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Navigating the Future of Digital

Are you ready to survive and thrive in an age of AI, automation and algorithms? What impact do exponential technologies, algorithms and artificial intelligence, have on your industry and your business? How does your organization turn the potential threat of accelerating technological change into an opportunity to disrupt an industry?
While some executives and senior leaders are focused on meeting near-term business objectives and responding to the immediate demands of running a company, forward thinking companies don’t wait for the future to “just happen”. Smart leaders evaluate what impact the future may have, decide how to prepare, and actively plan for it. That’s why Keynote speaker Monty C. M. Metzger wants to take you on a journey to experience the Digital Future at your next event, workshop or conference.

Digital Leadership

We are experiencing a tipping point. What we’re finding now is that a lot of the big trends that people have been talking about in technology for the past years are actually translating into real results right now. Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, Smart Cities, Digital Cloud, Autonomous Driving, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Internet of Things, Drones, Robotics as well as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Digital Transformation: How to Build a Culture of Change?

The greatest challenge for any leader is not just having technology as a department, but as a muscle. It’s not just understanding the latest technology development, but rather to anticipate the needs in our digital world. The secret to Digital Leadership is actually taking advantage of change, enabling digital transformation to achieve digital excellence.
For almost two decades, Monty C. M. Metzger has been traveling the globe visiting the world’s most influential tech hubs and speaking with their high- profile leaders. From the Bay Area to Beijing, I’ve witnessed, first hand, where high tech’s greatest talent, innovation, and venture capital converge. In the near-endless sea of starts ups and corporate headquarters located in the Silicon Valley, Beijing, Tel Aviv, Seoul, Tokyo, and more I’ve witnessed inventions at their nascent stages— soon-to-be-megatrends before they hit the mainstream.

While it’s provocative to think the real-world application of technology that revolutionizes happens overnight, experience has taught me that remarkable new products and services develop over time rather than magically rain down from the digital cloud.
When you look beyond the seductive headlines, the creation myths, and the conventional wisdom, you’ll find someone who had an idea, worked with a small group of talented people who executed a vision, and gained the loyalty of influential individuals who spread the invention — this entire process can take years. And a small number of high-impact regions provides the ideal conditions to incubate world-changing inventions.

That’s why I am often invited as an inspirational speaker or for a motional keynote speech. And that’s why my colleagues at Digital Leaders are taking CEOs on learning journeys where they experience one of these unique innovation hubs personally and visit some of the most disruptive and innovative companies, get hands on with cutting edge technologies and discuss the strategies you need to survive and thrive in the digital future.

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Green meets Digital: How digital trends are shaping a green future?

Today I hold a speech at a Business Breakfast of the Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSD) in Budapest, Hungary. The topic of my speech was “Green meets Digital: How digital trends are shaping a green future?”.

I started my talk with a couple of powerful questions:
– What is the power of my generation?
– What are the global challenges of my generation?
– Who is solving our challenges? CO2, Global Warming etc.?
– Is Greenwashing the solution?
– How many planets do we have?
– How many plans do we have?
– Do we have a Plan B?
– Are Mobile Antennas real „trees“?
– Or, will trees be the future Mobile Antennas?
– Can Mobile Media improve Energy Efficiency?
– How can Social Media disrupt „green“ markets?
– When will Carbon-Negative Cities be reality?
– How will Green Mobility look like?
– Can Bio-Led Trees be our future street lights?
– Is Nathan Myhrvold‘s Geo-Engineering the Plan B?

Digital is sustainable –
But can Sustainability be digital?

Find some answers in my presentation – below.


Web Visions 2015

Today I hold a speech at Advance Conference 2011 in Cologne. The topic “Web Visions 2015” was tackled by me, Isaac Wolkerstorfer , Ossi Urchs , Jörg Ruwe and moderated by Thomas Knüwer.

I published my presentation on slideshare to share it with the audience and you. Enjoy.


How mobile brings social to the masses with Ahead of Time founder, Monty Metzger

Monty Metzger, author and trend scout for the organization he founded, Ahead of Time, talks to about the impact of the highly personal mobile device, mobile social media trends and the predictive analytics being crunched behind the scenes. was the official broadcast partner for the recent Mobile Innovation Week 2010 and this is one of the sessions recorded while on location in Toronto.

