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Top Technology Hotspots of the World

What can you learn by visiting the top technology hotspots of the world?

Global-Technology-HotspotsSince over a decade I have been traveling to the most important hotspots for technology innovation. Places where the best talent, innovation and investment money comes together. Places which are like big magnets attracting significantly more human capital as well venture capital than anywhere else. Here you can experience the trends of tomorrow already today.

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Endemol’s BigBrother launches voting via Facebook Credits

Since the invention of paid-televoting and paid-short-messaging (SMS) the TV industry has creatively adapted or developed TV show formats to increase their revenues. Televoting is mainly used for decision making, opinion polling or game-shows. In the age of Facebook, where users spent most of their time on the social network, Endemol is introducing the first paid-online voting system via Facebook credits.

The consumer behavior is changing and is bridging the gap between TV and Web usage. TV Channels could not charge our TV audience for a “click”, that’s why the focus was on televoting as the major decision tool for BigBrother.

With over 600 million global Facebook users, of which are over 20 million in Germany, the social network is the place where consumers spend most of their time online. The usage of Facebook Fan-Pages or Facebook Apps have already lead to a new discipline for Marketeers. Social Media Marketing is now part of the modern Marketing Communication Mix.

In close teamwork with the Innovation Agency and Social Media Specialist, Ahead of Time, Endemol was working on new TV formats leveraging the power of social media. “With the introduction of Facebook Credits and the rise of other virtual currencies in social games such as Zynga’s farmville it was a logical step for us to develop a paid-voting system on Facebook”, says Monty Metzger, CEO of Ahead of Time.

Big Brother Paid Facebook Voting

“While we envisioned, inspired and strategically developed the concept, we collaborated for the technical development with one of the best App-Developer in Germany I can think of”, says Monty Metzger. PLAZZ Entertainment developed the Facebook Voting App for BigBrother Germany.

Jürgen Mayer, CEO of PLAZZ Entertainment, is convinced that the new Facebook Voting will be changing the TV industry and lead to new show formats, such as Televoting did in the nineties. “The technical development of innovative concepts like this is a challenge, but we did our best to deliver a high-quality user experience with a simple and attractive usability. And we are proud that we, as a german company, are setting new standards in the global entertainment industry”, says Jürgen Mayer.

The Facebook Voting App is integrated in the Fan-Page of Big Brother Germany at

The Facebook Voting App is the first App that uses Facebook Credits for “non gaming” virtual goods. For the TV Channels this is a new revenue opportunity for the future. And virtual currency, like Facebook Credits, may become the standard for Social TV projects.

Endemol’s Facebook Voting App is just the beginning and there are already more ideas prepared for launch in the near future.


Job Opportunity: Web Developer & Facebook Application Developer

This is an exciting opportunities for all Web Developers who would like to become Co-Founders aka. Founding Employee at a well-funded new startup based in Europe (Munich / Zurich).

We are currently looking for an
Head of Product:
Advanced Web Developer & Facebook Application Developer – Software Developer, UI Developer, Software Engineer, UI Engineer,

I you are a social media addict and passionate about building scalable web platforms this might be something for you. Furthermore you would be one of the first employees and you will have the opportunity to become co-founder while getting a secured full-time salary.

What You Will Be Doing!

You will be part of our small group where everyone is part of the creative process. You will not only oversee software development, but also aspects of platform and product management. The perfect candidate is creative yet pragmatic, comfortable multitasking yet able to focus on a problem, and a fast learner.

What we are looking for!
– Significant experience in building and launching strong (high-traffic) web applications.
– Experience with web UI technologies — DHTML, CSS, Javascript, Ajax, etc.
– Experience with one or more database solutions MySQL, Postgresql, MongoDB etc.
– Integrating features with various third-party APIs, including Facebook Graph API
– Fluent in one or more OO or scripting languages like Java, PHP, Python, Perl.
– Grails or Ruby on Rails know-how.
– A strong interest in social media and social networks, with some exposure to the technology/concepts behind them.
– Excellent communication and documentation skills, with the ability to consistently contribute creative ideas.

What’s in it for you!?
– Be part in an exciting new Startup.
– Excellent Compensation & Salary.
– Co-Founder Shares & stock offerings.

This position is open as of 3/17/2011.
Job Position: Munich, Germany.
Please send us your CV, LinkedIn/XING Profile and Links to your recent projects.
Apply here info (at) aheadoftime (dot) de


Join me at Webrazzi Agenda “Mobile Internet” February 10th 2010 in Istanbul

Webrazzi Tech Blog Webrazzi is the leading Turkish tech blog. This is like Techcrunch of US. They’ll be organizing 10 different events through 2010 and Mobile Internet conference is the 3rd one in the series. First two was about e-commerce and social media. They call these series of events “Webrazzi Gündem” which means “Webrazzi Agenda”. So, the name of the next event is “Webrazzi Agenda: Mobile Internet”. The event will be on February 10th, 2010, at Istanbul Elite World Hotel.

