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BMW launches Car Sharing Service DriveNow

You may already be familiar with the success of the Car Sharing Service “ZipCar”. Now BMW is entering this space with its own competitor, called DriveNow. The big difference are (of course) the cars, because DriveNow is the first premium car sharing service offering BMW and MINI cars.

All Details about DriveNow:
The BMW Group and Sixt AG are planning a unique and innovative car sharing venture. With effect from April 2011 onwards – initially in Munich and later in Berlin – the two companies intend to join forces in offering a modern mobility concept under the brand-name DriveNow; this new product will combine vehicles and service of the highest quality with simple, flexible usage. DriveNow is the first car sharing concept to place an emphasis on efficient premium vehicles and comprehensive service. Vehicles may be hired and dropped off wherever the customer needs them, thus clearly differentiating DriveNow from products offered by other competitors.
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Biomimic Marketing

The new trend in Marketing. Getting a touch of nature into your technology products. Imitate and mime biological structures, gestures and movements and merge it with the latest 3D animation methodoligies – The Result: “Biomimic Marketing”.

Biomimic Marketing in Action – Watch this example from AT&T:

1stAveMachine-CelebrateSpring from MotiongraphicLAB on Vimeo.

Another example of Biomimic Marketing is BMW’s Concept Car “Gina”:


Dog Modding

I just love the new trend from China “Dog Modding”. Here you can see a nice “Tiger Dog”.
Don’t you think?

Tiger Dog Modding - Tiger Hund
The newest thing amongst dog owners in China seems to have emerged from this understandable fantasy and could be described as something like dog-modding: the color-dying of dogs, to make them look like other animals. Like this retriever, that is painted like a tiger.

Fake or Reality?
Look at this nice Panda Dog.
Panda Dog - Dog Modding
A more convincing example of dog-modding can be found in Wuhan, capital of the Hubei province, central China. A Chinese man modded his dog into a Panda – and did quite well so. As many will know, the Panda is a threatened animal, but also the national symbol of China. All living Panda’s in zoo’s all over the world are gifts from the Chinese government and are also considered state-property of the People’s Republic of China. The Panda es extremely popular in China – you could speak of a cult almost. But keeping a panda for yourself, of course, is strictly forbidden. So here the simulation comes in handy.

(Via NextNature)


The Baseballs

I met the Baseballs at the NOKIA Party at the Mobile World Congress 2010.
Here is a video interview I recorded right after their show.

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If the news is important, it will reach me.

In my last speech on the changing media landscape I pointed out that the way news reaches me has changed.

“If the news is important, it will reach me.”

So if any news is really important to me – it will not have to search for it anymore, it will reach me via recommendations, links, emails, twitter etc.
This is turning the news-business around and it is the first step to a “Social Media News” Network.

Here is one example:

NASA announces water on Mars via Twitter. Social networking site redefining how the news reaches us.

Follow MarsPhoenix on Twitter.

When images of what had to be melting ice from the Mars Phoenix Lander told NASA that it had found what it was looking for, the first public pronouncement came not in an all-singing, all-dancing press conference, but through a plain old social networking website.

Those in the know won’t be surprised to hear that Twitter was the vehicle of choice for the geeks at the space agency, marking yet another PR coup for the simple, but addictive site.

Last night’s ebullient NASA tweet read: “Are you ready to celebrate? Well, get ready: We have ICE!!!!! Yes, ICE, *WATER ICE* on Mars! w00t!!! Best day ever!!”

Found on TechRadar.


Social Media Experiment

I like the new Twitter Mashup called “Twistori”.
Via Kevin Rose.

Twistori is a social media experiment. It tracks all Twitter messages and searches for emotional keywords like “I love”, “I believe”, “I hate”, “I think” etc. and shows the messages on the site. The simple layout and the nice animations are well made.

Have a look:
Twitter Mashup

Link: Twistori.


White Turf, St. Moritz

I enjoyed a great weekend with my family in switzerland. We had the chance to visit the famous “White Turf” Race in St. Moritz. The horse race takes place on the frozen lake close to the pictoresque city. We actually parked on the frozen lake with our car, which was really exciting driving with your car on snow and ice…. parking next to race track.

Here are some impressions from the famours horse race in switzerland.
White Turf Race, St. Moritz Switzerland

This foto was taken on a playground directly on a mountain close to St. Moritz on 2453m above sea level.

White Turf Race, St. Moritz Switzerland


Croatia Deluxe – my new project

Katarina and I started a small project called “Croatia Deluxe”.
This summer we traveled around in Croatia a lot and found some exclusive location which we want to share with our friends: delicious restaurants, luxury hideaways or hotel and some cool bars.
We are selecting each recommendation very careful and we will add locations step by step.