Note: This video was recorded back in September 2010.


The Program of the e-G8 Forum 2011 #eG8

I will be attending the eG8 Forum this week in Paris. I have already passed the massive tents which have been build in a nice Park right in the heart of Paris. Looks very high-profile.

Here is the current agenda of the e-G8 Forum:

Registration – Tuileries Garden
Registration & Coffee
Maurice Lévy, Chairman & CEO, Publicis Groupe, Chairman of e-G8 Forum
Opening keynote & Discussion
Monsieur Nicolas Sarkozy, President of France, President of the G-8
Departure of President and his party
“Internet Matters”
James Manyika/Director, McKinsey & Company & Matthieu Pélissié du Rausas/Director, McKinsey & Company
Plenary I
The Internet & Economic Growth
John Donahoe/President & CEO, eBay
Christine Lagarde/Minister of Finance, France
Jean-Bernard Lévy/Chief Executive Officer, Vivendi
Hiroshi Mikitani/Chairman & CEO, Rakuten
Sunil Bharti Mittal/Chairman & Managing Director, Bharti Airtel Ltd.
Eric Schmidt/Executive Chairman, Google Inc.
Moderator: Ben Verwaayen/CEO, Alcatel-Lucent
Plenary II
The Internet & Society
Tom Glocer/CEO, Thomson Reuters
Andrew Mason/Founder & CEO, Groupon
Stéphane Richard/Chairman & CEO, France Telecom – Orange
Sheryl Sandberg/COO, Facebook
Klaus Schwab/Founder & Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum
Jimmy Wales/Founder, Wikipedia
Moderator: Maurice Lévy
Special Talk
Digital’s Next Frontier: Education
Rupert Murdoch/Chairman & CEO, News Corporation
Plenary III
Future Net: What’s Next?
Peter Chou/CEO, HTC
Paul Hermelin/CEO, Capgemini
Danny Hillis/Co-Chairman & CTO, Applied Minds
Paul Jacobs/Chairman & CEO, Qualcomm
Craig Mundie/Chief Research & Strategy Officer, Microsoft
Michel de Rosen/CEO, Eutelsat
Moderator: David Rowan/Editor, Wired UK
Coffee Break
Plenary IV
I ntellectual Property and the Culture Economy in the Digital Age
Antoine Gallimard/Chairman, Éditions Gallimard
Jim Gianopulos/Chairman, 20th Century Fox
Frédéric Mitterrand/Minister of Culture & Communication, France
Pascal Nègre/CEO, Universal Music France
Hartmut Ostrowski/Chairman & CEO, Bertelsmann
Moderator: Bruno Patino/Director-General, Digital & Strategy, France Télévisions
Andrew Mason/Founder & CEO, Groupon talks with Gilles Babinet/Entrepreneur & Chairman, Conseil National du Numerique
e-G8 Soirée :
L’Arc, 2 rue de Presbourg, Paris.
Registration – Tuileries Garden
Opening Conversation
Neelie Kroes/European Commissioner for the Digital Agenda talks with Ben Verwaayen
Plenary V
Fostering Innovation: How to build the future
Introduction: Lawrence Lessig/Professor, Harvard Law School
Eric Besson/MInister of Industry, Energy & Digital Economy, France
Charles Chao/Chairman & CEO, SINA Corp.
Yuri Milner/CEO & Managing Partner, Digital Sky Technologies
Xavier Niel/Founder & Chairman, Iliad
Sean Parker/Managing Partner, Founders Fund
Niklas Zennström/CEO & Founding Partner, Atomico
Moderator: John Gapper/Chief Business Commentator, Financial Times
Plenary VI
Digital Transformation: Reinventing traditional businesses
Franco Bernabè/Chairman & CEO, Telecom Italia
Rosabeth Moss Kanter/Professor, Harvard Business School
Eric Labaye/Chairman, McKinsey Global Institute
Stephen A. Schwarzman/Chairman & CEO, The Blackstone Group
Mark Thompson/Director-General, BBC
Moderator: Jeff Cole/Executive Director, USC Annenberg Center for the Digital Future
Coffee Break
Workshops I
Building Blocks
The art of the start-up
Samir Arora/Chairman & CEO, Glam Media
Luca Ascani/Co-Founder & Chairman, Populis
Bruce Golden/Partner, Accel Partners
Rick Marini/Founder & CEO, Branch Out
