bond-Film “Casino Royale” in die Kinos kommt.


Berlinale 2006

Movie meets Media
Movie meets Media
Movie meets Media
Movie meets Media
Movie meets Media
Movie meets Media

Mein Besuch auf der Berlinale begann mit einem kleinen Empfang im Berliner K-44. Im Anschluss wechselten Christian und ich die Location und besuchten die diesjährige “Movie meets Media” Party im Ritz Carlton. ProSieben war einer der Sponsoren der Veranstaltung.

Ich habe viele interessante Personen wieder getroffen, u.a. Ludwig zu Salm, Peter Würtenberger, Yoko Higuchi, Ankie Lau, Daniel Hetzer, Christoph-Maria Herbst (alias Stromberg), Isabell Knispel (Miss Germany) und Moritz Bleibtreu.

Die Netzeitung schreibt über die Veranstaltung:

Berlinale kommt in Partylaune

Ob «Movie meets Media» oder Promi-Treff im Borchardt: Die Festivalprominenz zeigt sich gut aufgelegt. Nur George Clooney machte sich etwas rar.

Mit den ersten großen Partys nach der Eröffnung startet die Berlinale langsam durch. Während am Freitagabend im Berlinale-Palast George Clooneys «Syriana» lief, hieß es im Hotel Ritz-Carlton: «Movie meets Media». Dort wurden etwa Heiner Lauterbach und Yvonne Catterfeld gesichtet. Wie immer großer Andrang herrschte im Restaurant Borchardt, wo Sponsor VW zur «People’s Night» geladen hatte.
Ãœber 800 Gäste kamen auf Einladung von Festival-Chef Dieter Kosslick, darunter deutsche Promis wie Bernd Eichinger, Benno Fürmann, Christiane Paul, Johanna Wokalek und Oskar Roehler, dessen Film «Elementarteilchen» den Reigen deutscher Wettbewerbsfilme am Samstag eröffnet. George Clooney hingegen ward nicht gesehen – während sein Film lief, speiste er laut «Bild» beim Nobel-Italiener «Bocca di Bacco» in Mitte, später feierte er im Club «Spindler und Klatt» mit engsten Mitarbeitern. (nz)

Weitere Fotos auf meinem Flickr Account: Berlinale 2006.