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Milestone: 1 million views on my YouTube Videos

I started to produce videos for my YouTube Channel in December 2006 and now I realized that I have reached over one million views, exactly 1,039,903 views today. Amazing!

Monty Metzger - YouTube ChannelSince the start I kept producing videos whenever and wherever I had time – at conferences, during business travel or at exciting events. So far I have published 136 Videos and most of them are business related or feature executive interviews. Although the videos are not as funny as Fred’s or exciting as Lady Gaga’s, people do like and watch them.

I met fascinating thought leaders, such as Lawrence Lessig, Gary Vaynerchuk, Jim Gilmore, Arianna Huffington or Jimmy Wales, inspiring business leaders, such as Hans Vestberg, Jonney Shih or Edward Borgerding, and published some provoking ideas, such as Mobile Future 2020 or the Global Cocreation Model.

It is interesting aswell to look at the most viewed videos – so here is my top ten:

Last but not least I want to thank all my viewers and readers for their support and feedback!!!


White Turf, St. Moritz

I enjoyed a great weekend with my family in switzerland. We had the chance to visit the famous “White Turf” Race in St. Moritz. The horse race takes place on the frozen lake close to the pictoresque city. We actually parked on the frozen lake with our car, which was really exciting driving with your car on snow and ice…. parking next to race track.

Here are some impressions from the famours horse race in switzerland.
White Turf Race, St. Moritz Switzerland

This foto was taken on a playground directly on a mountain close to St. Moritz on 2453m above sea level.

White Turf Race, St. Moritz Switzerland


Red Bull Air Race – Interlaken

This weekend Katarina and I are visiting the Red Bull Air Race in Interlaken. Today we watched the qualification of the pilots.

Thomas showed us around behind the scene of the TV production. The professional team are producing everything on HD-Quality. All plains, screens and cameras are connected wireless. Amazing.

Red Bull Air Race


germany’s next top model ist …

Germany's Next Top Model Party Köln
Jetzt ist es raus.

Nach einer spannenden Show in Köln hat Heidi klum das neue deutsche top model gekürt.

Barbara gewinnt.

Nachdem von den drein finalistinnen zuerst Hanna ausgeschieden ist wurde es spannend.

Die Dreharbeiten im MMC Studio in Köln waren sehr aufwendig und perfekt in Szene gesetzt.

Gratulation Barbara.


Cashflow Club Munich gegründet

Cashflow Club  Munich Logo

Inspiriert von Robert Kiyosaki haben Michael Franz und ich den Munich Cashflowclub gegründet. Wir laden sie ein mit uns Cashflow 101 und 202 zu spielen. Die Spiele trainieren auf unterhaltsame Weise, wie man seine finanzielle Intelligenz erhöht, indem man kleinere und größere Deals abschließt. Wie man aus dem Rattenrennen aussteigt und finanziell frei wird.

Wenn sie das wollen, und eine Runde mitspielen möchten, dann melden sie sich bei mir oder besuchen zu unsere Clubseite auf:



On the way to Milano today.
I will. Stay for 2 days and meet a couple of clients and some cool Startups.

But i still will have some Time to meet for a coffee. So feel free to contact me …


Frankfurt – Olympia Partner Meeting 2006

Today I’ve attended the 2006 Olympia Partner Meeting in Frankfurt. This year Lufthansa was the host of the exclusive event.
We are supporting the preperations for the upcoming Olympic Games in Beijing. Due to our local office in Beijing we are already in a couple of projects, like TrendTours, Trend-Reports etc.

DSM Partner Meeting 2006

Colja and me in front of the big engine.

Monty + Lufthansa Engine

Colja + Lufthansa Engine