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Most Famous Facebook Pages killing Brand Websites

Facebook has quietly become the biggest relationship-marketing provider for many brands.

For many marketers, their Facebook fan bases have become their largest web presence, outstripping brand sites or e-mail programs either because a brand’s traditional web-based “owned media” is atrophying or because more consumers are migrating to social media.

Facebook Fan Pages

Coca-Cola, with its 10.7 million Facebook fans, has three to four times the Facebook fan base as MyTown and Foursquare have registered users. (There are at least 11 brands whose Facebook fan pages have quietly grown bigger than the biggest geo-location providers.) That certainly trumps U.S. unique visitors to Coke’s brand website, which fell by more than 40% to 242,000 in July compared to a year ago, per Compete.

Kraft Foods’ Oreo is the No. 3 brand page on Facebook as tracked by DBM/Scan, with an 8.7 million fan base growing at a clip of 71,000 a day. But the multi-brand site where its web presence has been hosted,, has seen U.S. traffic decline from 1.2 million in July 2009 to 321,000 last month.

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Biomimic Marketing

The new trend in Marketing. Getting a touch of nature into your technology products. Imitate and mime biological structures, gestures and movements and merge it with the latest 3D animation methodoligies – The Result: “Biomimic Marketing”.

Biomimic Marketing in Action – Watch this example from AT&T:

1stAveMachine-CelebrateSpring from MotiongraphicLAB on Vimeo.

Another example of Biomimic Marketing is BMW’s Concept Car “Gina”:


How to make money with Twitter?

If the Twitter Management is not inventing advertising on the users just do it themselves.

Twitter users inetgrating advertisements in their stream of updates have begun adopting new standards for disclosure.

Many ads are now being marked with tags — “#spon” for sponsored tweets, “#paid” or “#samp” for those who received sample products — based on guidelines released Thursday by the Word of Mouth Marketing Assn. (WOMMA). The new instructions are a response to the Federal Trade Commission’s call for more explicit disclosure from bloggers.

Making Money with Twitter


Pepsi had the biggest advertising success in the Superbowl, without advertising

Pepsi Can The Superbowl is nearly as famous for its commercial breaks as for the game itself. In fact, the commercials are more memorable than the game for many viewers – a study by ad agency Venables, Bell & Partners showed that 66% of viewers remember their favorite advertiser from the 2009 Superbowl and only 39% recall which team won. However, this exposure comes at a hefty price, rates for Superbowl commercials run far above any other TV event because the game draws around 95 million viewers in the US alone. 30-second spots run close to $3m and the game typically includes 50 to 60 spots. PepsiCo has advertised its cola during every Superbowl for over 20 years but it has become more and more difficult (and expensive) to stand out from the field.

Instead of running the risk of being an also-ran, PepsiCo announced in December that it wouldn’t be advertising its cola during the Superbowl this year, instead it unveiled a $20m fund in which it is looking for people, businesses, and non-profits with ideas that will have a positive impact on US communities. Anyone can submit and rate ideas and each month those rated highest receive grants of between $5k and $250k. Moving away from the norm seems to have worked, in a recent survey by Nielsen, Pepsi’s ‘Refresh Everything’ campaign accounted for more than 21% of the media coverage and online buzz around Superbowl advertising. Given that PepsiCo usually spends in the region of $30m on Superbowl advertising breaking away from the norm seems to have paid off.

Pepsi refresh everything campaign

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13 best tools to analyze Twitter (updated)

Here is my selection of the six thirteen best tools and platforms to analyze your Twitter Stream.

Twitter Grader:
Twitter Grader

Twitter Analyzer:
Twitter Analyzer

Twitter Counter:
Twitter Counter

Twitter Score:
Twitter Score



Tweet Effect:
Tweet Effect



Twitter Friends:
Twitter Friends

Really interesting tool to track trending topics.

Best way to analyse your outbound links on your twitter stream as well as hot topics.

Micro Plaza:
Impressive tool to track and visualize the hot topics of your followers on twitter. A kind of “crowdsourced” news platform personalized through your twitter account.


WEF’s Welcom is the most exclusive Online Social Network

The World Economic Forum is developing the most exclusive online Social Network, called WELCOM. The name is an acronym for “The World Economic Leaders COMmunity”. The community will inhabit the top 10.000 world leaders, executives, managers, CEO, politicians, visionaries and movers and shakers. The social network will offer many collaboration and communication tools, such as contacts, groups, chat, mail, video call, file sharing etc. So many conversations will happen behind a big “digital security wall”.