Shaukat Shamim/Founder & CEO Buysight
Moderator: Esther Dyson/Chairman, EDventure
King Content
Entertainment in the digital age
Carolyn Reidy/President & CEO, Simon & Schuster
David Drummond/Senior Vice President, Google
Martin Rogard/General Manager, France, Dailymotion
David Kenny/President, Akamai
Mikael Hed/CEO, Rovio Mobile
Patrick Zelnik/ CEO, Naïve
Moderator: Spencer Reiss/Program Director, Monaco Media Forum
Electronic Liberty
New Tools for Freedom
Introduction: John Perry Barlow/Vice Chairman, Electronic Frontier Foundation
Alec Ross/Special Advisor to U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
Jean-François Julliard/Secretary-General, Reporters Without Borders
Tony Wang/General Manager Europe, Twitter
Hassan Fattah/Editor-in-Chief, The National
Jamal Khashoggi/General Manager, Alwaleed 24News channel
Susan Pointer/Director, Public Policy & Government Relations EMEA, Google
Nadine Wahab/Egyptian activist
Moderator: Olivier Fleurot/CEO, MSLGROUP
Workshops II
Be Here Now
Mobility changes everything
Alexandre Mars/CEO, Phonevalley & Head of Mobile, Publicis Groupe
George-Edouard Dias/Head of L’Oreal Digital Business Group
Bart Decrem/SVP & GM, Disney Mobile
Rich Wong/Accel Partners
Eric Hazan/Partner, McKinsey
Tod Cohen/Deputy General Counsel and VP Government Relations International, eBay
Olivier Roussat/Director-General, Bouygues Telecom
David Jones/Global CEO EuroRSCG Worldwide
Moderator: David Barroux, Les Echos
Is Internet killing – or relaunching – the press?
Robert Thomson/Editor-in-Chief, Dow Jones
Robert Shrimsley/Managing Editor,
Arthur Sulzberger, Jr./Chairman & CEO, The New York Times
Norman Pearlstine/Chief Content Officer, Bloomberg LLC
Carlo De Benedetti, Chairman, Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso
Moderator: Frederic Filloux/CEO E-Presse
Open Government
Open data: For the People, by the Internet
Laurent Blanchard/VP, European Markets & General Manager, Cisco France
Carlos A. Primo Braga/Special Representative, The World Bank
Jean-Philippe Courtois/President, Microsoft International
Séverin Naudet/Director, ETALAB
Andrew Rasiej/Founder, Personal Democracy Forum
Nigel Shadbolt/Professor, University of Southampton
Moderator: Stanislas Magniant/Co-Founder,
Workshops III
The Disrupters
Extreme innovation
Lars Bjork/CEO, QlikTech
Jacques-Antoine Granjon/CEO & Founder,
Brent Hoberman/Co-Founder, PROfounders Capital & Chairman, mydeco
Pierre Kosciusko-Morizet/Co-Founder & CEO, PriceMinister
Xavier Niel/Founder & Chairman, Iliad
Marc Simoncini/Founder & CEO, Meetic
Yossi Vardi/Chairman, International Technologies
Martin Varsavsky/Founder & CEO, FON Wireless, Ltd.
Moderator: Loic Le Meur/Founder & CEO, Seesmic & Le Web
Sharing Value
How to divide the digital bounty among creators, distributors — and governments?
Franck Esser/Chairman & CEO, SFR
Gabrielle Gauthey/EVP, Global Government & Public Affairs, Alcatel
Reed Hundt/Chairman, Aspen Institute IDEA Project
Alain Minc/President, AM Conseil
Ezra Suleiman/IBM Professor in International Studies, Princeton University
Moderator: Gilles Babinet
The Data Dilemma
Privacy in a networked world
Alain Lévy/CEO, Weborama
Jeff Jarvis/Buzzmachine
Christopher Wolf/ Partner, Hogan Lovells
Mitchell Baker/Chair, Mozilla
Christian Morales/VP & General Manager EMEA, Intel
Andrew Keen/Author, “Digital Vertigo”
Steve Baker/Author, The Numerati & Final Jeopardy
Moderator: Curt Hecht/CEO, VivaKi Nerve Center
Closing Conversation
Mark Zuckerberg/Founder & CEO, Facebook talks with Maurice Lévy
Closing Plenary
Messages to Deauville
From 18:30
Closing Cocktail