Give me your feedback….

Croatia-Deluxe Website


Chrome Car

Probably inspired by the Shelby Cobra full chrome concept car. Someone decided to spec out their BMW M3 in full chrome.

If you’re not getting enough attention in your pimped ride, why not chrome it up?

BMW Full Chrome Car


Red Bull Air Race – Interlaken

This weekend Katarina and I are visiting the Red Bull Air Race in Interlaken. Today we watched the qualification of the pilots.

Thomas showed us around behind the scene of the TV production. The professional team are producing everything on HD-Quality. All plains, screens and cameras are connected wireless. Amazing.

Red Bull Air Race


Real vs. Virtual

NYT released a great story about real people playing virtual games and shows pictures of each player and their avatars.

Second Life - Real Life

Our TrendScout in Korea did something else as an Art Project a couple of years ago. He showed real people and their virtual Mini-Hompy created in Cyworld.
His project was featured in Wired Magazin in 2005.

Cyworld - Art Project


Villa Astra, Croatia

Last weekend we stayed at the Villa Astra in Lovran near Opatija in Croatia.
The Family owned Villa was renovated a couple of years ago and is managed by the Family Martinko.

It is the perfect hide-away for a relaxing stay with delicious food and perfect service. The small fice star hotel offers 6 well-designed rooms, a pool and a nice restaurant. “Boris” is cooking for you (12,5 Gault Millau Points).
Villa Astra - Istria Croatia

Villa Astra, built in 1905, by the architect Atilio Maguolo, is typical of the seafront villas and summer residences commissioned by rich industrialists and merchants in Lovran at the turn of the 20th century.

Set in a garden of palms, oaks and laurel, this lovely Venetian Gothic villa, with its terraces and balustraded balconies, was renovated and restored by its present owners in 2002. Perhaps the villa’s most striking features are the exquisite ornamental details of the facade and windows, and the italiante loggia on the upper floor overlooking the pool and gardens. Spacious interiors, polished hardwood floors, rich fabrics and harmonious colours make for an eclectic blend of old world elegance and contemporary design.

Inspired by portraits of the Emperor Franz Joseph, the Austrian Room, Croatian Room and Hungarian Room combine graceful dining and innovative gourmet cuisine. This exquisite boutique hotel features a wellness area and outdoor heated pool.

Villa Astra – Main Site
My Croatia – Villa Astra – Villa Astra


germany’s next top model ist …

Germany's Next Top Model Party Köln
Jetzt ist es raus.

Nach einer spannenden Show in Köln hat Heidi klum das neue deutsche top model gekürt.

Barbara gewinnt.

Nachdem von den drein finalistinnen zuerst Hanna ausgeschieden ist wurde es spannend.

Die Dreharbeiten im MMC Studio in Köln waren sehr aufwendig und perfekt in Szene gesetzt.

Gratulation Barbara.


Exciting Start 2007: Zurich, Geneva & Lausanne — World Economic Forum and International Olympic Committee

WEF Headquarter Geneva
Philippe & Monty in Geneva

December 2006 was a really busy month. We finished the Second Life Project with Bild.T-Online, prepared a couple of customized trend studies and did some challenging strategy papers for Innovation & Trend-Management.

Furthermore I attended the “European Futurist Conference” in Luzern (Switzerland) and Loic’sLe Web 3” in Paris (France). Both events where great and I met many friends and interesting people from around the world.

The Start of the new year 2007 was also very exciting. We just came back from a trip through switzerland. We had great meeting with potential clients in Zürich, Geneva and Lausanne. Especially the meeting with the WEF in Geneva was interesting:

– We learned more about the project of the World Economic Forum in Second Life:

“For the first time, selected participants of the Annual Meeting will be interviewed in the 3D virtual world of Second Life. Second Life residents can submit their questions to Adam Reuters, Reuters’ Second Life correspondent, who will conduct the interview in the Reuters auditorium in Second Life. Internet users can watch the interviews online at:”

– And we got some background infos about the World Electronic Community (WELCOM) which will be introduced in Davos next week.

Code-named WELCOM, short for World Electronic Community, the system is designed to provide “a secure and private video communications linkage of global decision-makers” and contribute to “enhanced business-government cooperation and global crisis management,” said Hans-Jörg Schwab, the founder’s son and a member of the WEF executive board.