Here are three Screenshots of the WEF WELCOM platform:




Description at the Website of the World Economic Forum (WEF):
WELCOM is a powerful new online communication and collaboration space designed specifically for the world’s top decision-makers. With a range of innovative tools for locating and accessing expertise, sharing knowledge, and meeting and working with peers, WELCOM empowers a multistakeholder approach to addressing the most pressing business and global governance challenges.


Re-Imagine Online Advertising with Calvin Lui

Calvin Lui, CEO of Tumri, is talking about new opportunities for Online Advertising. Tumri is already serving over one billion impressions per month. They are currently only active in USA, but will expand to Europe and Asia this year.

One key advantage of Tumri is that “the platform delivers highly relevant advertising messages to consumers while lowering creative production costs and timelines.”

Here is the Video, filmed a the MMF 2008.


300+ Cases & Examples of Social Media Marketing

Due to recent Social Media Marketing projects at Ahead of Time we did a screening of relevant Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Cases & Examples. Here is a list of more than 300 companies who are active in the Social Media landscape.

The list was started by Peter Kim and I added a few cases.


Teleshopping Blog by

123tv BlogThe German Teleshopping TV Channel launched a corporate blog today.

The Blog is part of an overall Social Media Marketing strategy integrating several Social Media Platforms, like Facebook (with a 123TV Facebook Fan Page), Flickr, Youtube and Twitter.

Check out the Blog at


Preparations for the manager tour in New York

We are currently working with full power on the preparations for the upcoming manager tours. It is really great to start a “conversation” with our attendees, speakers, experts and interested people who just follow our blog. During the whole preparation work we are integrating all ideas and feedback to create a really high-level program.

Ogilvy Worldwide Office Entrance in New YorkYesterday I met Mike Hemingway, Global Managing Director at Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide, in midtown Manhatten. Mike will talk about his innovative marketing activities for the beauty brand “Dove“. The viral video “Dove Evolution” was watched by millions of people (over 6 million on youtube alone). I think it is the most effective viral marketing campaign so far and Unilever is really setting new standards to start a conversation with its consumers.

Harvard Club New YorkToday I met Andrew Heyward, former CEO of CBS News, at the Harvard Club New York to talk about the manager tour in April 2008 in New York. Andrew will talk about the changing media landscape, his experiences at CBS News and how you can prepare your company for the future of media.

The manager tour in NY will offer a great program and I am really looking forward sharing it with you.


Opening the Q110 – the Deutsche Bank of the future – in Second Life

Monty Go in front of Q110 - Deutche Bank der Zukunft - in Second Life
Today is the big opening of the Second Life project of Q110 – the Deutsche Bank of the future. After many hard working days and nights we are proud to open this exciting project to the public. CScout is attending the Press-Conference today in Berlin, too.

The project-work together with IBM and Vok Dams was powerful and great fun.
More Information on Q110 and the whole project is online at


Automatic Generated TV Show

News at Seven is an automatic generated TV Show broadcasted online.

Have a look at this great format and imagine what will happen in a couple of years. An automated News Show is also a great idea for Google News and even for TV Stations around the world. This might change the future of TV dramatically.
Do we still need human TV-Presenters at all?

News at Seven is an automatic system that crafts daily news shows. It finds the news you are interested in; edits it; finds relevant images, videos, and external opinions; and then presents it all using a virtual news team working in a virtual studio. News at Seven is a uniquely compelling experience that can present traditional news–augmented with supplemental images, videos, and opinions from the blogosphere—all without human intervention.



CScout veranstaltet Trend Reise nach New York

New York ist der internationale Hot Spot für Trends und Innovationen. Erleben Sie die Zukunft dort wo sie entsteht und nützen diesen Vorsprung für Ihr Business. Folgen Sie uns auf eine dreitägige TrendTour und erleben sie die Trends von morgen mit den Themen: „The Future of Media“, „The Future of Marketing“ and „Consumer Generated Media“.

TrendTour New York 2007

Für alle Führungskräfte, die wissen wollen, wie man Trends im Medien- und Marketingbereich für Ihr Business nutzen kann, organisiert CScout eine „Executive TrendTour in New York“. Dabei erleben die Teilnehmer die neusten Trends live vor Ort, erhalten exklusive Einblicke in Innovationen und Strategien und diskutieren mit Unternehmen und Experten.

Ansprechpartner für weitere Informationen und Programmdetails ist Christian Engel, Telefon: 089 – 23 22 56 77. Die Teilnehmerzahl ist auf 20 begrenzt.