I will give a speech about my book “Future of Mobile”.
See the blog post at

There will be 200 attendees and they are mostly mid-high level executives and startup founders. They’ll cover mobile internet usage in Turkey, mobile apps market and future, opportunities in the market and especially opportunities for Turkish entrepreneurs.

You can check out Webrazzi event site at


Apple iPad: Two ideas that blow your mind!

After the introduction of the Apple iPad I heard a lot of criticism about the potential of the device. Some said it’s not for sure if it will be a huge success. People need a phone and a laptop, but will they spend 500+ USD for another third device?

Well, I would say yes.
It doesn’t matter if it will be used as the first-, second- or third device. But the iPad will revolutionize many industries.

Here are two impressive concept why the Apple Tablet iPad will change industries and create a complete new business potential for many companies.

The First Video was published in December 2009 and shows how a weekly magazine could look like on the iPad.

The Second Video is showing how the iPad could be used in schools and universities.
When I was at King’s College in 1996 in Auckland, New Zealand, there was one “pilot-project” class equipped with Apple PowerBooks (the old black Wallstreet model). But now they could just use the iPad. Imagine how this would influence the way education works.

Here is another very interesting concept for Digital Magazines.

Another Update (18 Feb 2010) with the concept of the WIRED Tablet App


Social Media meets Music – Donovan Live Stream on

Donovan is inviting his community to watch his concert live on the Internet this Sunday. He will perform his hit songs and cult classics as well as showcasing songs from his new work RITUAL GROOVE as a run up to his forthcoming world tour 2010/2011. Special guest will be talented musician Claudia Koreck, one of the hottest newcomers in Germany.

The show will be streamed live Sunday, January 24, at 8:30 p.m. CET worldwide thanks to the professional live streaming technology and video production of TV1.EU, and a true broadband connection by BT, British Telecom. This World Wide Charity Concert is to benefit ‘Schools Without Stress’ (Germany). Also see the DLF, and the David Lynch Foundation.

The Link to the Live Stream will be on Donovan’s new Website News of the free live webcast concert is also on Donovan’s facebook and twitter page. His fans just love the idea of streaming the concert! &

“Donovan fans worldwide now have the opportunity to take part in an extraordinary concert experience directly from their computers at home. While watching the concert Donovan’s Online Friends can share their experience on facebook or twitter”, says Monty C. M. Metzger, CEO of the Social Media Marketing Agency, Ahead of Time.

This “Social Media for Social Activism” musical event will support the charity project “Schule ohne Stress” (Schools without Stress) and will increase awareness about the positive effects of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) technique on creativity, intelligence, brain functioning and academic performance.

The legendary folk-rock pop troubadour Donovan began his career as an itinerant folk musician and created acoustic hits like Catch The Wind, Colours, Mellow Yellow, Universal Soldier and Atlantis.

Dr. Donovan Leitch is a Green-Activist and received a Doctor of Letters from the University of Hertfordshire, an honorary medal as “Officer of Arts & Letters” by the French government, and was named BMI Icon in 2009.

Donovan was one of the few artists to collaborate on songs with the Beatles, contributing lyrics and vocals to the song Yellow Submarine. Donovan influenced Paul McCartney, John Lennon, and George Harrison in their guitar styles, and during his career played with folk music greats Pete Seeger, Joan Baez, and Bob Dylan, as well as rock musicians Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin and Brian Jones of the Rolling Stones.

This is Donovan’s first global World Wide Web performance—a musical historic event! Viewers wishing to join Team DONOVAN.


Netbooks, Mobile-phones and Social Media – Mythbusting with Duncan Stewart, Deloitte

Interview with Duncan Stewart Director, Deloitte Canada Research: Technology, Media & Telecommunications at the Mobile Media World 2009 in Toronto Canada. He talks about the growth of Netbooks, Mobile Phones and Social Media.


Details about Paypal’s Developer Conference Innovate 2009

Interview with Darrell MacMullin Country Manager, PayPal Canada at the Mobile Media World 2009 in Toronto Canada.

He talks about the upcoming developer event Innovate 2009 in November 2009. More infos about the event at


Making of Mocom2020

Get some insights and background information about the open think tank about mobile media and communication.


How to improve your corporate YouTube Channel?

We realize Social Media Marketing activities for clients on platforms such as YouTube, facebook, twitter, flickr, Xing etc. I always recommend to start recording and publishing your own videos, e.g. corporate speeches at events or official statements of the management.

I often get the question “What camera do you use for your professional YouTube Channel?” so I want to give you some insights.