Maison du Sport, Lausanne
CScout Beijing

Furthermore we visited the IOC in Lausanne at the Maison du Sport.
As you know CScout has an office in Beijing and we are involved in the preparations for the Olympic Games in Beijing 2008.

CScout is working on creative ideas for Marketing, Events and Communication in Beijing and also supporting many Olympic Partners in Germany and on an international level via our office in New York.

So I think this will be a great and exciting new year 2007.
Let’s get it started 🙂


CScout starts Trend TV Show

This is our first Video of the “CScout Trend TV Show”….

The first Video is a Visit to the cool Hotel “Commune by the Great Wall” near Beijing China.


Second Life Business

Great Article about Second Life by Business Week:
Second Life Lessons –
Real-world businesses face the costs and learn the benefits of setting up shop in the online universe

Here are three Key-Statements:
– within the 3D universe of Second Life, the growing Web-based world with more than 1 million “residents,” who collectively spend $7 million a month on virtual land, products, and services

– While advertising’s traditional media seem to be losing eyeballs, the population of Second Life is growing at 35% per month and its economy at 15% per month.

– For a company considering jumping into Second Life now, serious homework is needed. Competition among big brands is heating up. It’s no longer enough to be the first in an industry to launch a presence in Second Life. Just as Toyota, and now Nissan and General Motors, conducted market research in the digital world before unveiling its plan to sell virtual cars next month, savvy corporations and their Second Life developers must carefully analyze the competition and differentiate their products.


New TrendSport: Bossaball

Bossaball mixes volleyball, football (soccer), gymnastics and capoeira on inflatables and trampolines. This videoclip contains bossaball footage shot during the bossaball summer tour 2006 on beaches around Marbella.


eSports in Munich

Been to the “Intel Friday Night Games” in Munich.

A great event to watch the best german eSport Athletes. The whole event was organized by Tobi from the Electronic Sports League (ESL).

Furthermore I spoke to the head of the Chinese eSports League. He told me that in China eSports is already an official Sport, accepted by the All China Sports Federation (ACSF) and the China Olympic Committee (COC).

I was impressed that in China there are over 40. Mio eSport Athletes. Over 1 Million people are “working” as a full-time Gamer and financing their living with eSports.

Intel Friday Night Games

Intel Friday Night Games


Chinese Boutique Hotel with a “00” License

See and Seen Villa

We are doing a CScout Strategy Retreat at the “Commune Hotel by the Great Wall” in China.

And I have to tell you – we are feeling like in a James Bond Movie with a touch of “Dragon and Tiger”. The whole staff at the Hotel are dressed in black, wearing a small red star – they just look like in the movie “Goldfinger”.

The Villas are designed by chinese contemporary architects and are very impressive. A great place to stay for a couple of days.
Have a look at the Villas: Commune Hotel Villas.

Kempinski just took over the Hotel Project and will open a big second phase on September 23rd.


Zurück ins Mittelalter

Kaltenberger Ritter Turnier 2006

Am Wochenende tauchten wir in die Welt des Kaltenberger Ritterturniers.

Wirklich sehr beeindruckend und mitreissend.
Die Zeitreise findet im Schloss Kaltenberg statt und bezieht das 95.000 Quadratmeter große Gelände für Turnier, Mittelaltermarkt und Straßenfest komplett mit ein.

Größtes Ritterturnier und größter Mittelaltermarkt der Neuzeit.
Mehrere Hunderttausend Besucher strömen an den 10 Veranstaltungstagen im Juli 2006 zum Schloss Kaltenberg (50 km nordwestlich von München), um in das einmalige Flair der Veranstaltung einzutauchen, um eine Zeitreise ins Mittelalter zu erleben. Das Kaltenberger Ritterturnier unterstreicht mit dem Ritterturnier 2006 einmal mehr eindrucksvoll und erfolgreich zwei Ansprüche: Ein echtes Familienfest und gleichzeitig größtes und bestes Ritterturnier der Welt zu sein. Wer will da fehlen, wenn der Hausherr Luitpold Prinz von Bayern im Juli 2006 wieder ruft: „Das Turnier möge beginnen!“?

Aber das Kaltenberger Ritterturnier ist ja mehr als nur das beste Ritterturnier der Neuzeit – da ist der große mittelalterliche Handwerkermarkt mit mehr als 100 Ständen mit ausgesucht schönen Angeboten, das ist das 8-stündige Rahmenprogramm mit Gauklern, Narren, Musikanten, Tänzern, Schaukämpfen, Barbaren, Rittern, und da sind die Schänken, Tavernen und Biergärten, die zu Kaltenberg einfach untrennbar dazugehören.