Hier finden Sie das Programm zum Download:


W&V Meet Night

W&V Meet Night 2006
Vok Dams und Monty Metzger

Vergangene Woche fand die W&V Meet Night in München statt.

Die Veranstaltung ist das Treffen der deutschen Werbeszene…
Ich traf Vok Dams, Gründer und Senior-Gesellschafter der VOK DAMS GRUPPE, und konnte mehr über die aktuellen Pläne der Spezialagentur für Events und Live-Marketing erfahren.

Die Meet Night war eine gelungene Veranstaltung und spiegelte eine gute Stimmung in der Werbe-Branche wieder. Hier weitere Infos zum Event: (via w&v)

Eisbachstudios, München, etwa 21.30 Uhr: auf einen Schlag gehen alle Lichter im Saal aus, 1.000 LED-Leuchten gehen an. Im Staccato donnern plötzlich Sätze wie „Das haben wir noch nie gemacht“ oder „Das geht doch nicht“ aus den Lautsprechern – im Anschluss daran ein flammendes Plädoyer für mehr Mut in der Branche, vorgetragen von den beiden W&V-Chefredakteuren Jochen Kalka und Stefan Krüger.

Es war der Höhepunkt der diesjährigen w&v meetnight, die im Anschluss an den 5. Deutschen Werbe Kongress konsequent das Kongress-Motto „Erfolgsfaktor Mut“ aufgriff. Die rund 1.000 Gäste hatten reichlich Gelegenheit ihren Mut zu beweisen: Beim Torwandschießen in fünf Meter Höhe oder durch die Aufforderung, das mutigste Foto des Abends zu schießen. Dass eine Werbekampagne immer auch ein Griff ins Ungewisse ist und somit Mut erfordert, erfühlten die Party-Gäste am eigenen Leib – beim Griff in einen zugedeckten Bauchladen. Auf einer Verlosungskarte konnten Tipps abgegeben werden, was sich unter dem Deckel wohl befand.

„Uns war es wichtig, das Thema Mut wie einen roten Faden durch den ganzen Tag zu ziehen, von der Begrüßung zum dwk heute morgen bis zu unserer Inszenierung auf der w&v meetnight“, sagte Sabine Buckley, Geschäftsführerin des Europa-Fachpresse-Verlages.


The Future Summit 2006

Future Summit - CScout
Future Summit - CScout
Future Summit - CScout

Vor einigen Tagen fand der diesjährige “Future Summit” von The Future Kitchen statt. Christoph Santner war wieder einmal ein gekonnter Gastgeber und führte die Teilnehmer durch die spannende Veranstaltung.

Hier einige Informationen aus der Einladung:

Einladung ins Jahr 2068
Der zweite FutureSummit auf 3.000 m Höhe
Marke 2068 – Mars 2068

Faktum ist: Zum Sonnenuntergang am Freitag, 21. April sind wir von TheFutureKitchen mitten in einem Marken- und Kulturevent der besonderen Art: Auf dem Rettenbacher Gletscher bei Sölden in
Tirol inszeniert Hubert Lepka das Science-Fiction-Stück Mars 2068. Hunderte Schauspieler, Tänzer, Performer und Extremsportler realisieren ein Event der Extraklasse: Der ganze Gletscher gleicht
einer roten Marslandschaft, Pistenraupen sind in Marsroboter umgestaltet, futuristische Seilbahngondeln werden gebeamt, projeziert wird auf Schnee und Eis, sogar eine echte Dampflok rollt über den Gletscher,
und kommuniziert wird mit Zukunfts-Technologie auf Teufel komm raus. Denn im Jahr 2068 geht es nicht mehr um Geld, sondern nur noch um Aufmerksamkeit in einer totalen Medienwelt. Und natürlich kommen
Flugobjekte zum Einsatz, die der Koproduzent stellt – die Flying Bulls von Red Bull. ( Mehr Infos unter )

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MINI Starts Video-Blog

Check out this innovative Video-Blog made by the german car-manufacturer MINI.


Interview Marissa Mayer

Gabriel from Xolo.TV filmed an interview with Marissa Mayer at the CScout Lounge at DLD 2006.

Here is the Video.


Talks at DLD’06

During the Digital Lifestyle Day we met many interesting people and had some great talks.

Here is a picture of Marissa Mayer (Google), me and Timm Kehler (BMW Group).
DLD 2006 - Mayer - Kehler - Metzger