For the project of the European Patent Office we used several Flip TV cams (Flip Mino HD Camcorder With 4GB Internal Memory With Widescreen – Black) to cover the European Inventor of the Year Award in Prague. Besides the professional TV footage and high-quality report, we focused on informal interviews and impressions and uploaded them right away on the EPO YouTube Channel while the event was happening.

Furthermore we covered the event at the EPO twitter Channel @EPOorg and reached a wide influencer network online.

Here you can see an example of an interview of the EPO’s president filmed with our Flip cam and uploaded a few minutes after by the team of Ahead of Time.

Finally I would say, that we have increased the “reach” and improved the “footprint” of the corporate event through the strategic use of Social Media Marketing.

Here are my two recommendations for video productions on YouTube:
(1) Flip Mino HD Camcorder With 4GB Internal Memory With Widescreen – Black

(2) Kodak Zi8 Pocket Video Camera (SD Karte, 2,5


Speaking at Next’09 in Hamburg tomorrow

We are preparing the final materials for my speech about tomorrow. The next conference is one of the leading digital media conferences in germany.

We will do a world premiere of the final Video.

You can follow me on twitter at


Gary Vaynerchuk about his secret of success

I met Gary Vaynerchuk at Le Web in Paris last week and he gave a “little bit of thunder to the crowd”.
Gary is founder and host of Winelibrary TV. He reaches over 80.000 Viewers daily, has over 25.000 Twitter Followers and his keynotes are watched on Youtube hundreds of thousand times.

Gary talked about Authenticity, Community and Branding. He believes that 2008 and 2009 is so different than 2006/07, the world is changing and there a lot of opportunities out there if you know how to leverage the tools and the community. And Gary really cares about his community, which is one of his key-success factors.

This year he got over 50 offers of television deals in the United States, published his first book and did a lot of speaking engagements. He love building brands or repositioning brands like the brand of his dad’s liquor store or his personal brand. From his point of view it is more challenging and fun to work with the followers like MySpace or Yahoo, rather then to work with the leaders like facebook or Google.

His recommendation for you is simple
“Do it. Have business model. And care for your audience and clients.”

Here you can watch the Video Interview:


Lawrence Lessig about the key-challenges of Creative Commons

Interview at the Monaco Media Forum 2008 with Lawrence Lessig, Professor, Stanford Law School and Co-Founder, Creative Commons. I asked him “How did Creative Commons start?” His speech at the MMF was called “Some Rights Reserved”.


300+ Cases & Examples of Social Media Marketing

Due to recent Social Media Marketing projects at Ahead of Time we did a screening of relevant Social Media Marketing Campaigns, Cases & Examples. Here is a list of more than 300 companies who are active in the Social Media landscape.

The list was started by Peter Kim and I added a few cases.


How to reach 18 million people with a viral video?

I met Dr. Abraham Glezerman, Founder and CEO of Cardo Systems in Berlin at an ADC Event and talked with him about the huge success of his Viral Video Campaign.

“The Popcorn mystery” was started with one amateur video in english, followed by an Video response from Japan. After launching these two videos thousand of people tried to make popcorn with their cell-phones, too, and published videos on youtube. Even ABC and CNN aired several stories about the mystery.

After a few week Cardo published this Video “The Popcorn mystery resolved” and CNN invited Mr. Glezerman for an interview.

The results to far: 18 million people have watched the videos and much more heard about Cardo Systems for the first time.


World’s First ePaper Magazine Cover

“The 21 century begins now” – this is the headline of the october issue of the Esquire Magazine in USA. The Publishing Company has teamed up with E-Ink Technologies to realize the World’s First E-Ink Magazine Cover.

Esquire E-Ink Cover

Newsstands have never seen anything like Esquire’s October edition. Its cover blinks. Meanwhile, its inside cover also features a blinking Ford ad. The digital enhancements are all a part of the Hearst publication’s 75th anniversary as well as its attempt to pioneer a new magazine publishing concept. 100,000 of the battery-powered covers were hand-assembled by work crews in China and Mexico. The limited issues of the Esquire Magazine were sold out immetiatly.

What is really surprising that beside the complicated assembly of the magazine, the logistical part was also a big challenge. Due to the hot summer the magazines had to transported in refrigerated trucks.

The technology behind can be compared to eBook Reader Amazon Kindle.
The Technology behind the Esquire E-Ink Cover

Here is a great video of the cover of the magazine.

And here you find an interview of the CEO of the publishing company.


Corporate Social Map of LUMIX Panasonic

Check out the Corporate Social Map of Panasonic Lumix created by Ahead of Time.
In 2008 the term „Social Map“ was highly discussed among bloggers worldwide. Here are some Examples of personal Social Graphs. Since then visualizations of personal Social Maps have been published, shared and discussed by individual Bloggers within the Blogosphere. These Social Maps created an intense discussion about digital reputation and digital identities. For companies a so-called Corporate Social Map is still very new and an unusual methodology, but also very effective and meaningful.

