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The Future of Mobility and Smart Cities – Keynote Speaker

Smart Cities and its impact on business, society and policies

As our society is getting used to enjoy the benefits of the sharing economy, the basic concept of transportation and mobility is changing. Leaders and decision makers at businesses and governments are raising the question: How will our cities transforms into smart cities? How will the future of mobility look like? How to prepare your institution or company for the future of transportation?

Keynote Speaker Monty Metzger is explaining the key technology trends and economic dynamics that change transportation from the ground up. Based on international trend research and analysis of investment flows Monty Metzger is defining the key drivers of change and how it is impacting your industry.

The Future of Mobility

„We have never seen so many new startups in the automotive industry like today“ says Monty Metzger. Autonomous driving, electric cars and smart infrastructure are some of the most important areas Technology Entrepreneurs and Venture Investors are focusing.
The change we see in the transportation industry today is driven by new technology startups as well as traditional market leaders. Companies like Tesla Motors, Next EV, Faraday Future or Rimac are challenging the current market leaders with new innovative electric cars. Companies like UBER, Lyft or Didi are building platform services transforming how the society is using transportation and disrupting the industry. At the same time the market leaders in the automotive industry, like GM, Volkswagen, BMW Group or Toyota, are increasing the budgets for innovative R&D, innovation labs, investments and M&A.
Monty’s keynote speeches on the future of mobility are designed to educate and inspire decision makers who do business in the rapidly transforming new mobility industry.

We have reached a tipping point – Technology development is impacting the energy, mobility and infrastructure industry. The next 5 years will usher more change than the previous 50.

The Lines Separating The Transportation And Technology Industries Continue To Blur

Traditional industries with its current market leaders are pressured to either innovate or accept decline of their business. Adding technology innovation to traditional industries means big changes – it means change to customer experience, products, as well as shifting entire business models. Monty Metzger understands the perspectives of corporate leaders as well as startups, pointing out the four major forces that will transform automotive: connected, sharing, autonomous and alternative fuels. But with this technological development also come new responsibility and new fields of business operations. Privacy, Data protection, cyber security with adoption of connected cars and its implications on car ownership, public transportation, city infrastructure and public policies.

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Smart Cities Keynote Speaker

– About Monty C. M. Metzger
Monty Metzger is leading the FIA Smart Cities Startup Initiative in teamwork with the FIA, Formula E, Michelin, ENEL and Julius Baer. He is Partner at Digital Leaders Ventures, a Venture Capital Fund investing in technology companies with a strong focus on #SmartCities, Road Safety, Autonomous Driving and Future of Mobility. He was founder and CEO of a leading future research company with offices in New York, Munich, Beijing and Tokyo. As a thought leader and futurist he has extensive experience in reflecting on the mega trends of today and interacting with top leaders of business, government, and nonprofit organizations to encourage digital leadership and digital excellence.