e-G8 Forum: the G8 of Digital Leaders

I am honored to be invited by French President, Mr. Nicolas Sarkozy, to an invite-only gathering of global digital leaders, right before this year’s G8 Summit in Paris. The e-G8 Forum will include heads of state as well as key tech personalities like Eric Schmidt of Google, Jeff Bezos of Amazon, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg all expected to attend. The event is hosted and chaired by Publicis Groupe CEO, Mr. Maurice Lévy.

e-G8 Forum - Global Digital Leaders President Sarkozy is currently heading the Group of Eight (G8) with Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States. The major topic of the upcoming summit will be the state and the future of the Internet and the digital ecosystem on a global level. The goal of the e-G8 is to provide the G8 leaders with fresh-ideas and key insights.

Well, fresh ideas and digital know-how is something I can definitely bring into this diverse gathering in Paris. Since the publication of the Vision of Mobile Media for the year 2020 (Mocom2020) and several innovation projects at Ahead of Time, this is someting I had been asked before, but not by a President of a state. Exciting.

Discussions at the two-day Forum will be a mixture of plenary sessions and in-depth workshops where a wide variety of themes will be addressed, including:
– The Internet as key driver for economic growth
– The emergence of global digital citizenship
– The digital technologies of the future
– How best to promote innovation clusters
– The mobile revolution and its impact on commerce, media and advertising
– Privacy and IP protection

President Nicolas Sarkozy will himself deliver the opening keynote address.


Monaco Media Forum 2010: Extraordinary & Inspiring

“Welcome to the worlds most influential media forum”, said HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco at the beginning of the Monaco Media Forum 2010. Indeed the event is not only inspirational, but is also bringing together the a very influential group of people in the media business. During the almost three days, I met founders, entrepreneurs, investors but also executives of the big media companies. Here are some key trends reflected in my video interviews….

Publishing, especially the News Business, will never be the same anymore. Newspapers are struggling to understand the digital age and to re-structure their old-business into a thriving new-business. It seems that The Huffington Post found a way to be profitable and successful during these times of change. The Huffington Post is one of the most read Online Newspapers in USA and has an active community, with over one million comments made on the site each month. Eric Hippeau, CEO of The Huffington Post, said that “people have lost trust in general (government, toyota, tiger woods), now companies build trust via social media. 2/3 of #HuffPost is unique and self created content, 1/3 is curated & aggregated news. News wants to be free. You can’t put that genie back in the bottle”. He adds “…we will never charge for content…reason…there is a much bigger advertising market.”

Cloud Computing and the development of low cost netbooks aka cloudbooks is driving the global internet business. On the forefront of this development is Jolicloud, a startup developing a Cloud OS, founded and lead by Tariq Krim.

Mobile Gaming and Social Media together are creating new opportunities for App Developers, but also for Game Developers. Interview with Andrej Nabergoj, CEO of Outfit7, one of the leading Gaming Development Company.

Console Gaming gets a new dimension with X-Box 360 Kinect. Interview with Bella Acharya, Director Microsoft Advertising and responsible for XBox 360 Kinect.


Sarah Brown at WIE Symposium 2010

On September 20th, 2010, Sarah Brown, alongside Arianna Huffington and Donna Karan hosted a dynamic new annual conference for women and I had been part of it 🙂 There had been only two other man there, one technician and one gay person – but what I can tell you is, that I got a lot of inspiration, ideas and new perspectives.

The WIE Symposium (Women: Inspiration & Enterprise) is hosted by The White Ribbon Alliance and took place in New York City during the UN General Assembly. Here is a short review of the event and an interview with Sarah Brown, Global Patron of the White Ribbon Alliance for Safe Motherhood and wife of Gordon Brown. As a special guest Estelle was joining the stage to sing her famous song “American Boy” on the rooftop party in NYC.