Your company, brand or product is already present in Social Media. You will find customer reviews, voting, rankings, comments or recommendations on different opinion-portals, blogs or social networks. Often people are sharing their positive or negative experiences with your product in public and even send their thoughts to their peer groups, friends or colleagues. A Social Map shows where these conversations take place, how intense the discussion actually is and how you can actively participate.

Social Map

Definition Social Map:
A „Social Map“ is a visualized Analysis of a digital identity of a person, brand or company. A „Social Map“ shows exactly where a digital identity is created, formed or discussed and sets each element in context and proportions.

Download the full Whitepaper and the Social Map Illustration here:
Corporate Social Map


Ahead of Time organized european knowledge exchange program for japanese delegation

The japanese Knowledge Dynamics Initiative (KDI) sent a high ranking delegation to Europe in August 2008. The topic of the Knowledge Bechmarking Program is called “Driving Innovative paradigm management”. The goal of the management program was to exchange Knowledge-Management, to analyse best practice-examples, and to put knowledge into practice for their own organizational transformation.

The program in Germany was organized by Ahead of Time and included several expert keynotes, company visits and networking events. The japanese delegation met and discussed with experts from BMW Group, Fraunhofer Institute, Swarovski, Nokia Siemens Networks, Siemens and others.

Client Quote Ahead of Time

“Monty Metzger and his team at Ahead of Time was the perfect partner for us. Their network, their experience for management travel and close connection to the industry leaders were essential for our benchmarking program. The participants profit from relevant knowledge, new energy and inspiration by meeting innovative leaders. We are looking forward to collaborating furthermore with ahead of time in the future”, says Yayoi Kubota, Head of the Knowledge Benchmarking Program at KDI Fuji Xerox.

About Ahead of Time
Ahead of Time Logo Ahead of Time is an international Innovation Agency and provider of high-level management exchange programs, such as Manager Tours.

About Knowledge Dynamics Initiative and Fuji Xerox
Logo KDI Knowledge Dynamics Initiative Knowledge Dynamics Initiative (KDI) is a think tank team inside of Fuji Xerox. KDI provides
benchmarking, research, and consulting services to their Japanese clients. Since 2000, KDI is conducting a research study and practice with Mr. Rory Chase of Teleos, American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) and Professor Ikujiro Nonaka (Xerox Distinguished Professor, Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley). Currently, there are 50 Japanese major companies who are aiming for innovation and knowledge-based management in our “Knowledge Community.”
Logo Fuji Xerox Fuji Xerox, a joint venture of Fuji Film and Xerox, provides digital imagine and printing equipment to the Asian market. Its products include digital printers, digital copiers, multi-function machines, projectors, engineering plotters, image processing systems, fax machines, and related software.

About KDI Knowledge Benchmarking Program
Since 2001, we have been leading Knowledge Management Best Practice studies with the
Knowledge Community members, visiting companies in the U.S., EU and Japan. KDI has
formed a close partnership with the (APQC), the largest benchmarking and knowledge
management research organization in the world. With this partnership, KDI offers benchmarking studies of leading KM best practice corporations and research results of cross cultural approach in KM. We have studied 26 US companies, 15 European companies and 34 Japanese companies who demonstrated best practice in the field of KM and Innovation.


Best Conferences & Events 2008/2009

I am often asked to which conferences I go and where I get my inspiration from. That’s why I compiled this list of important and innovative conferences for the upcoming months. There’s almost one event per month where you could go to. Enjoy.













The Ultimate Electro-Driving Experience

Monty with the new Tesla RoadsterThis week the brand new Tesla Roadster created by Tesla Motors was in Munich for exclusive test-drives.

The electro-roadster has enough power to race with a Porsche 911. The Tesla shows his 250 horse powers in an acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.9 second. With a reach of over 400 km it is the perfect sports-car for a trip to the bavarian alps.
Tesla Motors has already over 1100 reservations (and down-payments of 50.000 USD) in California. In Germany they will first offer a signature series limited to 250 cars delivered in 2009.

While George Clooney is already driving his Tesla in Hollywood (he was the first customer), Arnold Schwarzenegger will get his electric Roadster next month as the 10th customer.

Tesla Motors is creating huge attention and plays an essential part for the way to an emission-free future.

Tesla Motors develops and manufactures electric vehicles with exceptional design, performance and efficiency, while conforming to all U.S. safety, environmental and durability standards. The Tesla Roadster is the only highway capable production electric car of any kind for sale in the United States. With a 0 to 60 mph acceleration of 3.9 seconds, a 13,000 rpm redline, and the fastest top gear acceleration of any production car tested by Car & Driver magazine in 2007, the Tesla Roadster is unique in providing super car performance, zero emissions and extraordinary efficiency. For more information, visit