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The Future of Smart Packaging: “Freshness Label”

freshness label - smart packagingThe packaging industry is developing smart new packaging solutions for the retail market. Especially for fresh product a smart label or a digital display integrated within the packaging could show the consumer the freshness and quality of the product. A milk package could show you when it is not a good idea to drink it anymore.

Another example is this hourglass-shaped freshness label for meat products (designed by To-Genkyo). The label contains special ink that changes its color based on the amount of ammonia emitted by the meat (the older the meat, the more ammonia it releases). Like an hourglass, the bottom half of the label “fills up” as the meat ages. Consumers can judge the product’s freshness at a glance.

When the meat is no longer suitable for sale, the ink blocks the barcode at the bottom so that it cannot be scanned at the cash register.

Smart Packaging Freshness Label

The Freshness Label was presented at the Good Design Expo known as one of the leading design events in Asia. The event showcases thousands of well-designed products under consideration for the year’s Good Design Awards. Over 2,000 items ranging from consumer electronics, automobiles and furniture to office equipment, building designs and sporting goods were exhibited at this year’s event, which was held at Tokyo Big Sight in August 2009.


Ahead of Time organized european knowledge exchange program for japanese delegation

The japanese Knowledge Dynamics Initiative (KDI) sent a high ranking delegation to Europe in August 2008. The topic of the Knowledge Bechmarking Program is called “Driving Innovative paradigm management”. The goal of the management program was to exchange Knowledge-Management, to analyse best practice-examples, and to put knowledge into practice for their own organizational transformation.

The program in Germany was organized by Ahead of Time and included several expert keynotes, company visits and networking events. The japanese delegation met and discussed with experts from BMW Group, Fraunhofer Institute, Swarovski, Nokia Siemens Networks, Siemens and others.

Client Quote Ahead of Time

“Monty Metzger and his team at Ahead of Time was the perfect partner for us. Their network, their experience for management travel and close connection to the industry leaders were essential for our benchmarking program. The participants profit from relevant knowledge, new energy and inspiration by meeting innovative leaders. We are looking forward to collaborating furthermore with ahead of time in the future”, says Yayoi Kubota, Head of the Knowledge Benchmarking Program at KDI Fuji Xerox.

About Ahead of Time
Ahead of Time Logo Ahead of Time is an international Innovation Agency and provider of high-level management exchange programs, such as Manager Tours.

About Knowledge Dynamics Initiative and Fuji Xerox
Logo KDI Knowledge Dynamics Initiative Knowledge Dynamics Initiative (KDI) is a think tank team inside of Fuji Xerox. KDI provides
benchmarking, research, and consulting services to their Japanese clients. Since 2000, KDI is conducting a research study and practice with Mr. Rory Chase of Teleos, American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) and Professor Ikujiro Nonaka (Xerox Distinguished Professor, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley). Currently, there are 50 Japanese major companies who are aiming for innovation and knowledge-based management in our “Knowledge Community.”
Logo Fuji Xerox Fuji Xerox, a joint venture of Fuji Film and Xerox, provides digital imagine and printing equipment to the Asian market. Its products include digital printers, digital copiers, multi-function machines, projectors, engineering plotters, image processing systems, fax machines, and related software.

About KDI Knowledge Benchmarking Program
Since 2001, we have been leading Knowledge Management Best Practice studies with the
Knowledge Community members, visiting companies in the U.S., EU and Japan. KDI has
formed a close partnership with the (APQC), the largest benchmarking and knowledge
management research organization in the world. With this partnership, KDI offers benchmarking studies of leading KM best practice corporations and research results of cross cultural approach in KM. We have studied 26 US companies, 15 European companies and 34 Japanese companies who demonstrated best practice in the field of KM and Innovation.



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